SitRep (6/14/2015)

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explode

{6/7 - 6/11/2015}


Item #1 –

Former Baltimore police officer and Maryland State Trooper Neill Franklin Former Baltimore police officer and Maryland State Trooper Neill Franklin explains the voluntary police slowdown. Remember this quote from Baltimore police union rep, “We’re afraid of being prosecuted more than being shot for doing our job and for making a mistake.” Neil Franklin explains it quite clearly, “Nowhere in this country do you see police officers being prosecuted inappropriately or even charged for making mistakes while doing their job. If you do your job according to the law, policy and training, you have nothing to fear.”

That lays the horrific increase in murder and crime at the feet of police for intentionally and purposely not doing their job. Sure, the criminals are committing the crimes, but police are intentionally allowing it to happen.

Franklin goes on to explain the situation between citizens and police, “We have nothing in the bank right now in law enforcement from the community. We’ve mistreated residents, we’ve mistreated citizens, abused them — we’ve used foul language, we just treat them inappropriately and so now even when we do make a mistake, we just don’t have the support of the community and there is no transparency.”

Franklin continued, “We’re not used to seeing this, we’re not used to seeing police officers being treated as citizens when it comes to this sort of thing. She [Marilyn Mosby] did nothing different than if it were an average citizen or group of citizens who allegedly committed a crime.”

Summary – The cops don’t like being held accountable for the crimes and abuse they commit each and every day.


Item #2 –

Army Lt. Col. Jason AmerineHighly decorated Army Lt. Col. Jason Amerine, Special Forces, brought a problem to Congress; he was exposing the Obama Administration problems about negotiating with terrorists and recovering hostages.  You would think he would be hailed as a hero for trying to set the record straight and making efforts to fix a horrifically broken system put into place by Obama, right?

Nope! So the President doesn’t like having his faults exposed, his trading an Obama a dictatorarmy deserter for 5 really, really, bad terrorists. The trade being 100% illegal since the President completely violating the law when by-passed Congress. But that didn’t stop the lawless President Obama.

Lt. Col. Jason Amerine in Afghanistan

Lt. Col. Jason Amerine in Afghanistan

So what is happening to Amerine now? Well, magically the FBI and the Army Criminal Investigation Command are investigating Amerine and he is being forced into retirement. So you have the military and the FBI committing a “retaliatory investigation” which is a clear violation of Army police and the law. And “why” exactly again are they doing this? Because a brave man tried to do the right thing and expose this petty Dictator Obama for who he is. So you cross Obama and he will bring the full weight of the federal government against you.

No surprise, we’ve seen this over and over again for the last seven years. Yes, sir…a police state to be sure.


Item #3 –

Spying on american citizens by the NSA and the FBI“In mid-2012, Justice Department lawyers wrote two secret memos permitting the spy agency to begin hunting on Internet cables, without a warrant and on American soil, for data linked to computer intrusions…” Of course all of this was to be done without warrants and outside the bounds of the Fourth Amendment.

More Snowden documents show that Obama Administration (DOJ) authorized and directed the NSA to by-pass Congress and public scrutiny, even operate outside of the Patriot Act.

But here is the major point that all Constitution loving Americans should understand…the ObamaCartoon1Obama Administration order brought the NSA into a “law enforcement role” in direct violation of the law. The NSA is not supposed to be, by law, a law enforcement agency. The disclosure that the NSA and the FBI have expanded their cybersurveillance adds a dimension to a recurring debate over the post-Sept. 11 expansion of government spying powers.”

For a President that continually brags about “transparency” he is the most secretive President ever to occupy the White House, rarely revealing anything he and his administration is doing. For good reason, it is unconstitutional.

Once again, thank you Mr. Snowden for exposing just how out of control this government is and how they have to intention of abiding by the Constitution.


Item #4 –

Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts“Baltimore police are seeking more federal help in the face of a sharp upturn in murders fueled by drug turf wars, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said on Wednesday. (6/3)”

Yup! You read that right. The same Baltimore Police Department who have admitted that their officers are not doing their job. The same department whose union rep says the officers will not do their job. The same officers who are punishing their own citizens by not going after the murderers and other criminals in their city. The same officers who now want more money from the federal government.

Is this some parallel universe? This is the same police department that stood by and allowed 27 pharmacies and two methadone clinics to be looted of all their drugs. And now they want money to help clean up the mess they allowed to take place?  Absurd!!

The police themselves are stating that Baltimore police were “in a stage of frustration and anger.” Of course they are! For the first time in their city’s history they were held accountable for the murder of one of their citizens in which six cops participated in. They don’t want to be held accountable for their actions…hence, the cop’s anger and frustration.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-BlakeAnd while the city falls apart, their citizens murdered, and crime goes past historic levels, what is the Baltimore mayor doing? “Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake met on Wednesday (6/3) with U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez to discuss summer youth jobs.”

Gotta make you feel good about Baltimore! Resident are being murdered, crime is rampant, police are falling apart at the seems and not doing their jobs, drugs are everywhere…and the mayor is talking about jobs for kids this summer. And people wonder why this country is falling apart.



Summary –

Please think, reason, use logic, break the mold, disavow Normalcy Bias, understand the reality around you in your own country.








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