Anti-Gun PSA and other Lunatic Left Crap

One the aspects of starting my own website on prepping is the ability to state my own opinions of current events and how they tie in to what we need to watch for as preppers. One of those events that I just have to comment on happened today while I was eating my lunch.


So there I was eating my lunch at my desk and up comes this article regarding the currently popular anti-gun PSA ad. The ad shows this metro-sexual looking “back street boys” kid creeping into his parent’s bedroom, stealing their pistol, taking the gun to school and then telling the teacher that he “doesn’t feel safe with a gun in the home.” What a freaking weenie kid and loser parents! But that is not the point of this post.

The article was by some flaming liberal/progressive media writer that actually supported the PSA. Yeah, go figure right!

The brain-dead liberal talked about how the kid was so courageous and it was an incredible act of bravery to make this PSA ad. And then he talks about the ad ends better than real life where kid takes their parents gun and goes to school to commit mass murder. It went on and on until I was ready to throw up my green bean casserole and ham left over from Christmas dinner.

So I still haven’t drawn the correlation to prepping yet right? Well, here it is…

The people that made the PSA ad and this lunatic that wrote the article supporting the ad are people to worry about in BootLicker“grid-down” situations. Why? Because they are the authority loving, government devoted, boot licking folks that will turn you in for a loaf of bread.

Turn you in for what? Whatever the government deems to be illegal by decree will be used as a basis for these bottom feeder types to narc you out for anything. They may even make stuff up about your family just to try and endear themselves to authorities. And they will do it for nothing more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And don’t for a minute think they won’t.

First those types will do nothing, absolutely nothing, to prepare for any kind of emergency or disaster. They are so enamored with the government that it won’t enter their pea-brain that government might not be able to take care of their every need. So they have already drank the Kool-Aid and will drink plenty more of it when the time comes. So don’t be fooled!


How might you be fooled? These gun horrified gutless wonders appear to be everyday folks going about their business in fairly normal times. A few will self-identify via bumper stickers: ObamaCare Delivers, Save the Wolf, etc. Be very careful about what you do and who you share your perpper activities with. And when the grid goes down watch for the indicators that will help reveal these anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-Constitution types. Some of those indicators will be:

  • Extreme Normalcy Bias.
  • Vocal support of government rescuing everyone.
  • Vocalizing the need to “let the authorities handle it.”
  • Shrinking away from anyone displaying a gun.
  • Telling your neighbors to watch out for you because you are a “gun nut.”
  • Telling everyone that resources need to be “shared” for the good of all.

Remember these anti-gun folks thrive on being government dependent and hold all others is utter contempt. And they will refuse to take care of themselves, defend themselves and they will try to deny others that right of self-defense and self-sufficiency every time.

Beware of these folks…



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