SitRep (7/1/2015) – Re-Education Program of Civilians Taking place by Utah Cops

As you well know by now I believe the #1 threat facing America is the existence of, and growing, police state. Any Utah Police Introduce Programs to "Reeducate" Civilianshonest person understands the police state that exists in America at this point and time, the facts speak clearly to that point. And the same is true for the fact that the police state is growing and strengthening. I have pointed out that your are far, far more likely to be shot and killed by a cop in the USA than killed by a terrorist; almost 15 times more likely.

You also know that cops are killing and maiming our children at an alarming rate. I have an upcoming article (July 6th) that exposes the horrendous statistics and examples of cops killing our children. Cops killing disabled people is even exponentially higher than the average person murdered by cops. Being murdered by cops is an out-of-control problem in this country, it is well documented and of epidemic proportions. Current and formed cops are now stepping forward to validate and verify all these horrible facts and statistics. Even cops claiming their job is dangerous has proven to be factually a lie. Being a cop barely rates in the top 50 most dangerous jobs in America (#47). When you back out death from them not taking care of their own health and their traffic accidents they barely break the top 100 most dangerous jobs in America. So their propaganda is starting to fall apart.

If you were a reasonable, rational human being you would think that police and citizens would come together to Utah Police Introduce Programs to "Reeducate" Civilianssolve the problem. That makes the most sense. The fact that there is a problem is clear and fact-based, there is no doubt about it. You would think that those who have sworn to “protect & serve” would relish the opportunity to work with their community and those elected officials that they answer to. Yes, you would think that…but sadly that is not the case. Today I will share with you an example from Salt Lake, Utah and how the cops have implemented a “re-education” program for civilians. And no, that term “re-education” is not my term, that is the exact words that the cops in Salt Lake are using.

But before I present the article that is the object of this post, let me share a few interesting facts about police in Utah:

  • Utah police are the 2nd leading cause of death of Utah residents since October 2010,
  • They are ahead of gang and drug killings,
  • Second only to domestic violence
  • Just one killing led to criminal charges – and case was thrown out by judge
  • Report was compiled from new articles and public statistics by Utah paper

* < source >

And you should know by now where the term “re-educate” comes from.first understand the definition of the word “re-educate” –

To rehabilitate, retrain, and to educate again to remove bad practices/behavior. Most closely associated with political indoctrination.

And to understand the bigger picture all a person has to do is look for the origin of the term in today’s context. Utah Police Introduce Programs to "Reeducate" CiviliansObama’s mentor and close friend, as well as rabid ultra-violent Marxist, Bill Ayers advocated not only “re-education” but camps for those that didn’t support their new police state.

And article appeared on June 28th that I will reprint in its entirely. I will then post my point at the end of the article.

Utah Police Introduce Programs to "Reeducate" Civilians

(TFCSalt Lake City, Utah – The Utah Fraternal Order of Police hosted an event for more than 70 law enforcement agencies. The local media dutifully touted it as a way to reduce violence and some form of community outreach, apparently they didn’t examine the message very closely. The propaganda effort is, unsurprisingly, being conducted in a state where cops kill more people than drug dealers or gang bangers. It’s being conducted in a city that had a DA elected after promises of holding police to account for their actions. There has not been a single conviction.

The premise behind the program is as Stalinesque as they come. The advertising for the program paints it as Utah Police Introduce Programs to "Reeducate" Civilians "why'd you stop me"something that helps officers and the community step into each other’s shoes. However, rather than address the fact that officers consistently use excessive force, it’s designed as a mobile reeducation center to convince people to “play the yes sir, no sir game” when dealing with officers. In other words, comply or die. For officers, the training revolves around attempting to alter the community’s perception of excessive force, rather than actually stopping it. During the class in Utah, officers were advised to go to neighbors after they bust down a door to execute a search warrant to explain why it was done. Nothing says “safe community” like terrorizing one family with a no-knock raid and then going and knocking on all the doors in the neighborhood to confront those families and scare them as well. More importantly, what are the officers going to say? It’s doubtful they will act with a presumption of innocence and therefore open the department up to a lawsuit.

The speaker at the event said, “Who is going to re-educate people who have been educated in a negative way? You!” Yes, it really is designed as a reeducation program.

The name of the organization is “Why’d You Stop Me.” There’s a 17-minute commercial available on YouTube that Utah Police Introduce Programs to "Reeducate" Civilians "why'd you stop me"showcases some of the advice they are giving to kids who endure the reeducation program. Even in the video designed to make the organization look as if it is something other than a propaganda effort, the one-sided message provided by the organization that incorporates “the thin blue line” into its logo is apparent.

The video starts by displaying a badge wrapped with the “thin blue line,” which has become synonymous with police cover-ups, brutality, and misconduct. It then shows a series of clips of officers being beaten or shot. Then after endorsements from a bunch of members of the thin blue line, it displays: “121 Police Officers died in 2014 while protecting the communities they serve.”

With all of the images of violence, the message is clear: 121 cops were killed by criminals last year alone. Of course, that isn’t anywhere near the truth. According to the ODMP (the cited source in the video), the actual number of line of duty deaths was 134. However, they weren’t all beat to death or gunned down by merciless criminals. 2 were killed by other cops, 19 had heart attacks, 7 died from a “9/11 related illness,” 41 were killed in car accidents of some sort, and so on. Less than half of that number were actually killed by the actions of criminals. There’s no telling how many were killed during excessive force scenarios they provoked or by conducting no-knock raids against people that would have otherwise been nonviolent.  It makes no mention of the number of unarmed civilians killed by cops during the same year. It makes no mention of the number of people killed by cops at all. That number is 1104. Seems like it would be worth mentioning that cops are killing civilians at a ratio of 20:1.

At 8:21 in the video the speaker states: “If you guys act respectfully, you get through that contact alive.” Seems to Utah Police Introduce Programs to "Reeducate" Civilians "why'd you stop me"me that simply being unarmed should be enough to get through the contact alive. Just like World War II propaganda films, it shows successful conversions of people that didn’t respect police officers, who now say they do. They must be very proud to be able to trick a child from an underfunded inner-city school by feeding them lies and half-truths, but what is going to happen when that child sees a cop beat someone to death because they weren’t acting respectfully?

The primary speaker is obviously some form of social worker, anthropologist, or psychologist, right? Nope. He’s a cop. He works for Long Beach Police Department. He’s a member of the thin blue line. Why should we have expected anything else?

Why does Utah need some form of propaganda effort to reeducate the population? It probably has something to do with the fact that becoming a homicide victim at the hands of police is the most likely way of becoming a homicide victim in the state except for domestic violence, but we don’t have the numbers to determine how many domestic violence victims were killed by partners who are law enforcement. A cursory search found at least 4.

One Utah incident that has made headlines recently because the cop taunted the family of the unarmed man he killed is the case of Joey Tucker. Tucker was in some form of medical or emotional distress when an officer shot him three times. Even though the video clearly shows the officer’s statements to be false, and the new DA, Sim Gill, campaigned on holding police accountable and once wrote a paper lamenting the law enforcement community’s practice of not properly investigating crimes, no charges have been filed. Two videos of Tucker’s execution and screenshots of the Facebook conversation in which the cop says the son’s life was only worth $100,000 are available here.

Welcome to a society that will allow the population to be reeducated to accept brutality and violence, rather than ending it. We are headed to a hellish future where the security services of the United States are permitted to behave as judge, jury, and executioner while the public is expected to cheer at their own executions.

I hope you were able to stomach the article’s content. I got physically ill when I read it and it saddened me. But I am not surprised at all.  So, my points are:

  1. Utah police training with grenade launchers

    Utah police training with grenade launchers

    Understand the Fraternal Order of Police is not a benevolent association of police officers. It is a “special interest group committed to one thing and one thing only…the advancement of police power.

  2. The cops identify the problem as NOT their actions in anyway shape or form. They lay all the blame on citizens and the perception of cops by citizens.
  3. The cops use 100% fabricated “facts.” Yes, that is a polite way of saying the cops lied about all their statistics; point-blank lied.
  4. The cops actually use the Communist leader’s term “re-educate.” Yes, the term comes from Stalin, the horrific and deadly leader of the old Soviet Union that killed millions of his own people. And he sent millions more to camps for “re-education.” Those that didn’t accept the effort were executed.
  5. Comparing cops killed with violence vs. people that were killed by cops is an amazing statistical exercise. The actual statistic is, you are 68 times more like to be killed by a cop than a cop is to be killed by violence at the hands of a criminal. Of those citizens killed by cops who are unarmed, they are 27 times more likely to be killed by cops than cops are to die at the hands of violent people. Think about that for a minute and let those facts sink in.
  6. Another interesting twist is the cops’ use of the image of the “thin blue line.”  That image is meant to represent that cops are the “line” that separates the people from anarchy. So, when was the last time you heard of someone being shot and killed by an anarchist? Yet, police kill over 3,000 per year.
  7. And then there is the “outreach” after a “no-knock” raid. Bad enough that “no-knock” raids are absolutely 100% anti-constitutional, but many people are killed during those raids because of police actions. Babies are even maimed like I point out in the upcoming article “Things that make my head explode #8 : Special Edition – Cops vs. Children.”
    1. So, the no-knock raid takes place. Then the cops visit the neighbors to “explain” why the raid took place. So the cops are implying to people that the people raided are guilty enough of some horrendous crime that a no-knock was required. So guilty as charged, no trial, so hearing, no jury…just the cops telling the neighbors that the no-knock recipients are “guilty enough.”
    2. And, then there is the not-so-subtle message…”See what we can do because we are the police and we can do what we damn well please. And that means to ‘you’ as well.”
  8. And lastly the great message, “If you guys act respectfully, you get through that contact alive.” Utah Police Introduce Programs to "Reeducate" Civilians "why'd you stop me"What???!!!???  The cops are forcing the message, “Act respectfully or we will kill you!” Are these cops out of their minds? No, they are not. And that should scare the hell heck out of you. They are telling you point blank, they can kill for for nothing more than not treating them with respect!  That is insanity!  But the whole thing with the police state in America is insane.

The propaganda effort coming from the cops in Utah is absolutely despicable! But the cops are not ashamed of the propaganda, the “kill you” messages, or the whole idea of using a Stalin era “re-education” program. But then again, all of that is clear evidence, a reaffirmation, that America is a police state…and it is getting worse.

And we haven’t seen anything yet…it will get much, much worse.


Be Prepared…get yourself, your family and your community prepared for what is coming. It is coming soon.



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5 thoughts on “SitRep (7/1/2015) – Re-Education Program of Civilians Taking place by Utah Cops

  1. I do not expect agreement, however, anyone with a modicum of historical knowledge will easily agree.

    1. Police as founded by the englishman, Sir Robert Peel did not exist prior to the early 1800’s. Regardless modern reinterpreted history, what existed before the idea of metropolitan police was the local constable or sheriff. This was simple meant to protect people regardless laws. Metropolitan police or what exists now as invented by Peel was meant specifically to support, protect and promote the idea of social order/eg., government policies and laws.
    2. Advancing police to ONLY protect government law regardless morality of that same law always ends the same way through history. Tyranny.
    3. If a cop swears too protect the law and policy and does not report wrongdoing of fellow cops or only follows law regardless morality involved, that same cop regardless what some may believe is as bad as those who harm babies with flashbangs and blame them for sleeping in the wrong spot. Etc.,

    Eg., it is my strict opinion that all cops are bad, UNLESS and only unless, they stop following bad laws and return to protecting us versus themselves.

    For those who will inevitably respond negatively, cops do not have a dangerous job. Statistically my job as a stay at home dad is approximately the same danger of physical injury –

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jesse, you bring forward great information. Info that is based in fact and history. Many people don’t like to look below the surface of problems, you are not in that category. You have both wisdom and courage. And you are exactly spot on about the “danger” of a cop’s jobs. It is NOT a dangerous job according to all the facts and statistics. Even middle managers in business have a more dangerous job than cops. I brought those stats forward in the posting to show exactly what the truth is. But the whole purpose of propaganda is to forward a concept or idea for the benefit of a person, business or group. In this case the “dangerous job” propaganda is to gain sympathy for LEOs to facilitate excuses for the horrific behavior; killing and abusing of citizens. Unfortunately, if the LEO special interest groups, and cops themselves, would just be open and honest…and work with the civilians that are supposedly protecting and serving they would find overwhelming understanding, love and support. But they put themselves as odds with everyone else by using propaganda, self-aggrandizing and isolationism.

      It is so sad. We don’t need this conflict between cops and civilians. We don’t have to have it. But until the arrogance and love of power & money is foregone I fear it will only get worse…much much worse.


  2. Police are not the root of the problem, they are the enforcers. They are the public face put on by the system. Those who create the problem are the legislators and the bureaucrats. First, the legislators pass a “law” which is so lengthy and convoluted no one can understand it. Then it is left up to those who will manage and enforce it to “flesh out” the details. The next group are the prosecutors who cherry-pick the cases, and the judges who hear them. Like anything else in government the tentacles only grow longer, and this allows the enforcers to choose a regulation which fits their targets of opportunity. Today is is impossible to be a law abiding citizen, and the system knows it.

    This is from the Wall Street Journal, July 23, 2011, an article by GARY FIELDS and JOHN R. EMSHWILLER “Many Failed Efforts to Count Nation’s Federal Criminal Laws”
    “”We concluded that the hunt to say, ‘Here is an exact number of federal crimes,’ is likely to prove futile and inaccurate,” says James Strazzella, who drafted the ABA report. The ABA felt “it was enough to picture the vast increase in federal crimes and identify certain important areas of overlap with state crimes,” he said.
    None of these studies broached the separate—and equally complex—question of crimes that stem from federal regulations, such as, for example, the rules written by a federal agency to enforce a given act of Congress. These rules can carry the force of federal criminal law. Estimates of the number of regulations range from 10,000 to 300,000. None of the legal groups who have studied the code have a firm number.
    “There is no one in the United States over the age of 18 who cannot be indicted for some federal crime,” said John Baker, a retired Louisiana State University law professor who has also tried counting the number of new federal crimes created in recent years. “That is not an exaggeration.”

    That’s just the Feds, and does not account for city, county, and state criminal laws and bureaucratic regulations. Piss someone off, go to jail, cop a plea, or be bankrupted trying to defend yourself. Being shot might be better. (sarcasm)

    Here are a few other interesting works:
    Bradley Balkow The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America balko_whitepaper_2006.pdf
    Ham Sandwich Nation: Due Process When Everything is a Crime
    And of course:
    Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent by Harvey Silverglate

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well written and good points. I agree that the police are not the root of the problem, the “system” is. And the system has been corrupted by the lust for “money & power.” But, I will say, without qualification, that the police are part of the problem, a large and significant part. We can debate the reasoning and views but the police are part of the problem. I think they have been caught up in the “power” thing which is exposed via the “comply or die” mentality that exists right now. The most obvious outward sign is naming; no longer do we have self-identified Peace Officers. They self-identify, and are normally referred to, as Law Enforcement Officers. And that substantiates your “Today is is impossible to be a law abiding citizen, and the system knows it.” statement with which I totally agree. The term “targets of opportunity” is true and telling as well. LEOs see all civilians as targets of opportunity because there is a “war” against this, a “war” against that. And the feds (DHS & FBI) are training the locals on what to look for. And what they are looking for today would be the stalwart, Christian, white, heterosexual, Constitution loving, flag waving, veteran citizens of 20+ years ago. And now we have a problem of immense proportion; police feeling under siege and under-appreciated vs. civilians that don’t want a police state mentality of “comply or die” because civilians, many unarmed, are getting killed by cops at epidemic proportions.

      So it boils down once again to the underlying problem in society today according to my opinion…the lust for money and power. And it has infected society at all levels from lawmakers to the cop on the street. Breaking or sustaining that vicious cycle is now impossible without one side losing…and losing badly.

      But, I for one, will not be silent or silenced. I know that facts, I’ve done the research, I know the reality of the situation. It sucks! I will be one who helps change it, or gets crushed one day when I become someone’s target of opportunity.

      Bottom line, I want the good guys back behind the badge…I want peace officers once again being part of a community. I don’t want “comply or die” LEOs enforcing laws and regulations that have only one purpose…to subjugate US citizens into serfs.

      Thank you wunhunglo2 in sharing your thoughts and info with us.


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