SiteRep (1/30/2015) – Growing Police State : Bias, Sheeple, Police & “Grid-Down”

St. Louis City Hall Meeting on Police Panel - Badge Bias, Normalcy Bias, Police State, Jeff RoordaLet’s talk “bias” today. It also ties in with Situational Awareness (SA), of which I have a series of articles almost ready to hit the website within a few days. <now available by clicking here> But for now, on with “bias”, how it will cloud your judgment and how it can get you killed.

A few days ago I read an article about a town meeting in St. Louis, hosted by a town Alderman. FYI – a town Alderman is an elected member of a municipal council that is responsible for representing the residents of that municipality. In other words, a person that is part of a council that is in charge of a town.

St. Louis Alderman Terry Kennedy

Alderman Terry Kennedy

So this meeting that the Alderman is hosting has been set-up to have residents come in and speak about police-public relations. Part of that discussion includes what the problems are, where the greatest challenges are, how the residents feel about the situation and what some potential solutions might look like. Truly a very admirable agenda considering the current state of affairs in the greater St. Louis area that includes Ferguson, MO.

So the meeting starts out right on topic, residents are expressing their views about the situation. And mostly they are not real happy with the police in their community. How dare they voice their opinion on how law enforcement is treating them! Shame on them for exercising their First Amendment rights on something they perceive as government, specifically police, oppression. Just who do they think they are anyway?  (Yes, said tongue in cheek)

St. Louis City Hall Meeting on Police Panel - Badge Bias, Normalcy Bias, Police State, Jeff Roorda

Union representative Jeff Roorda

OK, so the meeting goes as expected and then the fireworks erupt. Why do they “erupt”? Because some union thug gets up and starts pushing people around while he is shouting at the Alderman. The Alderman is trying to quiet the union goon who is disrupting the meeting both verbally and physically. Oh, sorry, I forgot to explain that the union representative is a paid organizer of the local police officers union and a police officer himself. Hummmm…….interesting.

So the people, whose meeting was designed to target, aren’t happy with the union thug pushing them around, wearing a gun, wearing a badge and taking over the meeting while showing incredible disrespect to the elected official who is hosting the meeting. So naturally the residents get loud and voice their objections to the union activist disruptions. Well, it turns out that the local police union had stuffed the meeting with about 100 police officers, wearing badges, carrying guns and guess what happens next?St. Louis City Hall Meeting on Police Panel - Badge Bias, Normalcy Bias, Police State, Jeff Roorda

The officers claim they had to restore order to the meeting and the police begin roughing up the local residents in attendance at their own meeting. They busted a few heads, shoved residents around and generally intimidated the residents into submission. The police restored order to a meeting that they themselves had been the cause of the disruption. Convenient to say the least.  Yes, ALL the witnesses said it was Jeff Roorda, police union official, started the near-riot when he shoved a woman.

Let’s ask a few questions to see what was happening here:

  1. What was the agenda of the paid police union goon? Why was he even there at a meeting hosted for local
    Police union thug, goon and union organizer Jeff Roorda.

    Police union rep taunting the crowd.

    residents?  (Roorda can be seen flaunting a “I am Darrin Wilson” bracelet at the meeting.)

  2. And why did this union thug disrupt the meeting vocally and physically?
  3. Why were there 100 uninvited police officers there stuffing the audience with uniforms, badges, and guns?  Why so many undercover cops present?
  4. Why did the union rep, who demands respect on the street as a cop, show such incredible and unmetered disrespect to an elected official? An elected representative of the people; who also happens to be a man responsible for running the town where the police officers work?
  5. Why did the union thug physically assault residents and not get arrested for assault? The video taken at the scene clearly shows him making first contact with a woman and shoving her around.
  6. And has anyone, police or media, looked into the claim that Roorda is a white supremacist?

You might be wondering why I am not asking any questions about the residents and their actions and agenda during the meeting. Really, really simple answer. In my way of thinking, I feel I already know that these residents are not happy with the way they are being treated on the streets by police. I think I know that they are generally pissed at the police based on the last four or so months specifically and the last 40 or so years in general. So their position isn’t really any surprise to me.

Oh, food for thought? Why aren’t any police being charged with disorderly conduct since it was their presence and their verbal and physical conduct that started the outbreak of meetings violence?

Really? Yes, really!

Let’s turn this around for a minute. Let’s set the stage for a comparison to test reality and challenge bias…

Police crime scene.A police officer is investigating a report of a crime, a fairly major crime. He has 100 other officers there and they are interviewing witnesses who are giving official statements that may used later in legal proceedings. Then up comes this SEIU union representative who is wearing a gun. And along with that union goon is another 100 union members all wearing guns as well andSEIU union members proudly displaying their SEIU shirts and logo. The SEIU rep begins shouting at the investigating officer pushing his way through the crowd of police, shoving them around as he goes. And then when the other officers on scene begin to react to the armed union thug, the other SEIU union members begin trying to subdue the responding police officers.

So how do you think that scene turns out? Yeah, bloodshed on a pretty large scale.  So why would that happen and would it be acceptable?  What exactly is going on in this Alderman’s meeting and why is it important?

The paid police union organizer followed Saul AliPolice union uses Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicalsnsky’s Rules for Radicals agenda perfectly. He did exactly as he has been trained to do as a community and union organizer…create chaos and advocate a special interest solution. Once the chaos is in place, then the “solution” can be implemented because people will cry out for it to resolve the chaos that the organizer himself creates.

Here’s the way I see some of the truth:

  1. The meeting had an excellent goal and agenda to improve police and public relations.
  2. One of the agenda items was focused on police oversight by civilians.
  3. The Alderman was doing exactly what he was elected to do as an elected representative of the residents of his community – represent the people.
  4. The meeting was designed for the civilian residential population to talk with their elected representative.
  5. The union goon didn’t want the meeting to run smoothly, let alone come to a conclusion that the police needed civilian oversight.
  6. Generally speaking the police absolutely abhor civilian oversight because it moves “power” from the police to the civilians.  That transference of power is something that police do not want under any circumstance. They do not want civilian control of what they do and how they do it.
  7. The 100 or so uniformed and undercover officers were there strictly to intimidate the residents from being able to speak freely.  And react with violence when the anticipated chaos broke out.
  8. When the meeting hit the point where the union thug knew they had the most opportune moment he took the action he knew would turn the meeting ugly. He began a verbal assault on the elected official; that angered the residents to see their representative treated with such gross disrespect.  The union rep & cop knew that would happen.  He knows exactly how to push people’s buttons.
  9. Then the union rep did the next thing he knew would turn the meeting violent, he began to shove his way toward the Alderman pushing residents out of the way. The residents at the meeting, thinking they have rights, pushed back defending themselves.  And that was all the police needed to justify swooping in and begin assaulting the residents under the guise of their badge and “restoring order” to a scene they created.
  10. The meeting ended exactly the way the police officers and union wanted it to end. The residents looked bad and the civilians
    Police Abuse, police state, intimidate

    Police Use of Intimidation

    were intimidated once again.  No real outcomes were discussed let alone decided. And the police delivered a clear and ominous message to the both the residents and the elected officials…Don’t mess with the police! We’re in charge and we will do whatever it takes to keep it that way!

Wow! Interesting event and interesting the way it was handled by a paid union representative that matches perfectly the methodology put into place by a radical community organizer that dedicated his book to Lucifer. And his badge carrying union members backed him just as planned.

So here are the two outcomes that disturb me the most:

1 – Reading a couple of websites, one in particular, so-called average decent people lapped up the police viewpoint and never for even a second looked at the bigger picture or the deeper issues involved. They simple drank deeply of the KoolAid and came to the defense of the police, supported their actions and sang the praises of the badge. Those folks,

Sheeple, badge bias, normalcy bias, blind faith


although probably well intentioned, can’t see the forest for the tree they have their forehead plastered to. They can’t see beyond the shallowness of what the radical activist union rep was doing and the message he was delivering. A clear-cut case of Normalcy Bias. Or in this case, a phenomena that I have named “Badge Bias.” That Bias is the complete and total support of all things police. That they are always right, do no harm, only there to protect and serve. Badge Bias is every bit as harmful as Normalcy Bias, except it can get you killed far faster than most bias. And in grid-down it will turn you into a sheep, an internment camp citizen or will get you dead before your family can turn their collective head. And that leads me into #2…

2 – What happens between your family and the police when “grid-down”



strikes? Yes, other emergencies and disasters will probably occur before, and in greater numbers, than “grid-down”. But, it is the “grid-down” situation that I am speaking to since it is the one with the most serious consequences and impact to you and I. So when the grid goes down how do you expect the police to act and how will you view the police and their actions?militarized police act more like special forces and see civilians as the "enemy"

First, let me remind you of a few things; police departments all over the country have been arming themselves with military weapons, acquiring military equipment, and buying the latest in all forms of surveillance Militarized police, police stategear. They now regularly own military armored vehicles and have large SWAT teams that look more like military Special Forces units than police. Militarized police, police state, police special forcesAnd they have increasingly used lethal force on the population without regard to age, sex or purported offense.

Next, what firm foundation do police operate from on a current daily basis? They operate from a perspective of everything they do is legal and strictly to serve and protect those in the community. Generally speaking they think they do no wrong, even when what they do is horrendously wrong, illegal and deadly to innocent citizens. They have been trained to use “I feared for my life” as a get out of jail card giving them the right to kill anyone at any time with virtual impunity.

Remember that police hate to be filmed while on the job; especially while making arrests. Why?

Because it is a public tool to show examples of police abuse that occurs daily all over the country. It can be video evidence that shows them killing people which is hard for departments and prosecutors to ignore. They have to work overtime to overcome such damning evidence so they work hard to intimidate civilians from videoing them.

Ok, back to “grid-down”…How do you expect police to act? Seriously, think about it. What do you expect they will do? They are accustomed to having absolute authority over civilians at any and all times. They expect instant compliance from Militarized police during grid-down, ready to kill civilians to get whatever they want and to remain in power.everyone or they think they are then free to do whatever they wish to those that are not instantly obeying them. This mindset is known as the “comply or die” syndrome.

As a “grid-down” situation develops and lengthens what will be the expectations of the police? Will they abandon their posts and go take care of their family? Will they ignore their family and stay on the job? Will they band together to take care of each other at the expense of civilians? As the rule of law continues to degrade what will the police use as a basis of authority and action? Will they implement martial law over communities “for their own good”?

When food and other resources get scarce, what will the police do to acquire resources that they and their families and their brother officers need (i.e. food & water)?

Here is a fundamental principle of law in today’s society; you have a right to defend yourself from attack or even the threat of attack if you feel your life is in jeopardy. In other words, if you fear for your life you can defend yourself, and that includes employing lethal force to do so. That applies to every situation but one…police. If you are being abused, beaten, raped, Police abusePolice abuse, cop kicks woman in the head.tased, shot, or any other abuse at the hands of police you have ZERO right to defend yourself. Simply raising your arms to cover your head from their boot kicks can be grounds for resisting arrest and/or charges of assaulting a police officer. When dealing with police the law states you must submit 100% to anything they physically do to you or risk being charged with felonies or shot and killed for “resisting arrest and the officer feared for his safety.”

So police officers have truly adopted the “comply or die” mantra throughout the country. Thankfully, that is not true yet with 100% of all officers, there are still a few that are not badge heavy. But they are few and far between now, and their numbers grow smaller as police academies produce more and more new fully militarized officers.

What do you think the attitude of law enforcement officers will be when they, their brother/sister officers, and their families are hungry?

You better think through this. You better understand the concept of “God-Given Rights.” And you better know where law enforcement authority actually originates. And you better wrap your head around Situational Awareness and how bias can get you killed. There is a reason why they now refer to themselves as “Law Enforcement Officers” and virtually dropped any other label.Whendid these guys become these guys?

And maybe before the grid goes down, just maybe you will consider working at defending your rights, the rights of civilians, the rights of the general population or at least work at dropping your engrained bias.

You just might want to understand what a police state is and how deadly it could be to you and your family in desperate times.

Throw off bias, use critical thinking skills, look beyond the obvious, ask the tough and deep questions, and don’t become a sheep. Don’t be a sheep, for eventually all sheep are led to slaughter.Police State during grid-down.

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