SitRep (4/22/2015) – Militarized police will be used against patriots and preppers

Storm is coming to americaI really didn’t want to write this post, but I have to. Simple as that, I must write this. I hope it means something to you and your preparedness for the days, weeks, and months ahead. This information mean a lot to me and what I see that lies ahead.

Lately I have been giving a lot of concentrated thought to the current situation in the country. Actually, the situation has been building for a couple of decades, but accelerating in the last 10 years. And accelerating in the last 6 or so years. I have written about it several times, but what I am most concerned is about to come true. No, I am not quoting an exact time frame, that is controlled by other factors and other people. But it is coming, and it is going to be ugly.

Bundy ranch stand-off with BLM nevadaIf you are a prepper you know about the Bundy Stand-Off in Nevada. You understand that well-armed federal agents (automatic weapons and snipers) came within seconds of opening fire on protesting American citizens. You also understand that it would have turned into the beginning of the Second American Revolution. Well, we are just about there once again.

Let me lay a little groundwork for you that has just recently developed. If you read my articles over the last couple of months (I will list them below) you understand that there is not a single politician in Washington D.C. that you can believe. They openly admit they lie, they lie in front of Congress, they lie to the press and they lie to citizens. And we catch them at it. But it makes no difference, they lie anyway and are never held accountable for it.

Now we have agency leaders openly stating that they will not follow the law but will obey Obama instead¹. That includes Department of Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson.²  AG Holder has been doing that for years. And all of this corruption is about to come to a head. The place where I believe it will occur is Sugar Pine Mine in Josephine County, Oregon. Once again BLM is making an illegal move against a group of U.S. citizens. And they are preparing for serious armed conflict. They have planned another “back-down” such as that occurred with Bundy’s will not happen again, period.

You already have the rapid left-wing media publishing extremely negative information about the miners involved. The Oathkeepers at sugar pine mine oregonmedia has recently begun advancing untrue information about the presence of OathKeepers at Sugar Pine, the negative talking points came from White House related operatives. Both the miners and OathKeepers have been portrayed in a very fallacious light. It is part of the administration’s initiative to win the media war before the armed confrontation occurs.

So what exactly is going to happen? I am not privy to all the detail on how this confrontation will play out, but it will come to “shots fired” and extensive law enforcement intervention. Read that as – civilians will be injured, some killed and many more arrested. That is the government’s plan, the FBI included.

And just so you remember who the FBI is, for 20 years (1980 – 2000) 28 different FBI agents committed fraud and perjury FBI labs committing fraud and purjuryduring trials. They intentionally misrepresented evidence matching and degree of validity in nearly every trial in which they testified³. And this is not an isolated instance of intentional misconduct (i.e. fraud and perjury). In 2014 it was reported that the FBI had been shown to provide “flawed testimony” in thousands of cases (i.e. fraud and perjury).*

But this kind of conduct is to be expected from federal agents who led the tactical action when 80 men, women and children were burned to death in Waco, TX in 1993. The same kind of federal agents whose sniper/recon tFederal agenst kill men women and children by burning them to deatheam killed a woman, her teenage son and the family’s best friend while on an operation under “shoot to kill” orders against Randy Weaver. The same FBI that played a major role in sending over 100,000 innocent Americans to prison camps during WWII. The same FBI that was founded by J. Egar Hoover who committed harassment, blackmail of politicians (including Presidents) and a long list of other crimes while he served as the Director of the FBI.

So what exactly do you think the FBI will do when it comes to a showdown at Sugar Pine Mine or when retribution against the Bundy’s and the militia members occurs?

And let’s go back to the Bundy’s for just a minute. Dan Love, the Bureau of Land Management’s special agent in charge

BLM forces prepare to open fire with automatic weapons on American citiznes protestnig at the Bundy Ranch

BLM forces prepare to open fire.

(Utah & Nevada) has been personally blamed for the actions of the BLM SWAT team that nearly opening fire on Americans during the protests at Bunkerville. Special Agent Love was so out of control he has been called “arrogant and dishonest” by local Sheriffs. More local authorities state clearly that Love and his rangers regularly pull over local residents with no probable cause and outside of BLM jurisdiction.

Obviously Love’s actions and attitude are well known, even to the BLM itself. Love refuses to appear before state legislature committees and BLM leadership refuses to make Love available for any kind of interviews by any state or local authority. Clearly Love is doing exactly what BLM wants him to do. But tensions have risen to the point where even the Governor’s office has requested that BLM replace Love as Special Agent In Charge. BLM has refused all such requests.

To add a new level of corruption to the situation, BLM cancelled contracts with the counties where the Sheriffs were making the most complaints against Love and BLM actions. Those contracts were worth 100’s of thousands of dollars. That is a lot of money in those remote counties, that is BLM’s punishment for the counties speaking up and complaining. Love’s outlandish, illegal and potentially unconstitutional conduct is well documented.** A man such as Dan Love will not give up, he will not give in, he will take the Bunkerville incident as a personal insult. Someone will die for it, maybe far more than one.

And he is not alone in the BLM. Many BLM Special Agents and armed Rangers are just like Love, ready to fight, ready to open fire and they want revenge for Bunkerville. Many of the agents and rangers that were not at Bunkerville have openly talked about their desire to have another crack at the cowboys and the “crazy Bundy’s.” They want to pull the trigger next time, and I don’t think anyone will stop them again.

So that brings us to local Law enforcement and the role they play in the coming showdown. Where will they stand? Well, law enforcement actions all around the country already prove what the probable outcome will be. While there are some good Peace Officers out there, most are Law Enforcement Officers. I am not talking their historic actions, which are bad enough, I am talking their actions in just the last year.

In NY a group of cops strangled an unarmed man (Eric Garner) to death for selling loose cigarettes. In CA deputies nearly beat an unarmed man to death even after the man had surrendered and was laying on the ground with his has behind his back. A cop in SC shot an unarmed man to death, shooting him 4 times in the back and once in the head for a broken tail light. The list goes on and on. In the last decade cops killing unarmed civilians has skyrocketed. Cops using warrant-less entries have killed multiple dozens of civilians in their own homes when no crime had been committed. In one notable case Baby badly injured by police SWAT team using grenadea SWAT team used a flash-bang grenade to horribly burn an infant in its crib while making entry on a drug raid. No drugs were found, no arrests were made, and no cops held accountable for the horrific and permanently disfiguring injuries to the baby. The police department even refuses to pay any of the associated infant’s medical bills. The list of police atrocities is long, ugly, and brutal. What is being done by local police departments all over the country for several decades now is criminal. Yet they are only occasional held accountable for their actions, and that is normally only when video tape surfaces.

Remember the cop who shot the unarmed guy in the back and head in SC? When the suspect was no threat to the cop or anyone else he very smoothly and without hesitation shot the guy in the back and head, then called in over the radio that SC cop plants taserthat the guy tried to grab his taser, then planted picked up the taser planted it next to the guy as he was dying, claimed he was providing first aid, called his wife and joked about shooting the guy.  Then to top it off the cop conspired with other cops, including his supervisor, to claim that they all tried to perform first aid to save the guy. All to show that the cops are the heroes and shine a good light on the murder he had just committed. Fortunately the whole thing was caught on video and it turns out the the cop murdered the man in cold blood, lied about the taser, lied about the first aid, and lied about everything else. The evidence shows clearly that multiple members of the police force conspired to try and frame the dead guy and make the murder another “good shoot” by a hero cop who feared for his life and was protecting the community. That cop along with his “brother cops” are rotten, corrupt, dishonest and immoral to the core as proven by their actions.

Research by Fatal Encounters shows that you are at the very least, eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist. “Cops in the US are responsible for way more deaths on American soil than terrorism since the year 2000. Indeed, in that time, police have killed at least 5,600 people via gunshots, taserings, beatings and other forms of violence. That figure represents more than the total number of US combat deaths in all wars since 2000.” And the really sad part is “…the organization estimates that it has only captured about 35 percent of total police killings since 2000 so far.” So the real numbers of death by cops could be 3 to 4 times the number quoted from their research.

And the amazing (ironic and sad) part of all of this is the myth that police work is dangerous. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that law enforcement work is #47 on the list of dangerous jobs. If you take out personal health problems (heart attacks due to poor physical health) and vehicle accidents that mostly they themselves cause, police work doesn’t even rate in the top 100 most dangerous jobs in America.

Are there acts of generosity and kindness on the part of police? Yes. I have always maintained that there are good cops out there. However, there numbers are dwindling. Over the last 3 years or so I have talked to a lot of law enforcement folks, especially the older ones. And they tell me how the young and newer guys coming in are very aggressive and prone to use of violence, especially among SWAT team members.

Then I want you to understand how steroids work, they do make it easier for you bulk up muscle and strength. Among SWA Tteam aggressiveness and brutality due to steroids?many bad side affects to steroid usage is extreme hostility, aggressiveness, short temper and being prone to violent outbursts. Next time to see a SWAT team, or any cop that has been accused of brutality, look closely at how muscle-bound he is. But to finish my thought from the older police officers, they themselves see a drastic change in the attitude of newer officers. And sad to say, a lot of them are coming in as former military. Are those veterans that are coming into law enforcement work and who saw active combat bringing in PTSD or excessive aggressiveness into the world of what was once Peace Officers vs. Law Enforcement Officers?

When did this become this - peace officers become law enforcement officers become thugs with badgesUnarmed people being shot and killed by cops in the U.S. are skyrocketing in 2015; in March alone there were over 100 deaths at the hands of cops. And it is getting worse. And here is the reason…

In training cops are now taught that everyone must “comply” immediately, without hesitation, without discussion, without question and without compromise. Listen to the defense of cops shooting people, “They didn’t comply.” or “They resisted arrest.” Both statements mean the same thing, the person didn’t do exactly what the cop wanted at the exact time the cop wanted them to do it regardless of anything else happening at the time. No one ever asks, “Was what the cop asked reasonable or lawful?”

They are also taught that anytime they use their weapon they state “I feared for my life.” They are also taught that when you shoot someone you keep shooting as they go down to the ground and you keep shooting until the person quits moving. They are also taught to use “overwhelming force” or “violence of action.” A tactic where you use such extreme violent and brutal action against the enemy that they simply give up rather than fight.

comply or die policy

“Comply or Die”

Unfortunately that is a tactic that police have adopted that comes from the military, who designed it to be used against terrorists in foreign countries.

This is a lethal combination of training that has led to police becoming more and more brutally violent against civilians, armed or not. And all the statistics show that their brutality and lethality is only getting worse, much worse. The new policing policy in America is “Comply or Die!”

So then ask yourself, “How does that police action correspond with all the military equipment that is being given to police departments all over the county?”

You know the answer. Why, for over a decade, would police departments be asking for and receiving machine guns, grenade launchers and armored vehicles?

But let’s get back to the subject at hand.  How will the next “Bunkerville” happen? It will go something like this:

  1.  the government will announce that a radical bunch of XXX folks are causing a serious problem by breaking the law doing XXX.
  2. The media will then, after being briefed, pick it up and release story after story about how wrong and despicable the folks doing XXX are. The group will be branded “dangerous”, “extremists” and probably “anti-government” or “radical right-wingers.”
  3. And event will occur where it appears that the dangerous XXX people provoked a violent confrontation with law enforcement.
  4. Law enforcement will have caused casualties among the XXX people. Maybe some of the casualties will be deemed innocent by-standers. And there will be casualties among laws enforcement as well with “proof” that it was at the hands of someone in the XXX group. The officers injured/killed will be family men and pillars of their communities; loved and missed by all.
  5. Constitutional groups, militias, veteran groups will rally against law enforcement.
  6. After being further briefed, the media will ramp up their anti-XXX propaganda.Probably isolating one or two individuals to concentrate negative coverage on.
  7. Government authorities will call for a peaceful outcome and a “stand-down” by the XXX people and their supporters.
  8. So-called “local civilians” will then appear on various media stating there are afraid of the violent militias and the “thugs” harassing them. And they just want them out of their community so the children are safe.
  9. Another armed confrontation will occur, provocation blamed on the militias and the XXX supporters.Large scale arrests will take place.
  10. You take it from there, you know where it ends up.

So what does this all mean:

  1. You have politicians at all levels of government that blatantly lie.
  2. You have government agency heads that state publicly that they will not obey the law, they will obey President Obama and government policy.
  3. You have federal law enforcement agencies that are as corrupt and dishonest as any criminal organization ever was.
  4. You have federal law enforcement officers that are dead set against crushing “potential domestic terrorist” American citizens. And those same federal agencies and personnel have shown a propensity towards violence, even homicide.
  5. You have local law enforcement arming themselves to the teeth with military hardware.
  6. You have law enforcement at all levels using military tactics against civilians, most of the time – unarmed civilians.
  7. You have extreme violence by law enforcement personnel being used against civilians at exponential growth rate where fatalities are skyrocketing.

What it means to me is the same thing that has happened to every other society that has ever existed. Every single society that has ever existed has evolved into a totalitarian police state who violently suppresses their population. Doubt me? Why? What makes the USA any different? Show me a single point in time where the USA is not following the same path of all other societies.

And one final bit of information to throw into the mix. According to Pew Research 70% of all Americans feel they have no or little influence in how the federal government works. And every major research results shows American attitude is falling towards the country. And a large majority of American parents feel their children will not have it as good as they did. And that is a turning point, last year is the first time in history that ever happened. Even during the Great Depression it wasn’t this bad.

So what does that have to do with anything? When I was in college taking some basic psychology courses I learned the number one thing that all people who committed suicide experienced right before they attempted suicide was “helplessness and hopelessness.” The vast majority of Americans feel “helpless” to make any positive changes in our country with no hope that anyone in government will make a positive difference in where this country is headed.

I think the country is committing national suicide. Slowly maybe, but societal suicide all the same.

So what does this mean to you as a prepper?

As I see it, it means:

  1. You must keep your Situational Awareness (SA) at a high level and watch what is happening on the national level.
  2. Make a plan how on to round out your preparedness items that need the most attention.
  3. Find others that feel like you do.
  4. Increase your spirituality.
  5. Locate a couple places that you could bug out to in the event it was necessary.
  6. Keep some cash on hand.
  7. Obtain and keep some precious metals on hand (if you can).
  8. Take more training; first aid, weapons, tactics, etc.

And here is what I think is vitally important, obtain a power independent (battery and solar) shortwave radio with AM/FM/TV/SW bands on it; you will spend less than $100. And then obtain a basic handheld Ham radio with some basic accessories; you will spend less than $150 on this.

Those two items are essential and extremely important. Control of the message will be the highest priority for the government when the time comes that they make a move such as Bunkerville. The ability to obtain accurate information will be absolutely paramount.

Keep a cool head. You already know that you can’t believe a word that a politician utters. You know that police are legally allowed to lie and deceive during investigations so expect that. The media is firmly in the hands of the police state advocates, so any media accounts must be suspect, at best. You must be able to understand fact from propaganda. Then share the facts with others.

Hutaree Militia in Michigan fiasco, FBI jobAnd finally, remember the Michigan Hutaree Militia scandal back in 2012? Remember how that played out?

The Hutaree is a militia group, never had a speck of legal trouble in its existence. But they got on the radar of the FBI. The FBI sent in their men. That FBI insiders advocated that the militia plan an attack on law enforcement and a subsequent ambush. It was the FBI’s men who came up with idea, designed it, and got the militia members to talk about it. Then the FBI swooped in and made a major bust claiming how great they were that they had stopped an attack by a violent domestic terrorist militia group. Yeah, right. The judge threw out the case because he saw it as FBI entrapment.  Which, by the way, the FBI is great at doing. Their idea, their people, their equipment and then hang it on some unlucky patsy. Expect more of that to come. Keep your eyes open.

The FBI will be working overtime planting FBI people undercover in whatever group(s) they can infiltrate. Then they are going to plan, promote and/or commit some act of violence on behalf of some citizen group as a ruse to once again demonize the Constitutionalists. Then federal agents will violently raid the unlucky patsies. You can count on it, expect. It is coming, It will happen.

Please be prepared, be alert, be calm, be cool, be professional and be ready. It is coming.

Associated articles worth reading:


¹ “DHS ICE Chief Revealed ‘Brutally Honest’ Belief Policies Trump Laws, Rep. Says” By: Anthony Kimery, Editor-in-Chief 04/17/15

²  “DHS Chief: No One Will Be Detained in the United States Because They’re Here Illegally”  Independent Sentinel by Sara Noble  January 24, 2015

³  “FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000” The Washington Post By Spencer S. Hsu April 18, 2015

*  “FBI forensic lab misconduct could affect 2,600 convictions, 45 death row cases” Published by RT : July 30, 2014

**  “Utah to BLM: Rein in your cops”  The Salt Lake Tribune By Brian Maffly October 19, 2014



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3 thoughts on “SitRep (4/22/2015) – Militarized police will be used against patriots and preppers

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  3. For many years I’ve read how the USA is going to dissolve into anarchy and self destruction.

    The government attack on your guns and ammo led to loads of “over my dead body” and “I’ll give you my gun when you pry (or take) it from my cold, dead hands” macho B.S.

    For ages the US (and world) stock markets have been due to collapse.
    As for the USD looking good to collapse?
    You brought that one on yourself by taking on BRICS.
    That’s the marvelous thing about democracy
    You get to vote in the clueless and inept to act in your name.

    Russia is up and running and the red menace will be invading the whole of Europe soon.
    World War 3 will either start in the Ukraine, Japan, or the Middle East, probably next week.

    Your police are killing more than ever making “protect and serve” a bit a sick joke and your police have more arms and military equipment than the whole of the UK’s armed forces. (Although that’s not hard to imagine).

    So what.
    Destruction is always coming the doom sayers tell us.
    Yet I caution all not to lose the plot.

    Think on this one.

    Prep for tomorrow by all means but don’t forget
    There are so many things that can kill you today.

    That and nature has no political agenda but can be twice as destruction in half the time for no cost to itself.


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