When is it time?

I was reading the news online the other day and I came across a great article about a woman (Stevie Marks), who is still Stevie Marks jewish woman evaded capture by nazisalive, that escaped the Nazis and lived to tell about it. Her story was compelling and full of real-life history that is usually not found in books.

She talked about how her family barely missed being captured several times, how family members were bold and brave at times. She also related how twice the Nazis rolled into the town where they were at the Nazis Invade Poland at the start of WWII  WW2time and made examples out of people.

The first time was in her hometown, they woke up one day to German bombers flying overhead and a truck full of Nazi soldiers rolling into the town square. They rousted everyone out of the small village and divided them into two groups, one Jews and the other group were all non-Jews. The Nazi officer picked out ten of the most orthodox Jewish men, they were shot on the spot, in a line, in front of the other villagers.

The next town was in a similar story was told again. But this time NaziShootJewsMs Marks said the story differed just a little. Ten orthodox Jewish men were chosen by the Nazis and they were tied to a truck bumper by their long beards. The ten men were then dragged through the streets behind the truck until they were dead.

I appreciate the woman sharing this deeply moving personal history of the war. It is essential that these more personalized stories be remembered via oral histories. It is easy to read about, or watch movies depicting, the landing in France, the Battle of the Bulge and other major events and people. But it is stories such as Ms Marks that bring to light the utter brutality that some people are capable of. We must never forget what influence a single sociopath leader can have over thugs predisposed to committing violent acts. The results can be the destruction of an entire country.

But here is my number one take-away from the story,

“We kept receiving phone calls from Belgium to come back immediately because the Germans were going to invade. Well, we were dilly dallying and sure enough, we woke up one morning and the bombs were flying.”

Here you had a world on the brink of war, a world going to war. Every single piece of evidence showed that war would break out and the family was warned to leave repeatedly by people who knew what was happening. They had every possible chance to get out before their world fell apart…and they didn’t.

Granted, I am glad that they did make it out alive and lived to tell the story. But they should have listened to that warnings and heeded the quality advice they were given. They suffered from a very bad case of Normalcy Bias and it almost cost them their lives.

What does that have to do with you and I, and prepping?

Bug Out time Family - when is it time to bug outWill you know when it is time to leave? Will you know it is time to save your family from danger? And if you do know it is time to go, will you do it?

Here are some thoughts on preparing for that time:

1 – Think through different scenarios of what you think might happen in the future, maybe tomorrow. Talk about it with your family, not in a “scare the crap out of them” way, but in a way that just brings to light what might occur. Then set “trigger points” of events and what actions you will take to safeguard family members.

2 – Read about what has happened in other countries in regards to their historical events. What actually occurred, what actions did the governments take, what did police do, what happened to the currency, etc. Then read the life stories of those that lived trough it and what they did to survive.

3 – Plan what you and your family will do in the worst-case scenario. Have a couple of alternatives just in case.

But most of all here are two issues that I want you to think about:

  • Don’t panic and don’t fear any event. If you prepare and plan then there is zero reason to fear or panic.
  • Be careful who you talk to about these potential events and what your family’s plans are. Some people might think you are absolutely crazy and treat you that way. Some might actually turn your name over to authorities under the guise of the despotic “See Something, Say Something” program. Or worse yet, when stuff does hit the fan, those people who you told will come to your house expecting to be taken care of. Just think OpSec (Operational Security).

Why do I feel this is important?

sociopath  president declares Martial Law with LEO and military behind himWho knows when we will get a leader of this country who is a megalomaniac sociopath with enough power and balls to move against US citizens. And combine that with enough thuggish LEOs and military to back him up in the final crushing of America. Maybe we are already 99% there.

If you don’t think that could ever happen, think again. In every single historical case, all empires (i.e. the Roman, Greek, British, Japan, United States, etc.) have followed the same path. Every single one, throughout all of history, have done the exact same thing as their empires matured and then fell. Every empire attempted to “crush” their citizens. Why would the US be any different?

In the USA that time will come and I don’t want you to be caught up, frozen in place, by Normalcy Bias. I don’t want you to be caught BugOutAtCabinwithout a plan, without the needed preparations for you and your family to survive.

When it is time to go…go!




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