SitRep (6/29/2015)

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explode

{6/20 - 6/24/2015}


Item #1 –

Remember back a couple of years when the IRS, at the direction of the administration, was targeting IRS targets tea party, conservative groups, don't tread on meConstitutional, Tea Party, and conservative groups? They were not approving their tax exempt status while fast-tracking all liberal and progressive groups. Remember that?

Remember when the IRS administrator, Lois Learner, was called in front of Congress to testify and she Lois Learner IRS congress refuse to testifyrefused? No, she didn’t exercise her 5th Amendment right because she did it incorrectly. She simply refused to answer any questions. Then she was kept on the IRS payroll for a year and was then allowed to retire…remember that?

Remember that the IRS said there was no emails when Congress subpoenaed them? Then to cover-up the illegal actions of the IRS, they destroyed computers and servers and denied that any back-ups of emails existed. Remember that?

Well, the IRS is at it again…with the blessing of the administration. The watchdog working to uncover the “missing” emails was able to identify that the IRS has at least 6,400 emails from Lois Learner, the criminal that IRS told by obama's justice department not to turn over emailsheaded the Obama administration targeting. So Congress demanded that the emails be turned over. Well, the Obama administration had the Justice Department tell the IRS to refuse to turn over the emails.

So we have a crime committing President heading-up a crime committing Justice Department telling the crime committing IRS to NOT turn over evidence of their criminal activities.

So explain to me where the “Justice” is in the Justice Department?  And isn’t the FBI a part of the Justice Department?

So you have a multi-departmental government criminal operation running under the direction of the Obama Obama administration department of justice IRS conspiring against us citizens for political gainadministration. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy about what our government is doing to us?

And remember, the Attorney General, head of the Department of Justice, is the chief law enforcement officer in the nation. And remember, the FBI, is supposed to be the premiere law enforcement agency in the nation. Sure makes you feel great about the state of law enforcement in the country….doesn’t it.


Item #2 –

Speaking of emails, corrupt politicians and the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton…

“House GOP Benghazi investigators have discovered 60 new Libya communications between Sidney Blumenthal and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

Hillary Clinton refuses to turn over Benghazi emailsSo once again we have a known criminal, Hillary Clinton, continuing to avoid accountability for her participation in the deaths of  U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Benghazi - Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen DohertyStevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith. Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty, former Navy SEALS were also killed in the attack trying to defend the compound and the Ambassador.

Hillary Clinton has refused to turnover emails that she illegally sent from and stored or her personal email server. That server was set-up in direct violation of US law. She later destroyed the server and all emails that Hillary Clinton criminalwould be potentially used in her criminal prosecution.

And this is a woman that 40+% of the country would elect as the next President. Amazing! But then again, democrats, liberals and progressives only care about forwarding their radical extremist agenda for America. And, many republicans are not far behind them.

< source >

Item #3 –

Speaking of corrupt and immoral people…What was President Obama doing right after the horrific race-based Murders at Charleston churchmass murder in Charleston, South Carolina?

Well, Obama did the same thing he always does after every major horrific event in America since he took office…he does a fund raiser and goes golfing. Correction, this time Obama did two Obama goes golfing and fund raising after mass murder at charleston, sc churchfund raisers immediately after the mass murder in a church, of black parishioners, attending a Bible study, by a white racist trying to start a race war.

Of course Obama could have been doing other things such as; 1) meeting with our country’s leadership to come up with a reaction to help stem these events, 2) could have met with black leaders to work toward consoling members of the black community in such evil times, 3) he could have attended a special church service honoring those blacks that died, or, 4) he could have gone to Charleston and met with the families of the slain Christians.

Obama12But sadly, our Commander-In-Chief, our national leader, the man at the head of the free world chose to do what? Golf with his buddies while raising money for political allies.

Sad. Pathetic. Immoral. And all too normal for this man called Obama.

< source >

Item #4 –

Here is an interesting headline that I read recently –

Marco Rubio wants to build a country where regular Americans have a harder time bouncing back from their mistakes

Marco RubioYou would naturally think it was a hit piece on a Republican by a radical left-wing media outlet. You would be wrong! Well, kind of wrong at least. That headline came from the Business Insider website. So it sounds like Business Insider, a business website (hence, conservative entity) is doing the hit piece of Rubio. But you have to look at where the article comes from.

You look closely and the article originated from And if you are not aware of you should Jamelle Bouie. Bouie is a "fellow" at The Nation Institute slate.combe. is a radical left-wing website advocating the communist agenda. And the author of the article on Rubio is Jamelle Bouie. Bouie is a “fellow” at The Nation Institute and he graduated with degrees in political and social thought, and government. What? are those actual degree programs in today’s world?

So you have a Marxist writing for a Communist agenda website about a Republican. Yeah, how is that gonna turn out for Rubio? But back to the headline. It would make you think that Rubio wants to put all financially struggling people in prison or something. The article that this weirdo Bouie writes talks about Rubio’s personal financial struggles. Hey, flash message, everyone ow has had financial problems of one kind or another. That makes Rubio a little more real in my book.

And what was Rubio promoting to warrant such a reaction from the leftist Bouie? Rubio wants to; 1) reduce the national budget deficit, 2) reduce the national debt, 3) reduce government handouts, 4) get people working. Wow! The very thought that Rubio wants to do such things is horrific!!!  Well, at least to people like Bouie who won’t be happy until America is a Marxist state.

As we move deeper into the dark hole of American history please read carefully everything online or in print. When you see a headline read past it, investigate it and figure out what is really going on. Don’t be fooled by those with an agenda that is against what you know to be right.

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Summary –

Please think, reason, use logic, break the mold, disavow Normalcy Bias, understand the reality around you in your own country.

Then prepare for when it gets much worse.








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