Spending for Surviving: The 70/20/10 Rule Part 4 Medium-Term Needs

Spending for survival - medium-term needs

This post is the fourth post in a series that covers how to spend your hard earned money on preparedness items. In this post we will focus on how to mitigate Medium-Tern Needs. The items on this list will further help you improve your ability to mitigate immediate risks and threats; plus further stabilize the situation. Additionally, they will go a long way towards helping to prevent you from having to destroy everyday, normal resources; resources that you may need later.

Previously in this series you learned the importance of having a system, we broke down how the spending works, then we hit on Immediate Needs (The 70/20/10 Rule Part 3 – Immediate Needs). Now we will discuss how to spend your heard earned money on Medium-Term Needs. In doing so hopefully that will help you enhance your ability to reduce immediate risks and threats plus address preparedness medium-term risks and threats.

Let’s review general emergency and disaster (including TEOTWAWKI) priorities LIPS:

  1. Life Safety
  2. Incident Stabilization
  3. Property Conservation
  4. Societal Restoration

Note: You can read more on LIPS <click here>

Remember Medium-Term gear, equipment, etc. are those things that help prevent a bad situation from getting worse. These things are not to make you feel “at home”, in a palace or even comfortable such as in a Holiday Inn Express. They are not intended to give you the ability to camp long-term or feed you for a year or more. This category is only to stabilize the situation and enhance your ability to deal with risks, threats and challenges that you will be facing in the next 90 days.

Now let’s look at specific priorities in light of Medium-Term Needs:

  1. Self-defense (longer hold-off distance or larger group threat)
  2. Medical care (enhanced trauma treatment or larger number of injured)
  3. Communication (summon medical help or coordinate self-defense)
  4. Water (higher capacity and better quality)
  5. Shelter (get out of the elements)
  6. Fire (enough to do basic cooking and stay warm)
  7. Food (shelter-in-place or BugOut)

To meet the priorities and address the needs as outlined, above my experience has told me that I would want to acquire these items:

* Make every effort to keep batteries standard. Use AA or AAA batteries for everything that requires batteries.Spending for Survival - Medium-Term Needs

As mentioned in the previous post in this series (The 70/20/10 Rule Part 3 – Immediate Needs) you can use my list or draw up your own list. But make the list your own and think it through…think it through thoroughly. Do not get carried away and start listing all kinds of unnecessary items such as an RV or large cabin-walled tent. Those are not “necessary”, they are luxuries. You must think what your priorities are and the minimum you must have to survive for 90-days. Do NOT look beyond that just yet.  And buy the items in the list in order that they appear.  You are building upon previous work.

Example of a mistake: So you have a really nice cabin-walled tent large enough for the entire family, sweet!! But you only have 15-days of easily transportable freeze-dried food. So on Day 16 you either start selling your gear, the tent, the kids, or whatever else you have so you don’t starve to death. Catch the vision on meeting “needs” yet?

So now start getting the stuff together your list, go look through your entire house. Search every closet, drawer, box, and bin because you may have some of these items already; especially in your garage or shed. Cross off the items from your list as you go. Once your scavenger hunt is over you have your priority list of remaining items to buy. Start at the top of your list and use your money for each item in the order they appear in the list. Do not get out of sequence!! These are priorities for a reason.

Spending for Survival Bonus Money for Medium-Term NeedsRemember the $1000 bonus we had talked about it Part 2? <click here>  You will only spend $200 on this list of items out of that bonus money. However, once you have purchased all of your Immediate Needs items any money remaining from that $700.00 is shifted to buy things on this list. Yup, you spend 20% of your prepper budget on this list from your $1,000.


Look for the next post in this series, Spending for Surviving: The 70/20/10 Rule – Part 5 Long-Term Needs



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