How Do You Kill 11 Million People? “Net Neutrality” – Part #2

Net NeutralityIn Part #1 <click here> I talked briefly, very briefly, about “net neutrality” but spent most of my time showing you, proving to you, that our government and politicians tell one lie after another. Our government lies at every possible level and it, along with the politicians, are utterly incapable of telling the truth to the American public. Well actually, it goes one step further – the government will even lie to itself as much as to the American people.  You would be wise to never ever believe anything the government or a politician says.

As a perfect example take the case ofLois Learner Lois Learner. She was the point person who worked at the Internal Revenue Service for the White House’s program of crushing oppositional parties. Lois headed up the program where she directed IRS personnel to hold-up the 501(3)(c) non-taxable entity applications of any non-Liberal and non-Progressive applicants. In other words she was responsible for a massive government campaign to crush any Constitutional based opposition groups.  Their opposition activities were directed at President Obama specifically and Progressive initiatives in general. When Congress got wind of this they began an investigation to uncover and punish the illegal activity. Virtually everyone from the White House to the IRS lied to Congress or refused to testify. Then, based on public pressure, the IRS Inspector General began their own investigation. All the same IRS personnel, and more, again lied to or refused to cooperate with their own internal IRS investigation.Internal Revenue Service IRS

To shorten the story, IRS personnel destroyed emails that clearly showed that Lois Learner was responsible for heading up this massive illegal organization-wide scheme run at the direction of the White House. But then a private government watch-dog group began asking for the emails through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Now not only were the emails still somehow mysteriously “destroyed” but the computer hard drives that contained the original emails where now found to have been all destroyed as well. Strangely enough, the IRS’s IT department was never asked to search for the emails or destroy the hard drives.

Then one last interesting twist…no investigator ever asked the IT department for the back-up tapes for the emails. Back-up tapes are standard for even the smallest of businesses as a hedge against just such a problem of information loss. Recently the IRS Inspector General has miraculously found the tapes and verified that there are Lois Lerner emails (almost 32,000 of them) on the tapes.  But now the claim is they can’t access the back-up tapes because they have a licensing problem with the vendor of the software to recover the emails from the tapes.

What normal, reasonable, average person would believe one single bit of any of the lies coming from the IRS? Exactly, no one! All of my kids growing up could tell more believable lies than these government employees, political appointees and elected officials.

But tell me again how all of this ties in with “Net Neutrality” and killing of 11 million people?

This is where you need to drop your Normalcy Bias and open both your eyes and your mind…Federal Communications Commission FCC

For years the FCC tried to regulate the Internet, and they failed every single time. Not that they lost based on “regulations” that they unilaterally put into place, they lost in the court system. They lost in court cases because the courts ruled that the FCC had no jurisdiction because the Internet didn’t fall into one of the categories that the FCC had regulatory control over. And that regulatory control comes via legislative authority from Congress. So for a while the FCC left it alone as they prepared a move that would bring the Internet under their control and thus be able to by-pass court case rulings against them.

For just a minute let’s look at what the FCC is (from laws, policies, mission statement):FCC control

  • FCC = Federal Communications Commission
  • “…to regulate interstate communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.”
  • “The FCC works towards six goals in the areas of broadband, competition, the spectrum, the media, public safety and homeland security.”

The FCC’s own stated #1 goal is, “make available so far as possible, to all the people of the United States, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex, rapid, efficient, Nation-wide, and world-wide wire and radio communication services with adequate facilities at reasonable charges.”

Now remember, the FCC was prevented from applying this to the Internet prior to this week. What changed?

On February 26, 2015 (just 2 days ago) the FCC performed a magic act, they simply changed the decades old designation of the Internet to now be a “utility” under Title II of the Communications Act. In that single act the FCC without any approval or even the knowledge of Congress mage a massive change to gain absolute control over the last real mode of mass communication that was available to the individual citizen. And it was at the direction of the White House and President Obama.

I won’t go into the make-up of the FCC commissioners that passed the change but you will find that they are radical left-wing extremist in their political ideology. In other words, they are big-government fascist and Marxist believers and advocates. They think the government is the answer to every single problem. And that means government control over every aspect of people’s lives to correct every problem that government can invent.

So what exactly does the FCC now have the power to do? To correctly answer that question go back and read again the three bullet points a couple of paragraphs above. Then understand this in the FCC’s own words:

  • FCC regulation is primarily “for the purpose of the national defense.”
  • The FCC Advocates, “All Americans should have affordable access to robust and reliable broadband products and services.”
  • The FCC promotes, “Regulatory policies must promote technological neutrality, competition, investment, and innovation to ensure that broadband service providers have sufficient incentives to develop and offer such products and services.”

In plain language based on using FCC’s own words and recent rule changes, the FCC can now do the following to the Internet:

  • Dictate who can provide Internet access and how much it will cost.
  • Who has access to using the Internet, when, where and for what purpose.
  • What content can be placed on the Internet and what volume of content can be placed on the Internet.
  • The FCC can now charge businesses for websites.
  • The FCC not only can regulate who provides web services, but what that price can be.
  • The FCC has approval authority over any addition to, or changes of, any Internet infrastructure.
  • The FCC has Internet content and licensing approval authority.
  • The FCC can place any fee (i.e. tax) it so desires on any aspect of the Internet at any time.
  • The FCC has 100% control over the Internet in times of “crisis” or “national emergency.”

federal communications commission FCC CensorshipIn plain language, the federal government controls the Internet with the United States to the same degree that Communist China does. There is no more freedom on the Internet.  Well, more correctly stated, the only freedom left on the Internet is what the federal government will allow.  And it is all controlled by the iron first of unelected government officials.

Trust me, you won’t see much happening any time soon. They will have to let things calm down from this huge fascist power grab. If they were to implement their planned changes immediately, there would be a revolt that would be ugly and wide-spread. But the changes will come and they will be massive and crushing.

Obama Executive OrdersDoubt me? Don’t. Obama is a rapid gun-hater and would love nothing more than to ban and confiscate guns; he has said as much. But he tried “gun control” and it was struck down in both the courts and Congress. So what does the “dictator” in him do? He orders the ban on the importation of one of the most popular gun in the US and the world, the civilian version of the AK-47. Then he bans the parts for them. He had previously ordered the military to not return hundreds of thousands of M1 rifles that historically would have been sold as surplus. Now his BAFT folks have unilaterally, and outside of the law, banned the most popular ammunition for the #1 most popular sporting rifle in the USA, the M855 bullet. So you think for a minute that a power-mad government, especially a radical President won’t crush the Internet?Andy Andrews - How do you kill 11 million people

So how does this apply to the book, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

In the book it describes the “Principle of the Path” and how it applies. The “Principle of the Path” simplly explains “It is direction, not intention, that determines destination.” To fully understand what that means, re-read the subtitle of the book again, “Why the Truth Really Matters More Than You Think.”

Federal IncomeTaxIllustration: The federal income tax. Prior to federal 1913 income tax was illegal and unconstitutional in the United States. Beginning years before, the Progressives in the country wanted more power for the US federal government and more money to enable the federal government to massively expand. That would take huge amounts of money and there was only one source of that money and one way to get it, a federal income tax. The 16th Amendment to the Constitution was proposed. Although not properly ratified it was accepted as law by Congress and the court system. But then it went the way of ALL government laws and policies…dark and evil.

The federal income tax was “sold” to the public that the income tax would never apply to anyone other than the richest 4% of US citizens. And the politicians assured the American citizens that the income tax would be simple and never exceed 3%, even on the richest of the rich.  A Marxist dream come true!

Americans lapped up the lies of the government and the politicians. And we have our federal income tax code of today that is a monstrosity and damaging in every possible way to individual families as well as the country’s economy. The only folks that support a federal income tax today is a coalition of big-government advocates and Marxist/Socialists. And the coalition members are virtually indistinguishable in their ideology.

One interesting side-note to both the federal income tax promotion and federal government control of the Internet is war and equality. Both the income tax and net neutrality goes towards enabling the government’s ability to conduct war. The income tax to pay for it and net neutrality under the guise of DHS to wage it against US citizens.

Wise Government - Thomas JeffersonSo where does the government control of the Internet end up? Review the “Principle of the Path”, it is direction, not intention, that determines destination.

Take the FCC at its word, review and understand the direction that the FCC has always taken.

There is no longer any freedom in the Internet; the term “dead man walking” comes to mind right now.

hammer_of_tyrannyThe federal government will control the government as they do everything else in today’s world. It will be used to suck money and power from people at every level and transfer that money and power to the governing class. And those folks are the politicians, the government bureaucrats and the rest of the ruling elite. The federal government has done nothing less over the last 130 years and will do nothing else in the coming years. Till the government implodes and takes the rest of the country into the proverbial dust bin just as all Empires have fallen throughout history.

And far more than 11 million people will die along the way.


Limited Government

I had enough feedback on the first two posts in this series to add a “Part #3” to this series.  It is probably the best part of this series!!  <click here>

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