TRAP – Competency Bias can kill you.


What the heck is “Competency Bias” and how can it kill you?

Competency Bias is simply thinking you are better at something than you really are; or, you think you are better at something than others.

I am sure you are good at certain things, maybe ever some very cool skills. But I doubt you are the best at it, or even better than most. And I bet you aren’t as good as you think you are. So how does that get you killed? Competency Bias

You think you are good at punching holes in paper at the range. But time comes and you have to use your AR in a gunfight…how many tactical carbine classes have you taken? How many times have you practiced swapping mags in the dark? How about clearing a jam? 100’s or 1000’s of times?

All I am saying is don’t overrate your skills. Plan and operate within your true range of competency. You will live longer.

I will write more on Competency Bias in the coming weeks, watch for future posts.

2 thoughts on “TRAP – Competency Bias can kill you.

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