Prepper Myth #6: BOB’s Need to Last 72 Hours

Note: Myths 5 – 10 were taken from a post by a so-called prepper expert providing advice while dispelling “myths” about prepping and bugging out. I thought the advice to be so outrageously idiotic and dangerous that I felt the need to respond to this guy before he gets people killed.

Their Myth Reasoning – Many times BOB’s are referred to as “72 hour kits”. The purpose of a BOB should be to get you from your home to your BOL and to last a minimum of three days, or 72 hours. As I have stated above, the events that would actually force me to bug out are pretty serious. If I have to leave, there is a good chance it won’t be safe for me to ATM machines will not be working during grid-down or bugging out.return to my home in 72 hours. My point is that you might have to make do for longer than 72 hours. Keep that in mind when stocking your BOB. You don’t know if you’ll find a working ATM while you’re out so you might consider keeping cash or precious metals in your BOB so you can restock while you’re bugged out.

My Opinion –  Wow! Once again this writer shows his nativity or utter stupidity in matters of preparedness. But let me compliment him first. He does make a clear distinction between a “72-hour kit” and a “BOB” (a.k.a. Get Out Of Dodge bag). But that is about all that he got right.

In you are dealing with a temporary disaster or emergency it might be appropriate to discuss returning to our home. In a grid-down or any serious scenario the chances of ever being able to return to your home, or even your home surviving, is slim to none. Then the comment about a “working ATM” actually made me laugh. Then I thought that maybe in his preparedness world ATMs work and you can eat at McDonald’s along the way. Not in mine, I prepare for worst case scenario. Why?

Because I understand the concept of identifying the mission for a piece of gear. Obviously he has failed to identify what the mission of his BOB is. And until you can define the mission, how in the world can you start pinpoint BOB contents. Read more:

The thinking a BOB (Bug Out Bag) can be stocked for some extended bugging out is ludicrous. What are the primary threats/risks that you would be facing in any “bug-out” situation?

  • Violence and threat of injury or death.
  • Injury from non-violent injuries.
  • Dehydration
  • Hypothermia or hypothermia
  • Starvation

And how do I know this? Because I have studied and understand “L.I.P.S.” <read more> which tells you what your priorities are. Then I studied and understand how to rate threats/risk and how to mitigate them.

So once again, ill-conceived advice from an obviously inexperienced, untrained so-called “preparedness expert” giving advice that will kill you and your family.

And this myth advice he published has now motivated me to go into detail about what a BOB or GOOD is really for and what to put in it. But I will surprise you, I don’t buy into the whole idea of a BOB or GOOD in the traditional sense. I will explain that as well.

4 thoughts on “Prepper Myth #6: BOB’s Need to Last 72 Hours

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  3. A lot of what is out there is utter bullshit ! and nonsesne from people that are just trying to sell whatever it is they sell and have zero experience in much of anything except BS.


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