WATER: SureWater 260gal Water Storage Tank

Surewater 260gal water storage tankStoring enough water is always an issue for most people. If you live somewhere that allows for outside water storage tanks and they won’t bring undue attention then you have no problems. But for us city dwellers storing enough water is always a problem. Well, here is one option that can help solve your water storage challenge.

The SureWater 260gal Water Storage Tank. This storage tank will fit through most any normal sized household doorway. That allows you to get it in the house and into a closet. yup! Small enough to fit in a closet. It covers 7 square feet of floor space. That is a foot print of less than 2′ x 3′. So hide it away in a closet and have 60 days worth of drinking water in this puppy for a family of four.

Here are the details:

  • Gallon demarcation allows you to properly ration your water supply.
  • High quality 3/4″ full-port ball valve will fill from the bottom of the tank as fast as from the top.
  • SureWater Tanks are made from FDA and NSF approved High Density Exxon Material. The dark blue color will prohibit light and lessen algae growth to help maintain water safety and freshness.
  • Its elliptical shape allows for this tank to fit through a standard 29″ door.
  • A second “Easy Fill” spigot is included for when you are filling a bucket or pan.
  • The small footprint of the 260 gallon tank utilizes only 7 sq. ft. of floorspace.
  • Two spigot caps included to help prevent spillage caused by curious children.
  • Tank Dimensions: 28″ W X 34″ D X 82″ H

The SureWater 260 gallon tank is oval shaped and designed to fit through all standard 29″ doorways. With this tank you’ll store as much water as five 55 gallon drums utilizing only 7 square feet of floor space.

SureWater 260gal water storage TankHere are the FAQ’s from their wesbite –

Q: What are SureWater Tanks made from?
A: SureWater Tanks uses all new FDA and NSF approved High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). SureWater Tanks do not carry a numbered rating but if they did they’d be a number 2. This rating means that our plastics are BPA Free and are safe for storing foods and drinking water.

Q: How do I install the water tank?
A: Installation of your water tank is easy. We include printed installation instructions with each water tank.

Q. Can a SureWater Tank be put “in-line” so water is always circulating through?
A. No. Plastic water tanks cannot hold municipal water pressure.

Q: Do SureWater Tanks come with a warranty?
A: Yes. SureWater Tanks come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and they have an expected useful life of 20 years.

Q: Where should I store my water tank?
A: SureWater Tanks should be installed on a level concrete surface capable of maintaining 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. Storing a water tank in an area that limits light and heat will prolong the quality of your water.

Q: Will the water tanks freeze?
A: Yes. Below 32 degrees F all water can freeze. If you’re storing your water tank in a place where freezing is possible we suggest that you drain your water tank during the cold months. However, in our experience most garages located in cold climates stay warm enough in the winter to prevent freezing.

Q: Do I need a water treatment or to add bleach and chemicals to my stored drinking water?
A: If your water tank is clean and if your drinking water is from a municipal source, then the American Red Cross states that the drinking water will stay potable for six months. If you plan to rotate your drinking water on a less regular basis, then you may want to research a chemical treatment option specific to your location and water quality.

Q: Can I place my water tank directly on cement; don’t “toxins” leech through?
A: To the best of our knowledge the concept of “toxins” leeching from the concrete into drinking water stored in HDPE tanks does not occur. We’ve spoken with representatives of both the plastics and cement industries and neither is aware of this phenomena. We do recommend putting a piece of plywood between the tank and the floor if you’re storing your drinking water in a garage. Substances like gasoline, oil, and certain fertilizers that may have been spilt on a garage floor can leech through the plastic. Further, the plywood creates a smooth flat surface for your drinking water tank.

Surewater 260gal water storage Tank requires a 3/4" double femaleThe one issue that I see with the tank is this – The spigots require a 3/4″ double female to connect a “fill” hose to the tank. But that is solved very easily with a Gilmour 7FHS7FH Double Female Swivel Brass Connector, Gilmour 7FHS7FH Double Female Swivel Brass Connector, 3/4-Inch by 3/4-Inch3/4-Inch by 3/4-Inch. You purchase it on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Gilmour-7FHS7FH-Double-Female-Connector/dp/B000FJYR5K) for about $8.00  I like the Gilmour due to the ability to put a wrench to it to tighten it.


A couple thoughts:

  • When full of water the tank weighs in at just about 2,350lbs; that is just over one ton. But it is spread out over seven square feet of floor space, or 900 square inches. So that equates to about 335lbs per square foot or 6.6 pounds per square inch. Make sure your floor can handle that kind of weight before you install it.
  • I would place the unit inside a small “dam.” Buy or build a shallow water catching pan for under the tank. It doesn’t have to be real deep, just deep enough to catch some leaking water till you realize what is going on and fix the problem.
  • Shipping charges are reasonable. Charges range from $95 to %195 for most states west of the Mississippi River. Buy It !

This is a “Buy!


Surewater 260gal water Tank for sale

Read more about water storage by <clicking here>

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