Things that make my head explode : #1

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explode


I like keeping up with current events. I hate most of what is happening with current events. What?

Yeah, sounds weird but I am going to start an on-going series of articles that I will publish every so often, not sure how often, just when they stack up enough to make a worthwhile reading. And it will all have to do with “prepping.” Sometimes I will point out the relationship, sometimes I will leave it to you to make the connection. Sometimes, most times, I will give my opinion on the item, sometimes I will just let it stand on its own. But they will be articles and news reports on various subjects that I consider important for you to know about.

Here is what I want to accomplish with this series of articles (regular feature):

  1. I want to get you thinking a little outside of your box, I want to break your Normalcy Bias.
  2. I want to vent a little on some the stupidest and more insane stuff that I read about each day.

So here is the first in this series –

Item #1 –

So in the summer of 2014 AFT inspectors raided Stag Arms, a gun manufacturer located in Connecticut. The ATF Stag Arms and ATFfolks found 3,000 lower receivers that didn’t have serial numbers on them. Stag told the inspectors that the person who applies the serial number to the lower receiver parts, which then creates the paperwork making them a “gun”, was out on vacation but would apply the numbers when they returned. The ATF seized the parts. Then, although no charges where ever filed and no court case was ever won and nothing ever proved that Stag was doing anything wrong, the ATF decides they want to keep the lowers. Wow, so the government just seizes the parts and then changes the ownership all with out any court trial, civil or otherwise. As I remember there is this little thing called the Constitution with the Bill of Rights. The Fifth Amendment specifically addresses “due process” which the federal government, the ATF, is choosing to ignore once again. Just doesn’t seem right now does it?  Oh, maybe it would be helpful to know that Stag is a strong Second Amendment advocate and a very vocal gun-control opponent. Just saying…


Item #2 –

So here is a highly-decorated, Air Force General who is asked to give a speech at an official National Day of Prayer Maj.Gen. Craig. Olson national day of prayer eventevent. And he does a very good job at it. He acknowledged God in his life and how God helped him to accomplishment many things. He gave glory to God during the National Day of Prayer event. So what happens? Along comes Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Weinstein demanded a general court-martial for Maj. Gen. Craig Olson. Weinstein is demanding that Olsen be “aggressively and very visibly

MRFF Mikey Weinstein

MRFF Mikey Weinstein

brought to justice for his unforgivable crimes and transgressions.” And Mickey-boy goes on, “any and all others who assisted him with his NDPTF speech of fundamentalist Christian supremacy be likewise investigated and punished to the full extent of military law.” Mickey-boy calls Olsen’s speech, “brazenly illicit and wholly unconstitutional.” He also called it a “brutal disgrace to the very uniform he was wearing and the solemn oath he took to support and defend the United States Constitution.” What? Excuse me? Since when is being a Christian and speaking of God become a court martial offense? I guess when you get an intense hater of all things Christian such as Weinstein decides he doesn’t like it. So here is my question, “When was the last time you heard a leader of a Christian group call for the full weight of the law to come down on an unbeliever simply for not believing in God?” Yeah, I thought so…never.  So the war against Christians continues, and the Christians in uniform getting the worst of it. So tell me again, why so many have decided to wage war on Christianity?


Item #3 –

On May 19, 2015 I wrote about a guy by the name of McClellan who had over $100,000 taken out of his bank account Civil Asset Forfeiture an unconstitutional method of seizing assets from citizensby the IRS.<click here to read about it> He didn’t owe them any money and had committed no crime. The IRS just felt they wanted his money because they assumed he was a criminal. Now McClellan has to sue the IRS to get his own money back. So it will take him 10’s of thousands of dollars to hopefully make the federal government return his own money. Yes, that means he has to prove his innocence, the federal government didn’t have to, and still can’t, prove his guilt of anything. That is called “civil asset forfeiture.” And it is a HUGE money making business for government; from the local police force to the top of the federal law enforcement agencies. Why? is it big business? Because those law enforcement agencies can simply seize you money, your car, you home or your money without a court order or even the tiniest bit of evidence of an actual crime.

Case in point – “Motel Caswell.” A family owned motel that had been operation was recently seized by the local police Civil Asset Forfeiture - theft by police law enforcement stealing from citizensdepartment with the help from the Department of Justice. The crime? Well, none!! Police investigated the motel’s room rental records for a motel that had been in the family since 1955. Out of 125,000+ room rentals during that time period 15 arrests had been made at the motel for drug related charges. No, not the owners, No, not any of their employees, No, not any of their family. 15 arrests of people who had rented a room in their motel. So the local police department was able to seize the property.

So you ask “Why?”  You already know the answer……..MONEY!

Civil asset forfeitures (CAF) are big business for law enforcement agencies.  CAF is a multi-BILLION dollar a year business for the police. Yes, “business.” It makes them money with NO need to go to court, no need to prove a crime, no need to break a sweat and they make billions of dollars each year doing it. Commonly referred to now as – State Sanctioned Theft. So how does that make you feel knowing that police departments all over the country are making billions of dollars from citizens who haven’t even been charged with a crime? So where is that ol’ “To Serve and Protect?”

Civil Asset Forfeiture

<source>   <source>   <source>   <source>

Item #4 –

Since the murder of Freddie Gray in Baltimore <read more here> it is now being reported that the crime rate in Baltimore is on the rise. That fact  being reported by the Baltimore Sun as well as a host of other sources. So, as I did the police kill freddie gray?always do, I ask the question, “Why?” And what are your thoughts? Well, let me tell you what the cause is according to the Baltimore Police Department, “..officers are holding back from doing their jobs…” And exactly why are they holding back from doing their jobs? “…feel as though the state’s attorney will hang them out to dry.” Really? Other than holding six police officers accountable for their role in the death of Freddie Gray when has the state’s attorney ever tried to hang them out to dry? Answer, NEVER!

So why are the cops allowing crime to run rampant? And I am talking about averaging 4 shootings and more than 1 homicide per day for the last two weeks. Well, two answers come to mind; 1) the cops are pouting because someone finally said the murder of, and abuse against, the city’s citizens has to stop, 2) it is a power-play. Let me explain #2 in better detail. When a school district has to tighten its budget what do they announce first? Cut backs will be after school activities. Yup, the stuff the kids and most parents love the most will be the first to be cut. And when a city has to tighten their budget what is announced is the first to be cut? Firefighters and cops. Why? Because it is a play on emotions. They want you to react and start screaming we can’t do without band and the chess club. And we certainly can do without less firefighters because we will have houses burning down and people dying all over the place. Notice they never say “Yes, we will tighten our budget by reducing the huge administrative personnel overhead costs and move into cheaper buildings.” Because if they did that people’s reactions would be “Hell Yeah!”

corrupt and dishonest Baltimore CopsSo the Baltimore Police Department, the cops who swore to protect and to serve, are backing off and letting crime run rampant and the cops are allowing the shootings and the deaths to occur in their own city. And they are doing it all in the name of power. They want the power to NOT be held accountable, they want to be able to do anything to anybody they wish at any time and never suffer any consequences. How sad!  How sad for Baltimore’s citizens. And how sad for the immoral, corrupt and despicable police officers of the Baltimore Police Department. The city deserves more, the people deserve more.

<source>  <source>

Item #5 –

Let’s talk about the biker gang shootout in Waco, Texas over the weekend. Actually, I was glad to see some dead outlaw Biker Police Kill Orderbikers, they are a waste of society, they are nothing but vicious criminals peddling drugs across out country. So we have something like 9 dead and a bunch more injured. The dead as a result of gunshots. Originally all the reports were that they shot each other. Then it changed to cops shot at least 4 bikers when the bikers unleashed a hail of gun fire from a large arsenal of weapons against police. The cops were defending themselves. OK, who can’t understand that. And, who can’t understand the cops for killing people that were shooting at them. But there is one question that keeps gnawing at me, “If the bikers were that well armed and were good enough shots to kill and injure a whole bunch of  their rival biker buddies, how did the cops get away without a single scratch of any kind?”  I mean with all those bullets flying around how come not a single cop not get hit?

Then I started thinking, “What about this so-called ‘kill order’ against cops?” Since when did biker gangs do something like that? NEVER! In all of the nearly 80 years of biker gang existence that has never occurred. Also, the cops have inflicted far far more harm on biker gangs before Waco, so why not retaliation cop killing like the kill order before now?

Well, I let my mind wander a little…if I was law enforcement and I felt oppressed by all the bad publicity lately and I wanted to change my image how would I do that? I would single handed save an entire town against dreaded biker gang killers. And if I wanted to sweeten the pot, I would then become martyrs because the big, bad ugly bikers wanted to kill all of us. Now that made sense. The kill order, no, that made no sense at all. But is all sure makes for high drama doesn’t it?

<source>   <source>   <source>

Please think, reason, use logic, break the mold, disavow Normalcy Bias, understand the reality around you in your own country.

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