Brand New Website Page !

I have been running a series of “Things that make my head explode” posts with several more already completed and Important things that make my head explodescheduled for posting. I have also written several “warnings” lately as well. I though it was time to time to create a page to act as an “index” for those postings to make it easier for folks to access them.

In the next week I will also modify that new page to contain and index key of topics to make it even easier to find articles/postings that are of interest to you.

So why the “Exploding Head” page at all?

Sometime ago I was thinking to myself as I read the news online that my head will explode. Yeah, kind of melodramatic. My point is that the news doesn’t match the Normalcy Bias almost everyone suffers from. But people, facts in front of them, are still suffering from, stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodestill living in, and believing in, some fantasy world. My frustration became so great that I just visualized my head exploding.

So I thought I would just bring to light some of the things that I feel are of extreme importance


Exploding Head page < click here >

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