SitRep (7/9/2015) – Cops vs. Children

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                  Special Edition 
               { Cops vs. Children }
{ Out of control cops killing & abusing our children. }

The purpose of this special edition is to bring to lights facts, hard facts. Not hype, not make-believe, not bias, not an agenda. I want you to see that cops are out of control and killing people by the thousands every year. Many of them unarmed. Many of them children. And the cops almost always get away with murder. And cops will continue to get away with killing people, killing and maiming children until we demand that they stop and that they are held accountable for the crimes they commit every single day. Cops can not be allowed to be above the law…especially when it comes to our children.

Stop the murder and abuse of our children by cops!

Item #1 –
12-year old killed by Cleveland cops

12-year old killed by Cleveland cops

2014 – Cleveland Cops kill 12-year old child.

12-year old child playing in the park shot dead by two Cleveland Cops. The child was playing in the park with a BB gun. He had not hurt anyone, had not threatened anyone. But the Cleveland thug killer cops came roaring up on the grass right at the child, jumped out of their patrol car, never said a word to the kid and opened fire with a volley of shots. They shot him dead, cold blooded murder. Cleveland cops murder child in park.

Questions – Why didn’t they at least try to find out what the child was doing? Why didn’t they at least try to talk to him? Why did they want so badly to kill someone’s son?

 < source >

Item #2 –

2013 – St. Lucia cops shoot 6-year old boy.

While searching for a suspect a cop in St. Lucia shoots 6-year old boy. Thankfully the little boy lived. What was the cop thinking to discharge his weapon in the presence of a child. Actually, this out of control cop did it without a suspect even present and no threats of any kind were present. There was never any statement released about the incident, the status of the cop who shot the child, or any other facts about the situation. There has never been an official investigation of the shooting, even the media never followed up on it.

< source >

Item #3 –

2010 – Detroit SWAT kills 7-year old girl.

The Detroit SWAT Team (special ops wannabes) execute a no-knock warrant. They threw a flash-bang grenade into a home right on the couch where the child and her grandmother were sleeping. They then bust into the house without announcing who they are and shot the person sleeping on the couch in the head. That Child Killed by copsperson turned out to be a 7-year old girl. The tough guys arrived on scene in their military armored vehicle and commenced their operation. Their were children’s toys in the front yard and on the front porch. A passer-by saw the police-soldiers preparing to enter and repeatedly told them that there were children in the house. The police disregarded all the information and the warnings and didn’t exercise a shred of caution that children might be in the house. And they restrained the man while the operation took place.

And sadly, Officer Joseph Weekley, the killer cop, had been reported numerous times for aiming automatic weapons at children over the previous six years. So rather than discipline him and/or retrain him…they promoted him, he was the team leader and he was the first man through the door. He was the man who finally got to shoot a child. A monster with a badge, a known anti-child monster with a badge.

Then to add insult to murder, the cops arrested the grandmother for causing the murder. Then on top of everything else the cops had an improper warrant and had entered the wrong apartment.A&E reality TV star Joseph-Weekley Detroit SWAT member and child killer

Now about the cop, Officer Joseph Weekley, was a A&E TV Reality Show star as well as being a Detroit cop.

Back to the night they killed a child…Officer Weekley claimed he was only following orders and not responsible for using an improper warrant or entering the wrong address. He continued claimed he was only following orders.

Officer Joseph Weekley jokes around during his trial for killing a child.Even though police were charged with tampering with evidence, giving false testimony and statements. All the cops were allowed to go free, along with the child killer Joseph Weekley. Weekly was eventually found innocent.

Must be nice to never be held accountability for horrific crimes. But when that includes the murder of children…you know the system is absolutely corrupt to its very core. Detroit SWAT Officer Joseph Weekley is living proof that the ruling class is exempt from the law.

< source >

Item #4 –

2014 – Dallas Cop abuses mother and threatens to kill her child.

Dallas Police Officer Terigi Rossi SWAT team memberBut not to worry…Dallas SWAT members will not be outdone! Dallas SWAT physically abuses mom and then threatens to kill her son. All caught on tape.

So what exactly is Dallas Officer, and former SWAT team member Terigi Rossi up to these days? Well, here is how Dallas Police Officer Terigi Rossi treats children:

•  “shut the f*** up”
•  “I’ll break your f***ing neck”
•  Then Officer Rossi put his arm around the child’s neck and began to choke him.
•  Then Officer Rossi lied to child trying to trick him into saying incriminating things about his mom.
•  Then Officer Rossi threatened to arrest the child if he didn’t answer questions.
•  Then Officer Rossi threatened the child saying he would “put him in foster care.”
•  Then Officer Rossi lied to the child saying the child was under arrest.
•  Then Officer Rossi continues to swear at the child telling him he is just like his mom, a “piece of sh*t”.

But don’t worry, outstanding member of Dallas PD, Officer Terigi Rossi, also:

• Lied in his police report.
• Falsely arrested the mom.
• Falsely arrested the child.
• And admitted he threatened to “break the kid’s neck” because he felt the child had been rude to him.

Then when the cop thought he might actually be in trouble and his report would be proven a lie, he ran to the police union. And of course, rather want the truth to come out and justice to be served, the union simply defended another bad cop to keep his job. Police unions are nothing more than special interest groups dedicated to keeping bad cops on the job.

And the sad part of all of this…none of this cop’s criminal behavior would have been known except for the presence of someone who recorded the whole incident. Even the cop’s partner who was there with him at the call, who filed a police report exposing Officer Terigi Rossi meant nothing when it came time for this bad cop to be held accountable. And to make it even worse…with all the evidence, 100% of it, showing that this cop, Terigi Ross, being a psychopath…he is still on the job today. Why isn’t he in prison for the long list of crimes he committed Dallas Police Officer Terigi Rossi SWAT team memberjust on this one call; child abuse, child endangerment, false arrest, terrorist threats, felony assault, filing a false police report, etc.?

Oh, did I mention he is also a TV star? Yup, just like the child-killing Detroit Officer Joseph Weekley, Dallas Officer Terigi Rossi is another TV star! A SWAT show TV star to be exact. So, I wonder if it would be better if these TV star cops would be better cops if they just concentrated on being cops. But then again…I would just be satisfied that Dallas Police Officer Terigi Rossi would just get help for his mental health problems. But unfortunately Dallas PD won’t send him to prison or even get him mental health help…they just kept him on the street where he can commit more crimes against citizens and threaten our children.

< source >

Item #5 –

2013 – Cops abuse 14-year old boy who was handcuffed.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania police say they caught 14-year old Joseph Williams shoplifting with his 19-year old cousin. Then police say they handcuffed the 14-year old child with his arms and hands behind his back. But the teenager ran away from them before they could get him in a cruiser. They feared for his safety so they hit him with a taser. Of Joseph Williams abused by policecourse with his hands cuffed behind his back there was no way for him to break his fall from the instant paralyzing effects from being tased. The picture to the right shows the end result.

But strangely enough, the taser probes hit the child in the face. And then he fell face first onto the ground say police. But then another interesting twist in the cops’ story – Bucks County officials stick by their story and defend the officers’ actions. District Attorney David Heckler said, “He should have stopped when police told him to. You take off running at a full clip and someone pulls your legs out from under you, and you’re cuffed from behind, you’re going to break your fall with your face.”

So how do the cops hit him in the face with a taser if he is running away from them? And why now is the DA Joseph Williams abused by policesaying the cops pulled his legs out from under him? And how does the child end up with wounds on both sides and the front of his face? Then remember the cops’ first statement saying “fearing for his safety” they tased him? I guess they felt that breaking his nose, having both eyes swelled shut and multiple deep lacerations to his head and face was just fine with police treatment of children.

When the child’s mother was asked by the media what she thinks she replied, “I just want some justice. I even pray for the police officers because they need help,” said Sargeant.

Bucks County cops

Bucks County cops

I just have to wonder…How the big, brave, protective cops would feel if their child was treated that way.

Complexion Consistency ?

Complexion consistency?

And just a  little more info from the “protect & serve” boys in blue of Bucks County, they medically treated the minor at a hospital without his mother’s permission. Oh, and they prevented the mother from seeing her minor child that they had arrested.

< source >   < source >   < source >

Item #6 –

2013 – New Mexico cop shoots at mini-van full of children.

New Mexico State Trooper Elias Montoya shots at minivan full of childrenA young mother was pulled over in New Mexico for speeding, she freaks out because of situation and drives away. But the trooper followed her and pulled her over a second time. The mother now was fearful of the NM trooper and she refused to get out of the van. The trooper ordered her out of the van, she agreed. But as she was exiting the van the trooper attacked her and tried to handcuff her. The mother’s young teenage son New Mexico State Trooper Elias Montoya shots at minivan full of childrenconfronted the trooper over the treatment of his mom. The trooper aimed his taser at him and threatened him. The family, now fearing for their lives, locked themselves in the van.

Another officer arrives and breaks a window in the van. The mom New Mexico State Trooper Elias Montoya shots at minivan full of childrenfreaks out at all of this violence and begins to drive away. And that is when New Mexico State Trooper Elias Montoya opens fire on the van full of children. He is caught on a dashboard camera simply opening fire on the van New Mexico State Trooper Elias Montoya shots at minivan full of childrenwithout regard that there are five young children in the can, ages 6 – 16.

When New Mexico State Trooper Elias Montoya realizes he has been caught on camera shooting at a young mother and a van full of young children he claims he was shooting only at the van’s tire trying to disable it. A van’s tire of a van full of children driving on a busy Interstate. When that story falls apart he then claims that he didn’t know the “silhouettes” in the van were children.

So an out of control cop begins blasting away at a young mother driving a van without knowing who was in the van but admitted knowing there were a whole bunch of “silhouettes” in the van. Really? Seriously? That is criminal negligence and child endangerment at the very least.

Former New Mexico State Trooper Elias Montoya wants his job back. Feels he did nothing wrong.

Former New Mexico State Trooper Elias Montoya wants his job back. Feels he did nothing wrong.

So what happened to New Mexico State Trooper Elias Montoya who opened fire on five children and their mom? Well, he got fired for violating department policy. No, he is not in prison or anything like that. He was a cop shooting at children, five young children…and you expect him to jail for such things? Silly you!

Oh, the mother of the five children who the cop shot at…she is facing charges. Oh, the young son who “confronted” the cop…yeah, he was arrested too.

Yup, you read that right…the person who created the most serious, and potentially fatal, crime was never held accountable. But the mother and son…yeah…let’s throw them in jail!

Must be nice to be above the law…even when it comes to shooting at young children.

< source >

Item #7 –

2014 – SRT team burns and horribly injure a 19-month old.

Let’s start out with the documented proof of “To Protect & Serve” police activity…

Bounkham Phonesavah - Habersham County, Georgia police cops abuse      Phonesavanh-2      Phonesavanh-3

 This is the “before”, “immediately after” and “2 months later” pictures of Habersham County cop behavior.

The Phonesavanh family home had been lost in a fire, they were staying with another family while trying to sort out their new living arrangements. Then in the middle of the night a SWAT team executed a no-knock warrant on the house. As they entered they threw a flashbang grenade into the playpen where 19-month old Bounkham Phonesavah was sleeping. The grenade exploded in the baby’s face horribly burning him. The baby is screaming and crying in pain as the grenade is burning the child’s face. The SWAT team ignores the baby.

As Bounkham’s mom pleaded with the police officers to let him take care of the baby they continually told her, “He’s okay, he’s just fine, there’s nothing wrong with him.”  Which was a lie, the grenade continued to burn the baby’s face. The mother was not allowed to see her baby. When the baby finally did get transported to the hospital the mother was not allowed to accompany the baby. She was told multiple times he did not sustain any serious injuries and to shut up and sit down.

How did all this happen? Earlier in the evening a drug using confidential informant bought a small quantity of drugs on the porch of the house the Phonesavah family was staying from someone who didn’t live at the house. The middle of the night, no-knock, para-military raid was a result of that act. However, during the raid police found no drugs and arrested no one. There was ZERO evidence of any drug activity of any kind.

Weeks later the toddler still had a huge gash in his chest, one lung was non-functional and inoperable with medical expense over $1,000,000.

Habbersham County, GA Sheriff Joey Terrell

Habbersham County, GA Sheriff Joey Terrell

And how do the fine police officers of the community feel about all of this, “Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell says this is exactly how he wants his officers to perform, and has no qualms about performing identical raids on residents in his county in the future.”  He went on to say, “I stand behind what our team did.”

The Sheriff investigated and found no violation of law or policy. The county attorney refused to indict any officer for any wrong-doing. And of course a county grand jury refused to find anything wrong with the police behavior. And then the Georgia Bureau of Investigation refused to even listen to requests for an investigation.

A few questions to ask:

1.  Why a “no-knock” warrant on a low-level meth dealer well-known to the cops who DIDN’T live at the home they were raiding?
2.  Why bust in at 2AM? What’s wrong with 2pm?
3.  Why throw a grenade into a home when the perp isn’t even there?
4.  Did the cops have any accurate intelligence before acting?
5.  Why was the “no-knock” warrant issued in the first place? What did the cops tell the judge to issue a “no-knock” raid?

And the final two questions…Why is Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell so proud of what his SWAT team did? Why does he speak so glowingly of their actions?

No, here is the last question…How can any decent person think that any of this raid was OK? A baby is mutilated for the rest of their life so the big-boy-cops can play soldier with their explosives and automatic rifles!  For the love of God what is wrong with these people?  How can these police officers live with themselves and what they do?

< source >    < source >    < source >

Item #8 –

PS-5This is just a very small listing of even more stories of cops killing children. There are plenty more but I just couldn’t take it any more. Looking up all of these stories was just taking its toll on me. I had to stop doing my research. It was devastating to read how ready, willing and able these cops would kill children…and kill them without hesitation or remorse.

2007 : Memphis cops shoot and kill 12-year old for playing with fake gun  < source>
2012 : Calumet City Police Shoot & Kill Unarmed Boy With Autism < source >Police - How did this become this
2015 : Ohio Cop Shoots 4-Year-Old Girl  < source >
2015 : Madison police shoot and kill unarmed teenager < source >
2014 : North Carolina police tase, shoot and kill unarmed 90-pound teen  < source >
2015 : Denver police shoot unarmed teenage girl in car  < source >
2015 : Wisconsin Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Teen  < source >
2014 : Ottawa, Kansas police shoot unarmed teenager 16 times and killing him  < source >
2013 : California cops shoot 13-year old boy 7 times and kill him for playing with pellet gun < source >
2014 : Cleveland cops shoot and kill 12-year old for playing with fake gun < source >

Whendid these guys become these guys?When will they stop killing, maiming, abusing and threatening our children? Why do they do it to begin with? Why do we let them get away with it? How did they get hired in the first place? When will we admit that our law enforcement system is horrifically broken?

Summary –

Statistics show that police are killing well over 100 US citizens per month. More accurate estimates place it at well PS-6over 2000 police killings of citizens each year, potentially as high as 3,400 per year.

About 40% of killings by cops are of unarmed people. There are no hard facts on how many of those people killed by police are children. The FBI refuses to track those numbers and police departments refuse to report them.

It is bad enough that you are 8 – 20 times more likely to be killed in the United States by cops than by a terrorist. But too many of those murdered each year by police are children, those killed range in age from babies to teenagers.

Are you surprised?

Well, a retired police officer not that long ago wrote about police and their morals and ethics. His research shows that only about 15% of police officers will make the “right” choices and uphold the law and the Constitution. I call them Peace Officers. Interestingly, his research also shows that about 15% of all police officers are as dirty as you can possibly imagine having no morals or ethics at all. That group will always make unlawful and unconstitutional decisions. And the truly sad part, the same research showed that 70% of police officers have no ethical foundation and will make their morel decisions either way depending on the situation.

Think about that…70% of all police officers have no fixed basis of knowing right and wrong. That is shameful!

So look at a group of 20 cops one day, only three of them are good cops. The others, well, you have three truly evil cops, and rest…well, you never who they will be. They are part of the bi-polar crowd. A crowd of over a million LEOs who carry badges and guns every day around us…and around our children.

And is there little question or doubt why the vast majority of law enforcement officers are so out of control, violent and abusive?

cops or soldiers?

cops or soldiers?

fully militarized

fully militarized

Possibly they see themselves as some para-military special operations force now. They carry and use military grade weapons, including machine guns and grenade launchers. They driver around in military fully armored vehicles that actually do come from the military. They employ military tactics. And lastly, they dress like military special operations troops…or terrorists depending on your point of view.

cops or terrorists?

cops or terrorists?

For a solid decade we have been told by hundreds of experts, seen many books published about it, read a long list of articles written about it, facts proving it, politicians warning about it, magazines writing about it, and constitutional experts laying out the proof of it…and yet, as a country, we willing and gratefully accept it.

Oh, what is “it” that I am referring to?  The police state.

2009 : Newsweek, “Police State: America’s New Way of Life”
2011 : Jameel Jaffer, “U.S. citizens far from any battlefield can be executed by their own government.”
2011 : Carl Gibson, “America has become a fascist police state.”
2012 : A.H. Trimble, “We are, without any question, a police state, period. The facts prove it.”
2013 : Alice Goffman, “America has for the last couple decades been gradually developing a police state within the country.”
2013 : John Whitehead : We are “in the final stages of transformation into a police state.”
2013 : Roger E. Olsen, “Our society is biased in favor of law enforcement to the point of turning a blind eye to their abuses of power. That’s how we are evolving into a police state.”
2013 : Bruce Fein, ” An end to liberty is at hand.”
2013 : David Kupelian, “America is becoming a police state.”
2013 : David Dalton, “We are about to be herded-digitally of course-into some nightmarish gulag that we can’t even see because it’s crept up on us incrementally like a toxic fog under the insidious guise of national security and other mendacious Newspeak.”
2014 : Ron Paul, “Everybody knows we live in a police state.”
2014 : Hermes-Press, “Americans must now wake up to the fact that this nation is now unquestionably a police state!”
2014 : Cheryl K. Chumley, America is at “the point of being a de facto police state.”
2014 : Louie Gohmert, “The coming signs of tyranny are all around us.”
2015 : John Whitehead, “Police forces across the United States have been transformed into extensions of the military. Our towns and cities have become the battlefields, and we the American people are now the enemy combatants to be spied on, tracked, frisked, and searched. For those who resist, the consequences can be a one-way trip to jail, or even death.”

Alice Goffman made a clear case wen she said, “A police state exists whenever and wherever, for whatever reasons, law enforcement communities routinely violate citizens’ constitutional and human rights and abuse their power with impunity.”

We are there. And cops killing and abusing our children are the evil examples of the police state in America. And God help you if your resist or point out how evil the police state has become. They will come for you, they will have their badge induced vengeance.

Police State USA - police state AmericaPrepare, please become “preppers” and become as independent of the system as possible. Prepare for a time when the”system” won’t be able to feed, cloth, or otherwise provide for your family’s needs.

Prepare for when it gets worse, much worse…when the grid goes down. It is coming.



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