TRAP – Make sure all your flashlights use the same batteries.

Batteries2This is a big time pet peeve of mine. Yeah, another one. But I will limit my discussion on batteries to just flashlights since that is the topic at hand. So, how many flashlights do you have laying around? I have them in my glove compartment, truck toolbox, garage, nightstand, bathroom, den and lots more places. Why? Because, most of the time, when you need a flashlight you need it right then and there. So where does the “battery” aspect of it come in?

Batteries come in a long list of sizes, too many in my opinion. If you have lots of flashlights that use different size batteries then you are stuck maintaining a supply of batteries of different sizes. Why would you want to do that? Exactly!! You don’t! Why? Because Murphy’s Law will get you. When you need to replace the batteries in one flashlight you will probably be out of the ones you need.

Flashlight - LED Lenser


So here is my suggestion to avoid a problem…your flashlights will all have the same size batteries. I suggest AAA or AA size batteries. Why? Well, there are two questions here so I will wrap an answer around both questions. “AA” & “AAA” size batteries are:

  • The standard for incident management teams so agencies, including FEMA, store a lot of them.
  • They are small but still pack a lot of power.
  • They are they standard for rechargeable batteries.

More on standard vs. rechargeable batteries at another time. For now, use AA or AAA batteries for all your flashlights. I would like to see you choose AAA for space & weight considerations.

What to do with all your non-AA/AAA flashlights? Sell them at a garage sale and use that money to buy high-quality LED flashlights that use AA/AAA batteries.

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