SitRep (6/3/2015) – Cops, Dogs, Insurance Fraud, Stingray

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explode

{5/26 - 5/31/2015}


Item #1 –

So we’ve all known for a long time now that police departments and federal law enforcement agencies are income producing organizations. But here is one horrific example of how police departments are targeting low-income people for the sheer purpose of making money off of them. Here is the news article headline that says it all, “The Insurance Scam That’s Fleecing Low-Income Drivers — And How Police Are Making It Worse”

It all started with the COBRA Multijurisdictional Auto Task Force, a coalition of police departments in the Detroit,

Tracy Martin

Victim of insurance companies and the police.

Michigan area. They go around town, targeting cars with auto insurance policy fraud violations. Here’s how it works: shortly after you renew your license plates, the insurance company verifies your insurance coverage to the state.  If you don’t have a valid insurance policy the state assumes you are a criminal and notifies the police in your area. The police get the notification and put you into their database.As they go around town, especially at events where large number of cars are present, they scan license plates for “criminals.” If the police get a hit on a criminal’s license plate they seize the car and send it to auction.

Well, seems that the state has set a policy and informed the police that they don’t tow for insurance violations but the police do it anyways. Why? Because the police department’s jurisdiction gets to keep all the money from the sale of the car at auction.

COBRA Multijurisdictional Auto Task Force.So why is this a bad thing? Well, seems that insurance salesmen will sell these people, mostly lower-income folks, a policy and keep it in-force just long enough for the policy holder (car owner) to get a “proof of insurance” card. At that point the salesmen cancels the policy but continues to collect the premium. It’s called “auto insurance fraud.” And it is made even worse because most states mandate minimum requirements for auto insurance. And as is the case in Michigan, it is extremely expensive so the salesmen make a whole lot of money, the police make a whole lot of money and once again, the common every-day-citizen gets screwed. So rather than the police going after the criminal salesmen, they go after the easy-pickings of those that they are supposed to “serve & protect.”


Item #2 –

Why do cops shoot so many dogs? Really! Seriously! They kill more dogs than scumbag dog fighting rings. While do

Wilie Pete shot 3 times in the back while running away from officers.  6-year old and full of athritis.

Wilie Pete shot 3 times in the back while running away from officers. 6-year old and full of arthritis.

research on the police state and extensive use of over-reaching violence against citizens by police I kept coming upon one article after another where police are shooting family pets is huge numbers. And the scene almost always goes like this: cops are called for some reason, cop shows up, family has pet, pet gets shot. Afterwards the cop says he felt threatened and family and witnesses say the dog was no threat at all and the cop just shot the dog for no reason. Well, when virtually all the stories start showing a regular patter then there is some serious truth going on…one side or another.

Take the case of Erie police officer Jamie Chester who shot and killed a family pet while responding to a call. The family had received a threatening phone call and called 911 asking for help. Officer Chester shows up and kills the family dog as  approached the house. The prosecuting attorney found the officer “justified in using deadly and physical force.” However, the family sued. The Colorado town has agreed to pay a family $40,000 after one of its police officers shot and killed the family pet – a dog witnesses described as lacking any aggressive behavior and was, in fact, chewing a rawhide bone when she was shot. Notice there were multiple witnesses that called the cop a liar. Remember that little fact til the end of the article. So, would the town had paid off the people if the cop would have been in the right? Of course not.

Then thee is the case of police officer Kyle Ferreira. Officer Ferreira responding to a burglar, approached the house, dog was present, cop shot the dog. Cop said he felt “threatened”. All the neighbors testified that the dog had never been aggressive, ever. Oh, other minor facts, the cop was sneaking up on a house, had  not made himself known to the residents. And…the cop was at the wrong address, he was sneaking up on the wrong house, a house that had nothing to do with the call. Cop was exonerated since he felt “threatened” by the presence of the dog.

There is a huge list of similar situations, cops killing the family dog. Natural question, “Why?”  I say it is the same reason that cops are killing thousands of citizens each year, they have been trained that way and they can get away with it. Yup! All the facts and stats show that to be absolute true. The latest statistic shows that a family pet is killed every 98 minutes by police officers. And not a single conviction of animal cruelty. That alone tells you what is happening.

So here are my main “take-away” from this:

1.  How likely do you think those family members will be to call cops for help in the future?
2.  Do those victims of killer cops have more or less respect for cops now?
3.  Do you think any of those cops give a damn that they killed the family pet?

Recently a Baltimore cop was whining that cops aren’t “respected” any more.  Gee, when the facts come out like they are, I wonder why cops are respected as they once were? Just a thought…quit killing thousands of citizens and thousands of family pets each year would be a good start.

<source>    <source>     <source>

Item #3 –

Not only do the Feds collect personal information, data, location information, and cell-phone calls…the locals do it too. Why does that matter? I have a buddy, a friend in most ways, and he loves to tell me that locals won’t be like the Feds, the local cops will always protect the citizens they serve. Ah, lie!

Perfect example, San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department used Stingray technology in at least 300 cases. And the local Stingray technology used secretly by the feds and local police without warrrantscops used it without a warrant and without even telling the a judge. They just employed it and captured the cell phone calls and text messages of hundreds of thousands of people.  Well, actually it got worse than that, the county lawyers working with the county sheriff personnel lied to the courts about their operation.  Well, it actually gets worse than that. Local law enforcement agencies must go through the FBI to gain access to Stingray. And the FBI requires everyone involved to sign a non-disclosure statement…that applies even to the court system. Yup, the FBI requires people to lie when dealing with Stingray. Nice, eh?

So you have the local law enforcement and the FBI withholding information and lying to the courts and judges about how stingray technology workswhat and how they are acquiring mass collections of cell phone calls and text messages without probable cause and without a warrant. This is all being done in secret and in direct violation of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. And not only do they do this in secret, they do it with impunity.

Look up the definition of “police state” and notice the part about “secret police” in that definition. Sad part of all of this, police departments all over the country are doing this every day. They simply no longer care about silly little things like the Constitution.

Interesting side note: San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department is the same department that after capturing a suspect and cops beat suspect after he is restrainedafter he was restrained, six deputies were caught on camera viciously beating him, beating him almost to death. How proud and safe does that make you folks in San Bernardino County feel this morning when you woke up?


Item #4 –

The number of citizens killed by police are running twice the average. And that number is suspected by local experts KillerCop1and the FBI to actually only be half of the true number of people killed by cops.

And here is an interesting FACT for the charge of racism against cops. Two-thirds of all unarmed people killed by cops are black. But blacks are KillerCop3only about 13% of the entire population. So an an unarmed BLACK person is 5 times more likely to be killed by police than a white person. That is a fact, period. So what does that now say about the denial by cops being racist? <read what the cops say about racism here>

Yeah, racism exists, but the bigger problem…is the slaughter of people by cops. Especially the outright murder of

Man shot 5 times in the back, once behind the left ear. He was unarmed and had his back to the cop.

Man shot 5 times in the back, once behind the left ear. He was unarmed and had his back to the cop.

people who are unarmed by killer cops. That is the biggest problem…and the fact that cops almost always get away with it.

There is no true tracking of murders by cops by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency but the latest numbers show that at least 2 – 4 people a day are being killed by police, many of those are unarmed folks. How’s that “protect & serve” working for us?  All a cop has to do is say he “felt threatened” or “thought the suspect had a gun” and it is his get-out-of-jail card. Strangely enough…those very things are taught extensively in police training classes.


Summary –

Please think, reason, use logic, break the mold, disavow Normalcy Bias, understand the reality around you in your own country.

Ayn Rand







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