SitRep (3/22/2015) – Police vs. disabled Americans

cops kill mentally ill man in dallas, tx for hold screwdriver

Mentally ill man killed for refusing to put down a screwdriver when they told him to.

A recent article caught my attention: Police encounters kill hundreds of disabled Americans every year, ACLU argues (Published: March 21, 2015 @

The article was interesting and pointed out how law enforcement officers nationwide are very quick to shoot mentally ill people. The article provided a statistic that almost 60% of all people LEOs shoot and kill each year have a mental problem. And the total numbers are about 375 – 500 people shot and killed each year by police have mental

Art Acevedo, Police Chief, Austin TX

Art Acevedo, Police Chief, Austin TX

problems. But that is not what caught my attention.

In the article Art Acevedo, Police Chief, Austin TX, advocated a single nation-wide policy on how law enforcement should deal with the mentally ill. The policy to be developed by the federal government. And here is the kicker, “…require police agencies to adopt the policy.”

Why does that catch my attention? Simple really.

No, it’s not because Austin, TX is an extremely liberal/Progressive city known for its heavy-handed law enforcement officers.

What really caught my attention is a growing movement in the USA for all law enforcement agencies, including local and state, to be controlled by the federal government. And yes, I mean ALL law enforcement agencies. There is already a program in-place where the federal government doles out billions of dollars each year to police departments. In return, the police departments are required to follow certain federal policing mandates or risk losing the money. In addition to the vast sums of money that the federal government doles out to local law enforcement, there is the huge amount of military arms, gear and vehicles given to the departments as well. Equipment such as machine guns, automatic rifles, and grenade launchers. Again, the military hardware comes with a price tag – compliance with federal mandates in policing matters.

federal government giving billions of dollars to local police departments

Why does that bother me? Again, simple really.

Do you want the federal government in control of all police departments? Do you want a single National Police Force run by our good buddies in Washington D.C. under the command of the White House? Yeah, think about that for a minute.

federal police militarized police police state

Tell me again what Washington does right?

What does your gut feeling tell you is the right answer to all of these calls for the federal government to run our local law enforcement?

George Orwell’s book “1984” give you a good idea of what life could be like under those terms. So does my book My Journal: Surviving the Collapse.

Or you can just picture in your mind…wolves guarding all the flocks of sheep throughout the country.

militarized police are like Wolves Eating SheepYeah, I thought so.

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