Prepper Myth #2: Stock up on the ammo you’ll need to defend yourself with.

Their Myth Reasoning – Once again, the math just doesn’t add up on this one. There is only one scenario where you think you’ll be using a lot of ammunition, and it is the horde scenario. You won’t – the horde scenario will be over in a few Not enough ammunitionminutes to a few hours, with you the loser, and your stored ammo with go to the winners. Don’t get me wrong – you need guns and ammo, but the idea that you’re going to expend thousands of rounds is just a reflection of people’s erroneous beliefs about what kind of shooting situations they’ll be in. If you’re determined to buy ammo, don’t buy them for just your guns, – buy them for everybody else’s. You’ll actually own a valuable commodity. Better yet, use the money to buy food, which leads us to myth #3.


My Opinion – #2 – I disagree with this one. There are a number of scenarios that would require LOTS of ammo. Most about the right amount of ammunition in storage. you can never have enough ammunition.firefights don’t last long in no-conventional warfare. But during that brief encounter you could easily blow through 200 – 300 rounds per person. To think a couple hundred rounds is sufficient for grid-down is not such a good idea. Plenty of rifle or carbine ammo (1000 – 2000 rounds per weapon minimum), a good supply of pistol ammo (500 – 1000 rounds) and a respectable supply of shotgun ammunition (250+ rounds of 00 Buck & 100+ rounds of slugs minimum) is extremely important. This is a good point to start. But I also worry about everyday ammo shortages, price increases, eventual ban or limitations, etc. To me ammo, and plenty of it, is just a good investment that makes me feel more secure. And no, I only will store the ammo I need for my weapons. Just so happens that my weapons are VERY common in caliber. You think there is a good reason for that? Any oddball caliber weapons are a recipe for disaster. Get rid of them now while there is still a market for them. If you win the firefight(s) that to the victor go the spoils; which means you get their guns and their ammo. You don’t need to buy and store ammo for everybody else’s guns.

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3 thoughts on “Prepper Myth #2: Stock up on the ammo you’ll need to defend yourself with.

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