TIP: Doing something to prepare each week is great, doing something each day is better!

Life can be hecticLife just seems to be so hectic anymore for everyone. I mean there seems to always be something going on and something to do.  And a bunch of stuff that always needs to be done. So what about your “prepper to-do list”? Where does that come into play?

Well, that is a tough one to be sure. If a major disaster hit tomorrow or the grid went down tonight would you be ready? I doubt anyone would be totally ready. But here is the deal, preparedness is a weird part of life – you don’t need it till you need it, then you really need it.

If I had a chance to choose between fishing with my kids or packing a “go-box”, I would choose fishing with my kids. If I had a choice between a date night with my wife or reloading ammunition I would choose…ahhhhhhh…..well, I would go on a date with my wife 😉 But if I did those things on Wednesday and Friday respectively, then the grid went down on Saturday, where would my time have been better spent?Family camping

Yeah, even with prepping you have to make judgment calls. Hopefully you are making decisions that will bring your family closer together and cementing those bonds. In my priority system family relationships comes first…always! But here is a thought, you are teaching your kids how to fish (a survival skill). While out at the lake teach them how to build a fire, boil water, and mix a Mountain House freeze dried meal in a pouch. When you and your wife have a date night have a discussion about “Plan A” or alternatives as you are riding to your date.

Bottom line, make the right priority decisions with your time. But I highly encourage you to work at your prepping at least once every week. Keep your progress moving forward, keep accomplishing. If you do, it will pay off big time when the time comes.

2 thoughts on “TIP: Doing something to prepare each week is great, doing something each day is better!

  1. If I may.
    Yet don’t let prepping rule your life.
    It’s all too easy to get “over enthusiastic” about learning a new skill.

    Start small, think about it, AND COST IT.
    NOW SHRED that plan and start again on a new bit of paper, TOMORROW.

    Chances are with thought you’ll buy less, more versatile (multi use) things, and that pause for thought may send you off to research a little more into what you are doing.

    That and don’t get drawn into the prepping and survival marketing world of the “MUST HAVE”.
    A ‘must have’ knife costing $160 or commonly used type that does the same for $5?
    Experts will say “this is best” yet do you want best or something that does the job and leaves you money for something else?

    Think twice before you act. Like in survival, if things are moving too fast think STOP

    STOP what you are doing
    THINK about what you need to achieve.
    OBSERVE and work out what resources you have or need
    Which will allow you to PLAN the best course of action.

    That’s part of my survival 101.


    • Feel free to share your experience and views.
      You are correct, prepping must be balanced with the rest of your life. If not, you will burn out quickly.
      I have some great info coming up on what gear to buy and why.
      And the “slow down” comment is spot on. Can’t tell you how many times that has worked in the firefighting world.
      Thank you for the great input!

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