TIP : 550 Paracord Uses – Part #2

550 Paracord - Type III paracrodI love 550 Paracord!  And not all paracord is created equal.  So when someone is talking about, or more importantly selling you, paracord make sure it is 550 paracord or Type III rated paracord.  Here are a couple uses of paracord that you might find useful:

  1. Tie down your gear to the top of a vehicle or weave it across the bed of your pick-up truck to keep your equipment from flying out.
  2. I’ve replaced my shoelaces with paracord, the cool desert camo color.  And if needed, I can remove it and saw through zip ties (i.e. flex cuffs) in about 10 seconds.
  3. Use it “as is” for snaring larger game.  Use the internal strands for snaring smaller game.
  4. Use a coupe of sticks or limbs along with your paracord to make a great splint for a broken arm or leg.  Just don’t tie it so tight you cut off the blood circulation.  You can use clothing under the paracord to keep the paracord from biting into the skin.

More Paracord Tips to come…Look for em !



4 thoughts on “TIP : 550 Paracord Uses – Part #2

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  2. Don’t forget, put a knot into paracord and it will de-rate it’s 550 lb rated breaking strain dramatically as will excessive heat.

    As an example a simple bowline drops it’s breaking strength to 35% of the 550 lbs. That’s only 375 lbs.

    Paracord is made of nylon with a melting point well above 200C.
    Pretty hot eh? Yet in use you could be subjecting it to friction heating as it slides on something. Still confident you won’t reach those temperatures?

    Temperature and knots are both rope killers.


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