The Basics of Basics…

I have done a whole lot of articles in the last seven months on emergency preparedness. I’ve gone into significant detail on types of disasters, emergies, emergency grid-downwhat to do to prepare for emergencies, disasters and “grid-down.” But I thought it might be a good idea to review the very basics of preparedness. In other words, how to minimally prepare for any disaster, emergency or grid-down.

For those of you living the preparedness lifestyle this may seem way too simple and basic. That’s OK, use this article as a kind of review or a reality check on how you are doing. But here goes…

There is a wide variety, almost and endless list, of emergencies, disasters and occurrences that could lead to a “grid-down” event. But amazingly, they all fundamentally present the same threats in the same priority order. There is a priority setting methodology out there that is universal to planned events and emergency incidents, L.I.P.S. And if properly used, it will never ever let you down or lead you astray. Here are the basics to L.I.P.S….

LIPS L.I.P.S. emergency disaster grid-down priority setting priorities

  • Life Safety : The #1 priority during any incident or event is life safety; protecting people from death or injury, in that order.
  • Incident Stabilization : Don’t make an incident worse than it already is. The disaster is already bad, something has gone wrong; don’t do anything that will make it worse.
  • Property Conservation : Don’t destroy anything you don’t have to. during a disaster or an emergency don’t damage or destroy any resource (or potential resource) you don’t have to, you might need later.
  • Societal Restoration : That’s a mouthful but you just want to put everything back the way it was (preferably better) before the disaster or emergency occurred. The concept is to return your family’s daily life to the original or better condition as soon as it is reasonable to do so.

Based on the proven system of priority setting, the universal threats that exist in each and every disaster, emergency and especially during “grid-down” are:

Basics Threats during disasters, emergencies, grid-downYes, these threats are common to all emergencies and disasters. They are probably most prevalent during a “grid-down,” especially the threat of violence and lack of organization. So what is the solutions? Actually, the better question would be what are the solutions?

Solution solutions for emergencies emergency disaster grid-downThose are some pretty broad solutions. Yes, it was intended that way. Remember, this is an article about the basics.disaster emergency grid-down basics - defense

The #7- #9 shot is for shooting small game if needed. The small game snares listed later are the preferred option of acquiring small game for food.

disaster emergency grid-down basics - medical

disaster emergency grid-down basics - communications


disaster emergency grid-down basics - shelterREVIEW – TENT: The Bunker by Snugpack

I truly hope that you have found this article useful. There are almost 300 preparedness articles on this website to help guide you through getting your family prepared for whatever emergency, disaster or “grid-down” event my strike. But most of all I would like to encourage you to do two things if you haven’t already:

  1. Start doing something.  Yes, simply get started and then do a little bit each day or each week. But start.
  2. Reach out to others near you.  Yes, I want you to find others that think that it is important to become prepared for what is to come. And it will come, I assure you of that. And when it does you have a far, far better chance of survival if you are with like-minded people.

You Can Do This - you can do it - you can become prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down


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