Prepper Myth #1: You can defend yourself against the horde.

Their Myth Reasoning – Most of the beginning and intermediate preppers I’ve met believe that they will be defending their defending your family against Zombie Hordeproperty against a horde of starving or otherwise malicious people, and prep accordingly. It’s important to note that no one who has actually tried to defend themselves against a large group of determined assailants actually thinks it can be done. The math is pretty simple: the horde has numbers on its side, time on its side, and its determination probably matches yours. If a large group of people decide that you’ve got something they want, that’s all there is to it. You can take a stand, but sooner or later, you’re going to run out of manpower, firepower, or sleep (or all three), and it’s all over. These aren’t slow-moving, unarmed, clumsy movie zombies who want to eat your brains – these are determined, smart people who are just trying to preserve their own lives, who can scale fences, create strategies, or simply overwhelm you with sheer numbers. This is why experienced preppers either live in the middle of nowhere or conceal that they are preppers. (By the way, the concealment strategy is a pretty limited one – how long do you think you can living in a community and conceal that you’re not starving while everyone else is starving? At that point, you can go right back to the horde problem.)

My Opinion – #1 – This could absolutely NOT be a myth if you define “yourself” as a larger, more organized, better armed Well organized Prepper Group able to defend itself against the hordehorde than the one attacking you. Even a decent sized group (6 – 15) would have problems against 30 of any horde. You can balance the odds a bit by communications (clear & secure), planning (clear mission/goals & well in advance), tactics (i.e. rings of defense, Immediate Action Drills), marksmanship, dependable weapons, defensible position, etc. But to think a family (say 4 – 6 members) can defend against a mob, NO WAY! At least not for long. So your horde has to be better prepared, better organized and more determined than the other guy’s horde. It also makes sense to have a Plan B. I would suggest a Plan A finding yourself in a community where preparedness is a way of life.

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