TIP: It is physically impossible to store too much chocolate!

Chocolate store

Yeah, pretty bold statement ain’t it. But it is one of those eternal truths, a law of physics, and a commandment all rolled into one.

So if you guessed I am a “chocoholic” about now you would be correct. It is one pleasure in life that I enjoy above most and I am proud of it. I like any version of it; dark to white, milk to straight up roasted bean. It is proven that chocolate lifts your attitude. It can release cool chemicals in your body that does in fact have a great effect on your outlook on life. Think back to World War II…the GI’s would give the kids and adults chocolate bars from their own rations when they entered some war ravaged town they had just taken. There is a reason for that don’t you think?

So, on month 8 of grid-down and you are eating beans & rice for most meals, brown bread as a treat and oatmeal 6 days out of 7 for breakfast…don’t you think a little bit of chocolate will really work wonders? Of course it will!

Storing chocolate powder is one way. Thrive has a chocolate brownie mix that is good for decades. There are more ways to store chocolate so just go pick the one (or 10) best way(s) that fits your palette.  But store chocolate!!

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