SitRep (5/31/2015) – Special Edition : Part #2

Warning Part #2In Part #1 <click here to read> I covered a lot of ground. If you haven’t read Part #1 you need to, Part #2 won’t be nearly as understandable without reading Part #1 first. <read Part #1 by clicking here>

In Part #1 I made the case for our police state and authoritarian government as they exist today. I hit on economic issues and where we stand in the world. In this article I will uncover our #1 threat and why it is #1. How it will affect us and why we have to worry to much about it. I will finish up discussing what you can do and how you can do it. As I mentioned yesterday, this is a long article and will require you to think. If you are not prepared to do both then read other articles on preparedness of Ham radios, etc. So on with the article…

So why are yesterday’s items meaningful to this discussion? Because it represents a huge threat to the country as a Patrick Henry - united we stand divide we fallwhole. The old saying “united we stand, divided we fall” is the telling historical lesson in this situation that we will shortly see come to pass.

And a note or two about the economy. Everyone except for the super-rich, government employees and a large swath of liberals/progressives know that the economy is in horrible condition. Every single objective measure of the economy is clearly showing the economy is tanking faster and faster each day.

The only single part of the economy that appears to be doing well is the stock market. It crashed in 2007 – 2008 losing the middle class trillions of dollars in wealth. All of the richest institutions were bailed out by the federal government, they lost nothing. The middle class got financially massacred.

Since that time the stock market has more than doubled in value. But how good of a recovery is that really? The Federal Reserve has “printed” trillions of dollars since the crash and that has artificially pumped up the stock market. Meaning that the Federal Reserve simply created money with absolutely no value to support it. Additionally, the national debt has more than doubled. There is not a single credible expert that feels that the national debt or unfunded liabilities can ever be paid. The current economic situation represents that in every way. Our economic and financial system is sinking with no hope of saving it.

Why is that important? When people can’t pay their bills, lose their homes, have trouble feeding their children and can’t see a hopeful future financially…they lose hope. Hopelessness is the #1 reason of suicide. In my article It’s Coming! – Why and how they will do it… I go into the subject of national suicide.

Historically speaking, we have always counted on local Peace Officers to protect us from an over-reaching government. Police - How did this become thisBut can we honestly count on our local law enforcement agencies and their officers to fulfill that role in the future? Or have law enforcement officers become nothing more than thugs for the ruling class?

Well, yesterday while I was doing my research I came across an article dated 5/28/2015 by Redditt Hudson. Here is the opening to the article:

“On any given day, in any police department in the nation, 15 percent of officers will do the right thing no matter what is happening. Fifteen percent of officers will abuse their authority at every opportunity. The remaining 70 percent could go either way depending on whom they are working with.”

And who is Hudson? A retired cop. But it is not his personal opinion, it originates from a theory by K.L. Williams, who has trained thousands of officers around the country in the use of force. Williams is well qualified to preach a credible theory. And here is why this is important…it absolutely fits perfectly with every shred of evidence that I have personally witnessed while working with police. And that is a huge relief to finally have the hard evidence of what is happening that I can finally share. The long list of sources that I have that are in law enforcement have shared tons of information with me but they all refuse to allow me to use their name as sources. This is consistent with the “blue wall of silence.” That wall is what police adhere to when protecting their own from complaints and criminal charges for misconduct.

But let’s return to the percentages that Williams was talking about. 15% of LEOs will do the right thing no matter what. That is awesome! And I am blessed enough to know some that fall within the category. I call them Peace Officers.

Then there is the 15% of LEOs that will abuse at every opportunity. I am glad it is not larger, but I can see that percentage as being accurate. I know a couple of these types of cops, they are hardcore bad apples; criminals by any definition.

Situational Ethics - 70% of cops have no moral or ethical compass.What is of most concern to me is the 70% that “could go either way depending on whom they are working with.” The number of LEOs that will rely on no moral or ethical standard should scare the hell out of you. That means there are some 800,000 LEOs in this country that may kill you, give you a warning ticket, or slam your pregnant wife on the ground because she is black and the cop thinks she disrespected him. The again, he may help your daughter change a tire on the side of the Interstate during rush hour. But you will never know which bi-polar cop will show up that day.

Think about that number…7 out of 10 cops could be an abusive killer cop, or a nice guy to your kid. That means that 7 out of 10 cops you see are completely unreliable and inconsistent in their behavior and treatment of citizens. You have no idea how they will react from one day to the next, or even one traffic stop to the next. Comforting?

So what makes cops like this? Well, lots of reasons I am sure, here are a few that appear to apply:

  1. Low entrance standards. To become a cop there is no mental health standard showing they are good with people or mentally stable enough to handle the job.
  2. Training standards. Cops are extensively trained that everyone is a threat, everyone can kill them, everyone must be subdued mentally and physically. It is a comply or die world to them.
  3. Cops are brainwashed over and over again that they are “heroes” and they risk their lives for their community, that their jobs are dangerous, etc. None of which is even remotely true according to facts and statistics.
  4. Comply or die. Cops are trained from the very beginning that cops are in-charge, that they rule over people in encounters, they everyone must immediately submit to every command, legal or not. Cops see themselves as not required to follow the law as normal citizens do.
  5. It is abundantly clear that LEO agencies are now fully militarized. They use military armored vehicles. They use military weapons. They use military clothing and other personal equipment. They speak military terminology. They use military command structure. They employ military tactics. Police are fully militarized.
  6. Soldier to Cop. While it may appear at first that veterans make good cops, I am not so sure. You have men & women who have served in the service, and I am grateful for that service. However, there is a certain mindset that is acquired that may not be the healthiest for being a cop on the street. Being a cop is not combat. Citizens are not the enemy. We are not at war over traffic stops or anything else. I think there should be some serious research done to find out the whole story.

Now, let me use two very recent examples that show cops are racists:

  1. The day before yesterday a picture shows up on the Internet of two Chicago cops posing with high-power hunting Racist Chicago police copsrifles and a black man dressed in deer antlers. The white police officers are showing their “trophy kill” of a black man. Is there any other explanation other than racist views? Of course everyone involved was probably trying to be funny. And if you were 12 or 13 years old it might be marginally acceptable. But, adults, so-called professional law enforcement officers doing this…completely unacceptable. And in this super-charged racial environment those cops knew exactly what they were doing and exactly how it would be received. Intention or not, racism…plain and simple.
  2. Yesterday a video (police body-cam) is released that shows two City of Barstow police officers investigating a report of a altercation. They arrive on scene and speak first with a white, blonde woman. They were very respectful, listened intently, and never asked her for Cops police abuse Pregnant Woman in Barstowidentification. Then they went over to the alleged other person involved in the report. Upon their approach to her the police officers immediately became combative, disrespectful and increased the intensity of the situation. At one point the officer demand that she produce identification. She refuses. California state law states that a person does not have to produce identification to police. The police at this point have not detained her, nor arrested her. Since she is not detained, she turns to walk away while stating her right not to produce identification. At that point the police officers begin to violently assault her trying to place handcuffs on her. They brutally bend her hands and wrists to the breaking point. All the while the woman is telling them she is pregnant. The police officers after hearing that, slam her on the ground belly first. At least one of the officers is kneeling on her back with all of his weight while they continue to contort her arms, hands and wrists to handcuff her. Racism at play? Yes, pure and simple. Well, maybe not entirely. The cops had their egos bruised when the woman exerted her rights. The cops were not going to let some citizen get away with that. Not only an example of racism but of extreme violent police brutality…on a pregnant woman none the less. A pregnant woman!

These are just two of the most recent examples of police racism. But let’s back up for a minute, I want to share what Hudson wrote in his article about racism in police departments.

“It is not only white officers who abuse their authority. The effect of institutional racism is such that no matter what color the officer abusing the citizen is, in the vast majority of those cases of abuse that citizen will be black or brown. That is what is allowed.”

seriousserious extreme viscous Police Abuse against pregnant womenAnd he is not alone, there is a long list of current and former law enforcement officers and police organizations who readily admit racism is common and prevalent in the country’s police departments.

Next issue that needs more scrutiny goes beyond the institutionally sponsored racism by police, it is the extreme violence and abuse directed at citizens from the hands of law enforcement officers.

Yesterday there was an article about Justin, a man who was talking about killing himself and was lying in bed with a knife nearby. He had threatened Justin Way Killed by Policeno one, and only made a simple comment about hurting himself. His girlfriend calls a non-emergency line asking for help. Minutes later two heavily armed LEOs show up and order everyone out of the house except the man in distress. Armed with fully automatic assault rifles, they entered the bedroom where the man was lying on the bed. Seconds later they had shot him multiple times killing him. The police officers, true to their training, stated that the drunk sleeping man lying in the bed had attacked them after having threatened the girlfriend. The girlfriend says that her boyfriend never threatened her and never told the police any such thing. The murder scene only had blood and holes in the mattress. The man was shot as he lay in bed attacking no one.A man who needed mental health help not 62gr bullets to the head.

When the girlfriend asked the officers why they just shot him their response to her, “That’s just what we do!”

Here is the “take-away” on this; 1) the girlfriend stated of the police in reference to how they were dressed and how they handled the situation, “I thought they were going into war.” 2) the most important, please read the following…

“In a phone interview with Commander Chuck Mulligan of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, The Daily Beast asked if it was standard procedure to bring assault rifles, but not mental health professionals, to a scene where someone is suicidal.

‘If the deputies feel that that is the appropriate weapon system to use, then yes,’ said Mulligan.”

What I want you to notice is the terminology, “appropriate weapon system.” That is strictly a military term. I want that to sink into your mind for a minute, cops referring to weapons systems… weapons systems. Our police are now fully militarized and see anyone and everyone with a single eye, comply or die. Even those of the weakest among us who need help not death, it is still we are here to kill you not help you.

With all the bad publicity that cops are getting recently what would you think would be their natural reaction as a whole? I would think law enforcement officers around the country would be introspective followed by a massive program to eliminate racism and the extreme violence against citizens. To find out what citizen expectations were of them, to meet the needs of those that they supposedly “serve and protect.”

Well, police are doing the exact opposite. They are claiming that they, the police, are the victims. Yes, you read that correctly – victims.

Baltimore police don't feel respected

Police special interest group representative

Yesterday, a police union (a.k.a. police special interest group spokesman) stated they, police, are not being “respected” and they “are more afraid of going to jail than being shot.” Yes, I can imagine that is the case. Police, for the first time in the history of our country are being held to a standard that demands they not wantonly and freely abuse and kill citizens. Of course they feel afraid to “go to jail.”

And it is the police special interest group in the Baltimore area that made that statement. The same cops that have made public that they have backed off doing their jobs in the Baltimore area. The same cops who are allowing crime, assaults and murder to skyrocket in the community that is trying to hold them accountable. The same cops who have said they feel “under siege” in the Baltimore area.

As well they should, I am sure that all of a sudden being held accountable for their barbarism is disconcerting for a bunch of cops who have gotten away with abuse and murder for decades, if not longer. And in turn, they punish their community by allowing crime to victimize their citizens that they had previously sworn to serve and protect.

The feel they aren’t respected? Should there be any doubt in their minds why they aren’t respected?

But let’s just touch base to see if the cops are lying about the whole respect thing. A Gallop Poll taken just six months ago shows police officers respected by 48% of the country, above clergy. So the cops are lying when they say they are not respected. But, if their current behavior pattern of abusing against citizens continues, then that respect will undoubtedly fall. So why then the statement about not being respected?

Here is the ugly answer from Hudson, “…that officer can always cover himself in the running narrative of heroism, risk, and sacrifice that is available to a uniformed police officer by virtue of simply reporting for duty.” The police talking about not being respected is a master manipulation trick. Cops are trained to manipulate people, they are experts at it. Here we see this sop special interest group representative simply trying to lay a guilt trip on a whole community. But let’s test it…

If people in there community don’t respect them what would be the reason?

  1. Their long documented history of Baltimore Police Department extreme abuse of citizens may be one reason.
  2. The well-documented history of racism in the Baltimore Police Department.
  3. The fact that six Baltimore Police Department were caught on tape violently handling one of their citizens who later was determined by the County Medical Examiner to have been died as a result of homicide.
  4. Or maybe it is the fact that the cops being charged with a long list of crimes are being given far different, special, treatment than any citizen charged with crimes.
  5. Then again, it might be cops charged with crimes are being given hugs as they start the booking process.

Respect is earned not givenNo, there is no doubt in my mind that the cops feel disrespected. And the citizens have every right to not respect their cops; their brutal, violent, abusive cops. Those same cops who are feeling no respect, give no respect to those that swore to serve and protect.

So yesterday I was watching a news program and the segment was on cops admitting that they were now afraid to enforce the law in Baltimore. Really? Let’s look at the two possible answers, “yes” or “no.”

If the cops are speaking truthfully then they are admitting that they are cowards. They are so cowardly that they are afraid of doing their job and cowardly again for allowing their community to be prey of criminals.

If the cops are lying then there is only one possible explanation – they are punishing their community for holding criminal cops accountable for their actions.

So which answer do you want to be true? Do you want the law enforcement officers telling the truth or lying? They can’t have it both ways…truth or lie.

So it may sound like there is a two-tier system of policing and justice in America, yes? Absolutely true!

And once again, look no further than Baltimore with their killer cops. If a citizen was being charged with murder, was known to have multiple guns, was known to have extensive training in how to use those guns and belonged to an organization that was well-known for violence, how would they be arrested, etc.?

I can imagine a SWAT team raid in the middle of the night with flash-bang grenades, trained attack dogs, police helicopters Baltimore Cop who killed freddie gray Gets Hug as he is arrestedflying overhead, multiple police snipers positioned for a head shot and more. Well, not exactly. If it is the gang arresting one of their own. The Baltimore cops that were charged with a long list of crimes, including murder weren’t even handcuffed. And it becomes even more bizarre. As the cop charged with murder was entering the booking are door, other cops hugged him. Yup, they hugged him.

Makes you feel really confident that cops can be objectives, fair, reasonable, and professional. Yes?

So, what does all of this have to do with all the other parts I am written about so far?

It all plays into what is unfolding in the country right this minute. As we speak there are events taking place that will finish the destruction of America.America Is Falling

  1. We are losing around the world economically.
  2. We are losing around the world militarily.
  3. We are fractured as a people as never before.
  4. We have a militarized and violent police.
  5. We have an economy that is in horrible shape.
  6. We have national debt that can never be paid.
  7. We have politicians who regularly lie to us and steal from us with impunity.
  8. Christians are under attack and killed world-wide.
  9. Christians are persecuted and under attack in our own country.
  10. And the majority of Americans feel their children will have it worse than they do.
  11. And our old fashioned Peace Officers are no more. Well, 15% are Peace Officers, the other 85% can’t be trusted to defend us under normal circumstances. They surely can’t be counted on to protect us if times get bad.

So what is going to happen?

Historically speaking, this is what has happened every time a country or empire has been in the situation that we are in now:

  • In every single case they go to war with an external enemy.
  • In every single case they violently and viciously suppress their own people, or sub-group of citizens.
  • In every case their economies completely collapse.
  • In every single case they cease to be a world-power and slip into history’s dust bin
  • But most of all, the average citizen is crushed by their own government beyond comprehension.

And in America, as long as I’ve been alive, its citizens had always turned to the local police men and women to protect them. Those brave men and women with badges would be the force that would stop out of control politicians from hurting them. But that is no more. All the evidence, including from police officers themselves, says they are no longer our protectors, they are the prison keeper. The exception is the 15% that re the good guys, the Peace Officers. But they will be swept out of the way by the dirt-bag cops, especially the feds, in an instant when the time comes.

Do I believe that America will fall and oppress its citizens as it does so? Yes, absolutely. I believe it is happening now. You can’t point to a single statistic or fact to prove otherwise. Not a single one.Wake Up America - before it is too late!

Please wake up!  America is a “police state” and we are ruled over by an “authoritarian government.”

So, now what?

Ah, that is the key. There is virtually nothing you can do about it. The events are in motion at a level far above and single person’s ability to stop. A single person might expedite events unfolding, bit no single person can put the genie back in the bottle for America.

So, now what?

Ah, yes, that is still the key isn’t it? Here are the things that I think you can do to prepare for the future:

  1. Learn to be situationally aware and see things for what they really are. Drop bias and unrealistic visions of current events. Accept reality for what it is.
  2. If you are religious, draw closer to God and His son Jesus Christ. If you are not religious, consider becoming such. It will give you, or should give you, a far different perspective on life.
  3. Draw closer to your family. Create a love and family bond that knows no bounds.
  4. Develop a preparedness plan based on sound priorities and principles.
  5. Work as hard as you can to follow that plan.
  6. Find a place, a community, where you can share common values with other people that have a desire to not only survive what is coming but to also thrive. Without a solid community dedicated to surviving and thriving, you have little chance at making it through what is to come.
  7. Shed Normalcy Bias and be prepared to act when the final event throws the excrement at the fan.
  8. Be alert. Keep calm. Think clearly. Act decisively.

Is there a true sense of urgency to this “warning” I am giving you? Yes!! I implore you to act in the way that is right for you and your family. But start doing it today. Do something, anything. Even if it is only arranging food and gear that you already have. Take inventory. Just please do something to start being prepared.

What is the timeframe for this to all happen? That is not a valid question. Because the accurate answer to that question America Time Is Running Out for Americawould be, “it has already begun.” Yup, it has already begun.

So the real question should be, “when is the tipping point?” Ah, there is a valid question. My answer, “I am not sure.” My gut tells me very soon, maybe within months. I don’t have that crystal ball or some special vision to see the exact “when.” But I can tell you this, I watch this stuff closely from an objective perspective. People count on me to be right about this.

If I call it too soon then people will make inappropriate decision and will suffer. If I am too late calling it, then people may not have enough time to do those things that are needful for them and their family. So it is a fine line I must tread.

That is one of the reasons that I maintain the opinion that “prepping” is not a hobby, it is not some “thing” to do, it is an actual way of life. That way, when the SHTF you are already prepared to some degree because it is just the way you live.

If right now you are not prepared at all I am not sure what to tell you. But I will write an article shortly about a 12-Step Program for beginners. That program will get you started in the right direction. It will only then be a matter of money and time as to how far you get and how prepared you are through that 12-Step Program.

So do I look at this as a “doom & gloom” kind of article that is forewarning of an apocalypse? No. I don’t see it that way at all. Current events and history can speak for themselves. There is a saying, “You can have your own opinion, but not your own facts.”

That is never more evident and more true than what we find ourselves in right now. The facts about our country are plain and obvious. Facts about the world can be seen on any given night in any media form you wish. Just look around you, what does you “gut” tell you? If you are religious, what does that “still small voice” tell you?

I have not told you anything that you don’t already know or “feel.” I am just stating it in my own way, using my own words and the facts as I have researched them. To make myself very clear, here are the current threats that citizens face in America right now that could catastrophically explode on us over night:

  1. War with China. Even George Soros says if we don’t give into them on currency matters China may start a war. And remember, they have weaponized their newly built islands in the China Sea.
  2. American economy. Ever credible expert I am watching, and many less-credible, are all talking right now about the stock market being over-priced, the unsustainable debt, and multiple asset bubbles.
  3. Police state. We are in a police state right now in America and it is getting worse. LEOs and LEO agencies are being challenged like never before. What will their reaction be as this continues? I think we could see even more violence from LEOs as the situation in America continues to worsen.
No Fear - if ye are prepared ye shall not fear

No Panic – No Fear

Should you panic or fear what is happening or what is coming? No, of course not. Look at the top of this page in the picture. Read what it says, “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” It is as true today as it was when it was first said. There is no need for you to fear or panic. Just begin, or continue, to be prepared. Use that same power of “gut” or the “spirit” and learn what you and your family should do. I believe you only have a limited window of opportunity left to prepare, use it wisely.

You can do this, you can succeed, you can prevail, you can survive, and you can thrive!


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6 thoughts on “SitRep (5/31/2015) – Special Edition : Part #2

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  3. We each must have a line that we cannot cross, for all of us should have the integrity of individuality and freedom to say no more at some point. What that point is may vary from individual to individual but it is essential to the long term survival of humanity as a whole. That being said I know there are some good cops, however, those 70% who do nothing are in effect doing something by their very inaction. They are supporting the wrong by not stopping them and by continuing to serve as enforcement of bad laws versus being protectors of regular people and their inherent rights. Notice I didn’t say rights, but inherent rights.

    The inherent right to defense of self, (all cops in NYC, chicago, California, New Jersey, Massachusets and Hawaii, with other possibilities existing are evil by default for having supported laws against this first inherent right)
    The inherent right to freedom of expression without repercussion (all cops who stop others from expressing themselves are by default evil, unless and only unless that expression threatens harm on another)
    The inherent right to choose what path they will follow (religion, all cops who follow laws banning any type of religous expression again as long as that expression doesn’t harm another, are by default evil)
    The inherent right to live life unhindered by another (again same applies, and any cop who serves against this is inherently evil)

    What is essential to understand is that most laws are in some form inherently evil as they counteract our inherent (god given for the religious) rights

    Make sense?

    Love the article brother!


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