SitRep (6/20/2015) – Police Abuse & FBI Corruption

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explode

{6/12 - 6/19/2015}


Item #1 –

Police in Chicago shoot a teenager 16 times, 9 of those shots were in the back. By itself there doesn’t seem to be too Chicago Cops murder another teenagermuch wrong, except the police shooting him in the back NINE times. But let’s look into this just a bit more:

police murder McDonald another teeneager1.  Police won’t release police car dash cam video of the incident.

2.  Police confiscated video footage from the security camera where the shooting took place. The video showed the entire shooting incident. Ah, one minor detail you need to know about…the police erased the hour-long segment that contained the actual shooting.

3.  No gun, knife or other weapon was found on the scene.

“Jay Darshane, the District Manager for Burger King said that after the murder, a number of police officers entered the store and demanded the passwords to his security system and access to the security footage. Three hours later the police left, but the crucial video evidence was missing.

“We had no idea they were going to sit there and delete files. I mean we were just trying to help the police officers,” Darshane said.”

Dirty cops committing crimes, killing people and getting away with it.  Will it ever end?


Racist Chicago police copsNote: This is the same police department that posted pictures of their officers that gained nation-wide attention…very negative, racist,  nation-wide attention.

The Chicago Police Department, like all police departments have significant and serious problems with not only abuse of citizens, but the outright murder of those they have sworn to “protect & serve”…including killing teenagers, our children. And they are showing that they also have a significant racism problem as well.

Item #2 –

Criminal cops strike again!  Police in Santa Ana, California dressed up like terrorists (ski masks and all) to raid a Criminal Cop raid Marijuana Dispensary, Destroy Surveillance Equipment, Eat Pot Brownies, Joke About Assaulting Amputeemedial marijuana shop. Once there they pushed people around and proceeded to disable and confiscate all the video recording equipment…so they thought. What it shows next is maybe the cops real intent of the raid, the cops proceed to party on the pot edibles. Yup, these police officers, sworn to uphold the law, are caught on camera eating the pot brownies and just about everything else laced with marijuana in the shop. And then their true nature comes out. A cop then makes a comment how she Criminal Cop raid Marijuana Dispensary, Destroy Surveillance Equipment, Eat Pot Brownies, Joke About Assaulting Amputeewould love to kick Marla James, a marijuana activist, “in the nub.” Now, if you want to understand the entire meaning and intent of that fine police officer you have to understand that Marla James is an amputee and “nub” means the stump of the limb that was amputated.

Yeah, really, really, nice cops you got there Santa Ana, California.  And tell me again how these cops don’t spend the rest of their lives in prison for conducting a violent raid with Criminal Cop raid Marijuana Dispensary, Destroy Surveillance Equipment, Eat Pot Brownies, Joke About Assaulting Amputeehigh-powered weaponry, steal and eat drug-laced food, become “under the influence” and threaten disabled citizens with abuse?????  Seriously, tell me how these cops are nothing more than criminals with badges…and they are the worst kind!  Oh, yeah, I forgot to add…they also attempted to destroy all the evidence of their crimes. Any regular citizens would spend the rest of their lives in prison. But I doubt these cops will even get fired let alone go to jail. Why? California loves its big-government police state.


Item #3 –
Criminal lemonade stand operation in Overton, Texas

Criminal lemonade stand operation in Overton, Texas

So, lately there have been a lot of cops, especially police leadership, talking about people not respecting cops enough.Well, here is yet another in a long list of answers “why” and then you can figure it out for yourself.

Overton, Texas has one of the sharpest, most focused crime-fighting police forces in the nation. No,not drug dealers. No, not rapists. No, not violent gang activity. The police in Overton are all about busting 8-year old and 10-year old girls running…of all things…evil, wicked lemonade stands!!!!   Yes, the evil and neighborhood destroying lemonade stand!

Police Chief Clyde Carter Overton, Texas

Police Chief Clyde Carter Overton, Texas

Yeah, this absolutely asinine, insane cop shuts down a lemonade that two sisters (8 & 10) were hosting trying to raise money to buy their dad a Father’s Day present. But nooooooooooooooooo, the long arm of the law in Overton is having none of that criminal activity in their community. So the girls had to hut it down or risk getting arrested.

So, why was the lemonade stand illegal? Because the two little girls hadn’t applied for the mandatory $150 city permit and the state health inspection. Yup, it’s all about money and power with governments. Governments no longer “serve” they “rule.” And in Overton, as everywhere else, cops are the thug

Police Chief on TV vowing to all crush illegal lemonade stands in his town.

Police Chief on TV vowing crush to all illegal lemonade stands in his town.

enforcers it seems. And it appears that the cops really enjoy it…even when it comes to crushing 8 & 10 year old little girls. Those cops must be so very proud of themselves as well as their mothers knowing what fine young men their cop sons have grown up to be.


Do cops really wonder why they are losing the respect of citizens?

Do they? Really? Seriously?

Item #4 –

Almost a year ago the FBI released an official report that went into detail about how mass shootings are on the rise The 2014 FBI report lied about mass shootingsand the sky is falling and that…   Well, you get the point. Here is a little tidbit…

“The FBI counted 160 “mass” or “active” shootings in public places from 2000 to 2013. Worse, it said these attacks rose from just one in 2000 to 17 in 2013.”

The 2014 FBI report lied about mass shootings for anti-gun agendaWell, only one minor, small, insignificant problem…the FBI lied through its teeth to all of us. Just some of us know that is all the FBI is capable of. Turns out it was all motivated by a political agenda with the FBI as the lead federal agency promoting the anti-gun White House agenda.

On June 11th, the Wall Street Journal broke the story and last week, the two authors of a study the FBI released on September 24, 2014, the fbi continues to lie and deceiveadmitted they “got it wrong” when they “reported mass shootings were on the rise” in America. That is government-speak for they got caught lying.

The two criminals working for the FBI, Blair and Martaindale, stated Because official data did not contain the information we needed, we

Dr. Blair Director of Research for the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center

Dr. Blair Director of Research for the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center

had to develop our own. Yup, you read that right! Because the facts didn’t match the FBI’s agenda the two writing the report lied but creating data out of thin air. Where I come from that is called lying.

Mr. Martaindale Research Assistant for the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center

Mr. Martaindale Research Assistant for the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center

And tell me again…Why are cops saying that people don’t respect them enough?  Is any level of government, especially the FBI, capable of ever telling the truth about anything?

Seriously, can you imagine if a regular citizens lied to the FBI during an investigation? That person would be in prison so fast their head would spin. But the FBI lying to the American public, again, is perfectly acceptable. I guess it is because the FBI does it so regularly, no one expects anything different.

<source>   < source >


Summary –

Please think, reason, use logic, break the mold, disavow Normalcy Bias, understand the reality around you in your own country.

Then prepare for when it gets so much worse.








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6 thoughts on “SitRep (6/20/2015) – Police Abuse & FBI Corruption

  1. Note: The police in Overton have admitted there was no reason to shut the lemon aide stand down. #1. there is an exception to the health inspection and the permit. # 2. in reaction to the illegal closing of the stand, the girls have received over a $1000 from the citizens of Overton.


    • Great information! And since there is an “exception” as you stated, then the police officers that shut down the stand should be charged with the applicable crime (i.e. unlawful arrest, etc.). Police should not be exempt from the law that they make others comply with. But unfortunately, LEOs are mostly exempt from the very same laws that they force on others. LEOs are part of the ruling class in this country.


  2. “I have been criticized by referring to our federal masked men as ‘ninja’ … Let us reflect upon the fact that a man who covers his face shows reason to be ashamed of what he is doing. A man who takes it upon himself to shed blood while concealing his identity is a revolting perversion of the warrior ethic. It has long been my conviction that a masked man with a gun is a target. I see no reason to change that view.”
    Col. John Dean “Jeff” Cooper

    “The conclusions seem inescapable that in certain circles a tendency has arisen to fear people who fear government. Government, as the Father of Our Country put it so well, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. People who understand history, especially the history of government, do well to fear it. For a people to express openly their fear of those of us who are afraid of tyranny is alarming. Fear of the state is in no sense subversive. It is, to the contrary, the healthiest political philosophy for a free people.”
    Col. John Dean “Jeff” Cooper


    • Those quotes are incredible examples of profound wisdom. Unfortunately, those that need to hear them the most and live by them will never read them. And if they did, they would dismiss them as they but on their badge and gun for another shift.


    • Also, for those of you that may not be aware…Col. John Dean “Jeff” Cooper was a United States Marine and then founded the American Pistol Institute (API) in Paulden, Arizona (later the famous Gunsite Academy). Cooper died in 2006. Cooper knew his stuff!


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