SitRep (6/4/2015) – Freedom Act, Patriot Act

! They are lying to us about the Freedom Act !

Freedom Act is a lie and unconstitutionalA couple days ago I wrote about how the government agencies and President were lying about the Patriot Act. It was all about the big-government statists & anti-Constitution crowd wanting the power to spy on all Americans. Well, once they saw that the Patriot Act wasn’t going to pass, and that people were fed up with “big brother,” they went with the Freedom Act. And the Freedom Act is just another big-government spying program…and they are lying about it. Surprise, surprise!

Patriot Act is a lie and unconstitutional Leave it to our Congressional politicians, that love “power,” to act in the exact opposite of what is best for American citizens and the Constitution. And they are doing that while wrapping themselves in the flag of patriotism with the Freedom Act. Problem is, the Freedom Act is anything but freedom, it is about the ability for big-government to continue its control and power over the American people through extensive spying programs and secret courts.

One of the key points that is absolutely unacceptable is the use of secret courts vs. the Constitutionally required legal/court system. The Freedom Act, as did the Patriot Act before it, continues to support the use of the FISA court system. The FISA court system is a highly secret court system that is unconstitutional in every sense of the word. And not only is it unconstitutional, it is one of the primary signs of a “police state” and an “authoritarian government.”

With the Patriot Act, the NSA and FBI used it as authorization to do bulk data collection, spying, on American citizens. That is in direct conflict with the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. Several Federal District Courts ruled that to be illegal and not covered by the Patriot Act. The Freedom Act has specific language in it that says that the NSA and FBI can in-fact do bulk data collection, spying (the warrantless electronic surveillance), on all American citizens. And even in the face of the FBI admitting last month that not a single terrorist case was cracked using data collected under the Patriot Act.

So ask yourselves, “why would they want to authorize a program that proved to be ineffective 100% of the time against terrorism?”

The Freedom Act also allows the Federal Bureau of Investigation to insert vulnerabilities into encryption on mobile FBI2devices. That means they can, without court authorization, without a warrant, install software or hardware on any communications device of anyone anywhere in the US. And they can do so without permission from a judge, without a warrant, and in direct violations of the Fourth Amendment.

The hardcore anti-Constitution crowd was bragging about how the Freedom Act prevented the NSA from storing all that electronic data. Yeah, hold on a second. The Freedom Act requires, by law, that the phone companies, etc. must store that data. And here is the key, all the spy agencies can access that data without a warrant or court order. So there is no difference between the Patriot Act and the Freedom Act other than there the data is stored.

The Freedom Act still allows for “administrative subpoenas” by the good ol’ FBI. Those subpoenas authorize the FBI to access any data, any information, any search, anything about anybody anytime they want without court oversight, without a court order PoliceState9and completely by-passing the Constitution. Ask yourself, “Why would a government law enforcement agency want to intentionally by-pass the Constitution, the court system, and the legal system?”

And there is specific language in the Freedom Act that insulates all commercial electronic information providers (i.e. phone companies, Internet providers) from any legal liability for their participation in illegal acts, unconstitutional searches and seizures in conjunction with the government’s operations. Ask yourself, “Why would the federal government put that language in the Freedom Act if what they were doing was legal and Constitutional?”

And one last word…All along, the NSA and FBI have lied to us about what they have been doing with the Patriot Act. It wasn’t until they caught the NSA Director lying under oath to congress that the real truth began to come out. And then Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the deep ugly truth about the NSA and FBI horrific spy programs against Americans.

The Patriot Act and the Freedom Act are neither patriotic nor an act on behalf of a freedom loving people. The Patriot Act, and now BigBrother1the Freedom Act, are nothing more that crutches to support a police state. A police state that is meant to control average Americans.

We were lied to about the Patriot Act by those in Washington who wish to maintain power and control, nothing has changed with the Freedom Act.

Remember, without either the Patriot Act and the Freedom Act all law enforcement agencies, including the NSA & FBI, can do their job and investigate terrorism and terrorist just fine. And they can do so completely legal (i.e. within the Constitution). So the real question is, “Why would the FBI & NSA want all these powers that are outside of the normal legal and courts system? Why would they purposely want powers that are outside of the Constitution?”

Now you know what they are really after.

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