BOOK REVIEW : Behavioral Programming by Kelly Alwood

Kevin Reeve

Kevin Reeve

Book Review by Kevin Reeve

Behavioral Programming

by Kelly Alwood

I consider this new book to be a seminal volume in the field of social engineering, not only because my friend Kelly is the author, but because he brings a fresh and long overdue approach to the challenging topic of behavioral programming.

Most of what I have read regarding social engineering is based on a win-lose scenario.  ‘You lose, I win.  I manipulate you into doing something you probably would not do, if I were not working you, and at some future date, you will end up regretting your interaction with me.  Too bad for you, sucker.  I got what I wanted.’  This is short-term thinking.  Besides that, what comes, around goes around.

The Alwood Approach Behavioral Programming is based on a “win-win” paradigm.  In Kelly’s approach, either we both win or there is no deal.  This is not a zero-sum game.  The focus is on establishing relationships that are mutually beneficial.  Long-term relationships are fostered, and the person is willing to interact with you after the initial exchange.

I found this book to be a great addition to my personal library, and I have added the concepts to the social engineering section of the onPoint Tactical Urban Escape & Evasion class. Buy this book!

Behavioral Programming

by Kelly Alwood

Kelly Alwood book Behavioral Programming: The Manipulation of Social Interaction Behavioral Programming works at the most basic natural and subconscious level to program behavior where it begins, in the brain.  What you say, and the context that you say it in has all the meaning.  Your tone of voice may help or hurt your true emphasis on your words, but is not needed at all.  You understand all the books you read without someone reading them to you, and they can to.  This system of psycho-programming is so effective that it works through the air via phone text or email.  Using texting to program someone is like having a wireless router to their head for remote brain hacking.  It gives us the direct access we need to them without actually having to be with them or even see the person.

Kelly Alwood

Nothing out there has been taught like this.  The human brain is a computer, learn to hack that and you can program it to do anything.  Learning the code is the key, and the code is Behavioral Programming.

2 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW : Behavioral Programming by Kelly Alwood

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  2. Sounds like a great book and reflects the mantra of the voluntaryist, eg., those like me. If it is voluntarily agreed on between ALL individuals involved, it is always right. If it is not voluntarily agreed on by all individuals involved it is always wrong.

    Regardless, sounds like another book will be added to my collection soon. I hope it is available digitally as I have converted much of my collection to digital to reduce space taken up in the recent years.



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