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Obama1Ok, I’ve had time to digest the latest tripe that President Urkel spewed lately at Christians and the American public in general. I intentionally didn’t watch any real coverage of the prayer breakfast other than to learn of the event and his utterance of abject lies. I am fairly easy to identify politically; I am a staunch Constitutionalist crossed with Libertarian plus a smidgen of Conservative thrown in. But what I have to say isn’t political in nature. This website is about “preparedness” for emergencies, disasters and grid-down events. So my comments (i.e. this post) will be directed solely at what he had to say and how it relates to preparedness.

The ”preparedness” that I speak of in this article and its relation to President Urkel’s comments has to be so extreme that it will mainly apply to only the most serious of grid-down scenarios. Otherwise, any intelligent person with an IQ over that of a earthworm would realize the Urkel’s sole intent was to offend Christians and express unreserved support for Islam. Which leads to …well, I will save that for the end.

So exactly of what do I speak? Simple, when a leader wants to distract people from the real issues they will use whatever means is at their disposal to do so. Thereby they expect that people will be so gullible that they can then get away with whatever it is that they wish the public to bypass. In this case of the great prayer breakfast hate-fest I believe Bumble Barry wants to accomplish the following:

  1. Distract people from the absolute undeniable horrible economy. Every aspect of the economy is failing at a Obama2staggering degree and he knows it. If people were to honestly understand and accept what is actually happening to the economy of the USA and the world, they would openly revolt. And for those diehard Kool-Aid drinking Progressives that want to point out the stock market… GREAT! And while you do so I will show you the facts that Urkel, via the stock market boom, has been moving massive amounts of wealth to the already wealthy via the stock market. A stock market which is being spoon fed trillions of dollars via the Federal Reserve.
  2. We are getting our butts kicked by Russia and Isis. Both are making us look like idiots on the Obama3world stage and allowing evil to win. So we see that Urkel is actually working with Putin because he said exactly that on March 26, 2012 and it was caught on tape to prove it. Then there is ISIS, Urkel is enamored with all things Islam, so why not ISIS? Oh, sorry, he calls it ISIL while the rest of the world calls it IS or ISIS. So why does he allow ISIS to get away with such heinous acts? Ah, that ties back into the prayer breakfast tirade so just hold on a second.
  3. Lastly Urkel realizes he has lost his power other than throwing temper tantrums at the Constitution as well as having lost his legacy. Well, losing any legacy as a positive thing. If Progressives lose their 100 year war then Urkel will go down in history as the President who tried to destroy America. If Progressives win, Urkel will be considered the founder of the new Fatherland.

Still not sure how this ties into “preparedness”? Come on, think about it.

If you are not savvy enough to spot despot style rulers and how they manipulate the populace then you have no hope in surviving a major grid-down event. Urkel is a classic case of manipulation of the populace. There is a quote attributed to Hitler out there that goes like this, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”Hitler1

If you are a despotic leader that is insane and you want to change your country into something other than what it is, you come up with a huge lie. You create an “enemy” for everyone’s attentionObama4 and hate to focus on. Hence Urkel’s prayer breakfast outburst condemning Christians. Put in the context of pre-WWII German history you can see Hitler doing the exact same thing that Urkel has been doing for years. Whipping up a frenzy against an enemy that is no threat and virtually innocent of everything that he is saying they are guilty of.

First, Urkel is factually incorrect about his recounting of history. Then he fails to mention Christianity and the reformation it went through to correct itself. The Crusades of which he spoked were in response to horrific acts of warfare that killed Muslims slaughter Christians & Jewshundreds of thousands of people, Christians included. The Crusaders were sent to Jerusalem to retake the city from the barbaric and ruthless warrior clan that had overtaken the city. Those blood thirsty clansmen that the Crusaders fought against had slaughtered tens of thousands of Christians and Jews, including children. While the Crusaders killed the enemy in retaking the land from the enemy, they did so trying to open the city back up to all religions. But they did commit acts of war that are not to be bragged about. But their mission was to re-take what had been stolen with the sword of a murderous and vicious people. Who were those people? Muslims.

And so one must ask themselves, if they are to be honest, when was the last time that any Christians went on a decade’s long murdering spree in the name of God? History shows that last time was once about 500 ago and then again 1000 years ago. Urkel speaks of it as if it were yesterday. And he failed to mention that Christianity went through a reformation to throw off those evils traits of the past.  And that reformation was hundreds of years ago.

Is this massive misrepresentation of Christianity consistent with Urkel’s previous beliefs? Of course it is. Urkel attended a church run by Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, a Rev WrightPastor Emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. The church preaches Black Liberation Theology which is a form of Marxism that is extremely anti-America in nature. That particular extremist theology also supports the Black Liberation Army which was a radical and violent militant group of blacks, mostly Black Panthers. They have since morphed into the New Black Panthers. Urkel attended the radical anti-American church for decades. His children were baptized by Wright and their marriage ceremony was performed by Wright. Urkel is a devoted and dedicated believer in the theological concept that Marxism was the true religion and America was an evil country. Otherwise, why would he attend that church for decades and be so intimately involved with the pastor? As his beliefs in anti-Americanism grew he then saw it as his mission to destroy the America as he knew it. And his Marxist and Islamic upbringing allowed him the foundation to make it happen. Both of those theories can clearly be seen today in his words and actions.

Urkel can’t bring himself to say that Islam is the evil in the world today just as it was when it was during their founding Muslims2slaughtering millions of people as they forced a theocratic system upon a large part of the world. But what he can do is deride Christianity and feed the evil that is persecuting Christians around Obama5the world. And he can do so while supporting his core beliefs in something entirely different and far more hideous. And the side benefit? He creates yet more division between American citizens, creates more hate, creates more chaos, creates more animosity and moves the country ever closer to civil war.

And why? Because it is a simple political trick that Hitler himself used. So did Lenin and Mao. You create hate, chaos and an economic crisis…then you provide the answer that people cry out to embrace. Those solutions historically, last 100 years, have been Nazism and Communism. While Nazism is only responsible for about 11,000,000 deaths, Communism is responsible for 85,000,000 – 100,000,000 deaths throughout recent history. Add in the several million more who have been killed at the hands of Muslims and you start getting a pretty grim picture of exactly what Urkel has in his head.

Preparedness? Yes, this is all about preparedness. You better be able to recognize, understand and be prepared to resist such tactics by brilliant murderous madmen. Or all that food storage you worked at acquiring all these years…it will be for someone else to enjoy eating while sitting next to your grave.


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