My new book is now available in paperback…

BOOK: My Journal - Surviving the CollapseMy new book is now available in paperback…  My Journal – Surviving the Collapse

You will find it full of solid “prepper” tips while you read some great action.  See what other people are saying about my new book…

“Thank You for having such a great idea for a riveting story that’s ripped from the headlines of today’s news stories, as well as some not too distant headlines.”  CB

“There’s so much to like about your story & the value it adds to my thinking and planning. While it has entertainment value, I’ve gained more information and ‘vicarious’ wisdom. (Kinda like watching a close Amigo touch a red hot stove)! By going through this experience with ‘Tim’ we can all imagine our own situations, and think about what we would do & should be doing, as these events actually begin to unfold and surround us.”  OB

“This is a very well written novel that could be a glimpse of our very near future here in America. The author draws on a lifetime of his experiences working in emergency management and writes a very exciting page turner. The characters are well developed and you just can’t wait to read each journal entry to see what happens next. He takes you through the preparations of his “group” and how they prepare for what a lot of us are fearing: The collapse of society and the fall of the government. The collapse comes, in a very believable way, and forces the group to bug out of the suburb they live in without letting anyone else know what or where they’re going.”  LCB

Short Description –

A determined group of friends and family are determined to survive. One man struggles with his conscience, his morals, and his religion. Tim is a man who has personally struggled, lost his way in life, and has risen again. Now Tim and his group face America’s worst nightmare – a despotic takeover of America by a ruthless egomaniac President. Written in diary form by the man who lives it.

More Information –My Journal - Surviving the Collapse

This book covers how Tim and a group of his friends and family find a way to survive America’s collapse as danger assaults them at every turn, all the while trying to keep their humanity. Tim and his group are normal people thrust into calamitous times; now they must survive or perish. They are “preppers” but have they prepared enough?

Most around them have failed to prepare, failed to recognize the dangers and are now suffering and dying. How many can Tim’s group help and at what cost? Tim struggles with his own demons as he continues to try and build a marriage with his new wife while their world is collapsing all around them.

perpper, survival, emergency preparedness, disasterThe America as we know it slips towards civil war, the economy is collapsing under the weight of government control and regulation. The stock market is in free fall and the banking system is all but non-existent. Corrupt political forces work to subjugate the American people. The big question is what will the military do.

This book sounds as if it could be written from today’s newspapers… because it was. My Journal is written in diary form by the man who lives it.





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4 thoughts on “My new book is now available in paperback…

  1. I truly enjoyed this book and can hardly wait for the second one! Well written and believable. I could hardly put it down until I finished it. It was eerie in that it was so close to what is going on right now in the news. I really liked the spiritual aspect of the story, too. The return to faith and how Tim’s example touched others’ lives for good. Truly an inspiring aspect of the book. Thanks for a great read! Karen Pratt – AlasBabylon


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  3. Thank you Sparkle!! I am glad you liked it when it was online, but I think you are going to like it even more in book form. More twists coming in Book #2. Can I send you a free paperback version of Book #2 when it comes out? AH


  4. Mr AH Trimble
    Awesome site with worthwhile info. I am currently reading your Journal with interest and enjoyment. I had read the posts on Avow so am finding some different twists in the book. I like it!! Thank you for sharing some of your expertise with us through your writing. I bet you are a fascinating teacher in person. All the best with your future endeavors. May we meet someday – perhaps at TC. Sparkle


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