SitRep (4/6/2015) – Bundy Ranch, The FBI Strike Is Coming !

Patriots at bundy ranch stand off against us government angecy special forces units SWAT teamsThe 1st anniversary of the Bundy Ranch stand-off has come and gone quietly. It has been slightly more than a year ago that a group of hastily assembled Americans stood against the US Government and won. In a small community in southeast Nevada the Bundy family took a stand for what they believed was right. It quickly escalated into an stand-off with heavily armed special operations units of various agencies of the federal government and regular Americans. It nearly erupted in a full-on firefight.

I do not wish to discuss the original issue that started many years ago between the BLM and the Bundy family. I will leave that up to the legal scholars, lawyers and eventually the courts to handle. What I want to talk about to you about is what is coming.

Families gather at the bundy ranch to support the patriots and fight against tyranny The diverse background of those standing with the Bundy family represented many different backgrounds; military veterans to moms, church friends to accountants. But they were all there for a common purpose, to stand for liberty, justice and stand against the tyranny of an out of control government. They nearly paid for it with their lives. I am grateful that they didn’t, it was a barely avoided blood bath for both sides.

However, just because the first anniversary has come and gone, the “Battle of Bunkerville” is by no means over. I know that to be an absolute truth.

Harry Reid says its not over, the government will seek revenge against the bundys and the patriots who defended themIn about 10 days it will be the first anniversary that Harry Reid made the comment “…it’s not over…” as he answered questions about the Bundy Ranch stand-off. He was answering questions asked of him by a Nevada TV station. And it was not a promise, it was not a threat, it was a statement of absolute fact. It is not over and won’t be over until a combined task force of special operations units lead by the FBI move against all those who took part in the armed aspect of the Battle of Bunkerville. I know this to be an absolute truth!

Harry Reid is evil, corrupt dark soul, serves satanFirst, let me share who Harry Reid is, in my opinion. His soul could not be darker and filled with more evil than it is. He serves Satan. His desire is and has been for money and power. He has had a pure unfiltered lust of both for a very very long time. He has accomplished that immoral goal in every aspect. Harry Reid is the embodiment, the model, of evil in our society today. He is everything that we should see as wrong in the world. He is one of the primary reasons that America has fallen and has become an authoritarian state. Harry Reid is evil itself. But, Harry Reid is not the focus of this article, there are more important and urgent matters for me to share.

Let me return to my mention of the combine task force ready to strike against many of the folks that were at Battle of Bundy Ranch Patriot ready to defend the patriots against federal agency special forces untisBunkerville. The FBI, at the direction of the Department of Justice, has lead an investigation into who was there and what role each had. All are suspect and all are known, they all now have files at the FBI. Those who were armed, and especially those that brandished their weapons during the days long stand-off are at particular risk. They have been identified and will be “brought to justice” for their participation. As Harry Reid said, “We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over.”

And that is exactly how the US government, specifically the DoJ, sees how it all went down. They do not see it as a fiercely patriotic group of Americans who love the Constitution and believe in God-given rights. They see those at the Bundy Ranch, along with their supporters, as radical right-wing domestic terrorists. And the full weight of the US government is going to be brought against them unless someone calls it off. And I mean the “full weight” will come to bear.

BLM officers attack bundy family members with dogs, tasers, guns and violence against a 57-year old womanThe federal government forces abused, beat, injured and a combined special force unit of federal agents nearly opened fire on protesting American citizens with automatic weapons. The long list of Constitutional abuses of the agency leadership in this debacle is amazing in nature and content. But the important part of all of this is that they see absolutely nothing immoral, illegal or inappropriate in any of their actions against the American citizens. They wish they had done more. And I include some of the federal agents that were there that day and those staged elsewhere ready to strike. They wished they had opened fire and that they had shot enough of the protestors to send a clear and unambiguous message, “Comply or Die!”

Some of the violence against the Bundy family and others involved tazers, attack dogs and physical violence such as tackling and beating a 57-year old woman during an encounter when she posed absolutely no threat to any law enforcement officer.

Bundy ranch defenders and patriots pray for a peaceful outcome while government SWAT teams prepare to open fire on them

Cowboys praying as BLM forces prepare to open fire on them.

But these same agents and many more like them will have another chance to “show their muscle” soon. The combined legal team of BLM and DoJ lawyers are working hard to develop the list of charges that each citizen will face. The government agencies’ special forces units are readying themselves and training for the day they are given the “go ahead” to serve the arrest and search warrants. And it will be ugly and brutal. It will not end well.

There are plans being finalized by agency leadership to ensure the safety of government employees, specifically BLM employees, the day that the hammer falls. And it will fall hard. Agency leadership throughout the various involved government departments know the potential backlash that will almost certainly come. They fear for the safety of  government employees at the hands of these right-wing “crazies.” They also know that there may be a public outcry when it occurs. And they are planning for that as well.

Bundy ranch defenders and patriots pray for a peaceful outcome while government SWAT teams prepare to open fire on them

Families at Bundy Ranch praying as BLM forces prepare to open fire on the cowboys at the cow pen.

There is another plan being finalized and that is the media campaign that will accompany the “sweep of the radicals” who participated in the Battle of Bunkerville. You will see a media push ahead of time to demonize the participants. The Bundys will be singled out by name, others will be given various labels that the FBI and DHS have cultivated over the last 14 years. But the media campaign will be highly organized and truly effective because the left-wing media loves a police state and will jump at the chance to mock, belittle and demean patriotic Americans. But that will be the last notable move occurring before the US forces strike.

BLM forces prepare to open fire with automatic weapons on American citiznes protestnig at the Bundy Ranch

BLM forces prepare to open fire.

Once the “sweep” starts expect very favorable media coverage towards the government action.  There will be no true support from anyone in Washington politics, and no local law enforcement intervention. While local law enforcement may talk a good game, they are bought and paid for by DHS and the FBI. They will make no move to protect their citizenry from the violence that this mission will bring. Actually, many local law enforcement personnel will willing and gladly participate with the US agency special forces units.

And that is still not even the worst of it as much as that is hard to believe. What comes immediately after the initial sweep is when it could get very ugly and very brutal. The government forces expect and anticipate a violent backlash against their operation. Some of the backlash may even be sparked by undercover law enforcement and confidential informants working within groups that participated at the Bundy Ranch. And some of those people in the combined task force relish the opportunity to deal with the “backlash” with extreme violence as “payback” for “losing” the stand-off.

To quote a famous line from the radical left, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

The federal government will use this opportunity to put into place and take action which they wouldn’t attempt under normal circumstances. So those same government operatives will instigate a crisis situation in conjunction with an intense media campaign to create an environment wherein they can take further steps to reinforce our authoritarian government and strengthen the police state we find ourselves in.

Make no mistake, have no doubt that this will happen and it is coming. How soon it happens I cannot say with any surety. But it is coming.

Now I pose a some simple questions that I think you should consider:

  • If you were there, especially if you were armed, are you prepared to deal with a violent SWAT raid on your home with your family present? What exactly do you plan to do when it happens?
  • Do you have a very good criminal lawyer that you can defend you?
  • If you are a patriotic American and you see the sweep begin, what will you do? What is your plan?
  • How will you support those that will be arrested as radical right-wing domestic terrorists?
  • Will you believe that media campaign that will accompany this action by agency special forces against your friend and neighbors?
  • Are you prepared to resist the blackmail that the FBI interrogators will use to force you to name, and testify against, those that you stood with?

Please consider these questions very carefully, for they will need to be answered. If you don’t answer them now when there is no stress or immediate action required, you will surely have to answer them when the bullets star to fly.

BLM special agents and rangers prepare to make final assault and open fire on Americans at bundy ranch.

BLM Special Agents and armed Rangers prepare to open fire on American citizens.

Yes, I know it will be violent and brutal. That is the desired outcome of the US government in this matter. You will never hear it admitted to, it will never come out in a press conference. But I can tell you with 100% confidence that there are trigger pullers working for the US government that would like nothing better that to see Americans gunned down during this operation. For this operation is meant to be more than settling an embarrassment they suffered, it is meant to teach a lesson and send the bigger message – “Comply or Die!

Please know that this is coming, I know it for a fact, there is no alternative outcome possible, there are no other options.

Please think it trough, ask yourself and your family the hard questions. And make decisions that are right for you and your family.

Final note of information, April 19th is less than two weeks away when this article will be posted. April 19th is the anniversary of:

  • 1775 – The American Revolution started in Lexington when British forces opened fire on American militia.
  • 1995 – Oklahoma bombing of a federal building.

The federal government views the time around April 19th as a high probability timeframe for violent anti-government activity. Many agencies are on a high level of alert during that time period and watch for any indication of potential violent right-wing activity. I wouldn’t disregard their sweep taking place during this time period and using the “date” aspect as a larger reasoning and justification in a larger plan.

Bundy ranch cowboy patriots stand off against federal forces at bundy ranchWhether the government action does in-fact occur during this sensitive time period or not, it will come. The US government will not let stand what the group of righteous, patriotic, faithful, Constitution loving citizens did in their efforts against a tyrannical federal government. The strike is coming, it is only a matter of their timing.

Then it is a matter of a response by those that still claim a love for the Constitution, A Constitution that is all but gone.

Where do you stand?
What will you do?

I will pray for the right peaceful outcome. I expect to be proven wrong.


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7 thoughts on “SitRep (4/6/2015) – Bundy Ranch, The FBI Strike Is Coming !

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  3. They can have it end any way they like…..I will be happy and prepared to meet them in any medium of their choosing. They challenged us to meet them in the field once and we did. We had support of People across the world not just American Patriots. Sure their were and are Socialist Americans that would have loved to seen us wwiped out. I pray they are never unfortunate enough to see that ever become a reality as they have no comprehension of the amount of Tyranny and repression that will follow once there is nobody willing or able to step up against it.


  4. The Bundy Ranch Bill AB408 now in the NV Assembly, will lawfully END this Stand Off, & will legally prohibit Harry Reid’s BLM Task Force & their RICO corporations from operating in the State of Nevada!


    • A state law won’t stop federal authorities. As much as I wish it would I don’t see the DoJ letting NV stop their revenge. I could be wrong, I hope I am. I truly hope you are right.


  5. Yes, unfortunately those of us with firsthand personal experience know how these agencies work and what is in their hearts. Some of them actually feel they are doing the “right thing” and doing their job. Unfortunately the very same ones have forgotten their sworn oath. They tend to forget who they work for and why, they get caught up in the glory and power of their status. The others, well, they are just dangerous people who know exactly what they are doing. And yes, it will end badly not matter the outcome. And “hell” is a good description. I hope those that were there at the Battle of Bunkerville are preparing themselves for what is to come. We all need to beware. Thank you for taking the time to respond, I wish more had.


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