More of what people are saying about my new book……..

BOOK: My Journal - Surviving the Collapse

The reviews and comments are coming in fast & furious now.  I am sharing a few of them to let you know what people are thinking.  My Journal – Surviving the Collapse is a hit!

“I have not finished the first volume. But I am 3/4 of the way through. And for ******** this is a great book. Knowing the author, and seeing how he has written about the many events happening now, I am thoroughly enjoying this read. The story is literally ripped from the headlines. It has kept my interest through every page. I feel the same anger and anguish that the protagonist feels as he watches it all fall apart. The process he describes in his journal is very plausible. Slow decline followed by accelerating events. The tactics are solid. I kept thinking, ‘That is exactly what I would do.’ Seems like a blueprint of how it will happen, and more than that, how it affects people but more particularly how it affects the author.  Y’all are going to really enjoy this.”  Kevin, Special Forces Instructor

“I just finished the book!! Amazing read, loved it!” GM, San Diego

“For those still deciding whether or not they should get the book, let me help you out with the decision. I have completed the book and loved it. I can’t wait for book two because the first book leaves you hanging, and wanting to know more of the story. This book talks about a man and his wife, and their friends and their families surviving the final days of our country. The events that happen in the book progress in a logical and believable manner. I could see the collapse we are about to live through happening in much the same manner described in the story. There is also a lot of prepping and tactical tips in the book that apply directly to our day. They are definitely helpful ideas that we have come to expect and appreciate [his blog]. So if you enjoy a good story with some helpful facts mixed in the book, get your copy ordered now. You won’t be disappointed.” Steve, Arizona

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