TIP – Two is one, one is none, three is a good start.

redundencyThis is a tip that every prepper loves (or should love) and all their spouses hate. Let’s talk the cold facts first, and then I will relay the funnier side to this tip. Ok, so down to the crux of the matter…One of something is never enough of anything in my opinion (with the exception of wives).

If you have only one of a particular piece of gear, especially if it is critical, then when you absolutely have to have it you won’t be able to find it, or it will be broken when you find it or you will break it while you are using it.

Example #1: You need to light a fire, you are smart so you are doing it with a Bic lighter. But you get out the lighter and it is empty. So what do you do now if you have no other way to light your fire? Exactly!!!! You have to have multiple ways to starts a fire.

Example #2: 3 lighters (1 in pocket, 1 in tac vest, 1 in pack), waterproof matches, throw in a flint & steel, how about a pad of steel wool and a 9-volt battery!!

And here is my favorite for all you tactical trigger pullers…Do you carry any spare parts to your favorite AR-15 with you or at least have some stored in your prepping gear? Did you know that most AR bolts will fail somewhere between 10k – 15k rounds? How many rounds have you shot through yours? How about those cute little pins that hold the firing pin in the bolt carrier group? What if you lose one of those while cleaning your gun during a break in the middle of an apocalypse Zombie attack? Yeah, nice to have a replacement part or two sitting around.

So how else does this affect your prepping? I have no idea!! Duh, I am not you and I don’t have your stuff around to see. So look at your stuff and pick out the critical gear and equipment and place it in a pile. Now, how can you avoid complete mission failure if it breaks or you lose it? How about having a back-up for it?

So what about the “three” thing? I like to have at least three ways of doing everything when it comes to prepping.

Example #3: Three ways to filter and purify water is a good example. Grid-down I carry an NDUR survival straw on me in the cargo pocket of my pants. I also carry purification tablets and Chlor-Floc in my hydration pack. Then a MSR Sweetwater filter system is in my pack. And a Monolithic ceramic bucket filter system goes in the truck for bug-out or relocation scenario. Five ways to purify and filter water, and that doesn’t even include boiling.Redundency - 3 Chain Guns Two is one, one is none, three is a good start.

2 thoughts on “TIP – Two is one, one is none, three is a good start.

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