My buddy called me despondent, needing to talk…

(originally written on 7/1/2015 – this is a delayed posting)

A good friend of mine called me the day that the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. He was truly upset and very SCOTUSdistraught, he wanted to talk. I listened to him for awhile and he made great points about how the court had been wrong to uphold such an obviously unconstitutional law as Obamacare. All his points and argument were spot on…and I told him it didn’t matter one little bit.

The reason? Simple, the Supreme Court was always, all along, going to uphold Obamacare and it had nothing whatsoever to do with the Constitutionality or legality of the law’s wording or anything else tied directly to the law. It always was and has been about the “agenda” of the progressives. Obamacare was a done-deal long before it was presented to Congress. And there has never been a true opposition to it on the federal level, especially by the Republican leadership. Quite the contrary, it has had considerable support by both parties in all three branches of government.

Now, what would a discussion of Obamacare be without talking about Chief Justice John Roberts. He was the Chief Justice John Roberts blackmailed or bribed. Either way, traitor.deciding vote the first time that Obamacare went before the Supreme Court. Now, you might be wondering “why” Roberts supported it. That is simple as well, he was either bribed or blackmailed. There is just no other option. Yes, that means I am saying, without qualification, that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was either bought off or extorted to vote the way he did. I think the later more likely.

What does that all have to do with my buddy and his lamenting about the Supreme Court ruling? Well, hang on a second.

So then the Supreme Court upholds the right for gays to marry. My buddy calls me once again, not depressed, but truly frustrated and feeling that country was “gone”. Now he is getting closer to reality.

I shared with him the following ideas:

  1. SCOTUS2The country fell off the cliff long ago, probably started during Clinton, kept falling during Bush, and picking up the speed of the fall with Obumble.
  2. The republicans and democrats are the same folks with the same agenda. Both parties want bigger and bigger government, or at least they want more power. Which generally means bigger government.
  3. I doubt you could find 10 politicians in the Executive or Legislative branches of government that have true morals or an ethical foundation.
  4. I doubt you could find two Justices with actual morals, ethics or a belief in the true underlying principles of the Constitution.
  5. With the above being true, there is no other outcome for what was before the Supreme Court. The outcomes of both cases was a given long before it was ever argued before the court.

My buddy muttered a bit, we talked a little more and then he basically agreed with me. But he wanted to know what I was going to do about it.

“Absolutely nothing,” was my response to him. He thought I was setting him up for some wise-guy remark but I wasn’t. I told him it makes no difference to me because I am living my life without worrying about what our corrupt authoritarian government does or doesn’t do. I told him I will continue to “prep”, I will go forward with this website and I will a preparedness manual. I told him there is not much else I can, or even, want to do. I explained to him that the days of making a difference at the federal level was long, long gone.

It matters not who we elect as President in 2016. When the primaries are over we will end up with the two establishment options. And both of them will have the same exact agenda…regardless of any lip service to the contrary. Yes, I am being honest.

SCOTUS3Try this…What is the difference between Hillary and Jeb? How about Hillary and Lindsey Graham? How about Joe Biden and Jeb?

And who do you honestly think the establishment republicans will allow to be their candidate? You think a Constitutional firebrand like Ted Cruz has a chance? You think liberty-minded Rand Paul would even come close to winning in place of Jeb?

Certainly you would like to think that these other non-establishment candidates would have a chance, right? But realistically, do you really think they have a chance?

So what about who we elect as Congressmen? OK, tell me one congressmen that is out there doing everything they can to shrink government? To reduce taxes? To unseat all the evil in Washington? Go ahead…name one…

Same goes for the Senate. Yes, I am sure you can name folks like Cruz, Paul, maybe Rubio, and there is my favorite, Mike Lee. But honestly, what have they done? What can they do?

The real power lies with Graham, McCain, McConnell, Boehner, etc. And those folks are interested in only two things; 1) larger and more powerful federal government, 2) more money in their bank accounts.

But I told my buddy that you can affect yourself, your family, a close group of friends and possibly your local community. And that is where the focus must be. It is where it will make the most difference. And you will find folks the most appreciative of your efforts as well.

Why such “local” focus? Because when the grid falls, and it will fall, you will have folks around you that are better prepared mentally, physically, temporally, and spiritually through your efforts. And that will drastically increase your chances of surviving and thriving.

He said I sounded a bit “gloomy” as I talked him through all of this. I told him it might sound like that but I was not America is decline and will fallgloomy, depressed or even down over any of it. I explained to him I am just seeing reality for what it is, making a plan and acting on that plan. That gives me a sense of confidence and security that relaxes me. I don’t get twisted up over daily things, regardless of the magnitude of the consequences. Because I know that I am doing the best that I can and I don’t worry about the rest. Besides, “worry” doesn’t get much done.

When we were done talking my buddy felt much better and he had made a couple new decisions to move forward with. He said that talking about it really helped, but taking some action on it really pumped him up.

Folks, you know it’s coming. If you didn’t think so, you wouldn’t be on this website, you wouldn’t be reading this America will fall and it will fall hard.article. All I ask of you is to continue to be prepared for emergencies, disasters and grid-down. The rest will take care of itself.

And come on…don’t let nine very, very old people who dress-up in dramatic black robes get you down. Don’t forget all the other BS Justices that have ruled Constitutional over the last 200 years. They ain’t nothing important. Just keep doing what you know to be right. Don’t lose faith in yourself and what you know to be true. Supreme Court Justices and rulings will come and go but “truth” is constant.

Remember who you are, what you stand for and who is counting on you. Take care of your family, and prepare for emergencies and disasters that may come your way. Do the right thing for the right reasons.

A question I didn’t ask him, but thought of later, “Where to do get the real satisfaction in life; with national politics or spending time with your kids or playing with your grand-baby?”

Life is about keeping perspective, setting priorities and preparation to take care of those you love.



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2 thoughts on “My buddy called me despondent, needing to talk…

  1. The country began it’s swan dive with the suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion, accelerated through Lincoln, Grant, and Woody Wilson, then hit warp drive with FDR and LBJ. The Bushes, Clinton and Barry have simply been cutting the last few shroud lines on the parachute.
    Clinton’s greatest public atrocity has been to make something as absurd as “what is is” and “fellatio isn’t sex” acceptable.
    Now we hear “we have to pass it to find out what is in it” and people just nod and accept such crap.

    Many folks have seen this and commented on it…

    “Political language — and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists — is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”
    George Orwell- Politics and the English Language 1946

    “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.”
    –James Madison, Federalist No. 62

    “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”
    – Patrick Henry, 1775

    I agree with you. There is little we can do except get our own house in order. My wish is that whatever calamity awaits us should happen sooner rather than later.

    Not only will things be worse the longer it is delayed, but I agree with Thomas Paine:

    “If there must be trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”
    Thomas Paine

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    • When the people commence to look to the federal government for their support, and if they don’t receive what they feel they are entitled to, they will strike against the power which is withholding that to which they consider themselves entitled. Just as in times past, men have struck against the companies who gave them jobs and provided them with a livelihood when they felt they were entitled to higher wages or shorter hours.

      In both cases the recipients are not grateful for what they are receiving. They are angry because it isn’t more. The difference lies in this: When the strike is against a private company there is an independent unbiased police force to maintain peace and arbitrate the case in court, but where the government is one of the parties to the dispute there is no appeal to anything except force.

      The employees can come to hate the government and its officers just as they come to hate the company and its officers when the law is not based upon moral principle. When the law can no longer appeal to either reason or justice, and where it is nothing more than a power which takes what is available and dispenses it with an arbitrary hand, with no fundamental principle to guide it in saying how much is to be given to which group, people lose respect for such a law and the police power which enforces it. No appeal to justice, reason, or compassion will prove effective. The people who are the backbone of civilized nations—the thrifty, hardworking self-respecting independent honest class—cannot respect such a law.

      Where the right of private property is protected man is encouraged to look to himself to supply his wants. He is even forced to this just as nature and nature’s God decreed: Thou shalt eat thy bread by the sweat of the face. But when government announces that it will now see to it that his wants are supplied, he no longer feels the need to rely upon his own brains and body. That man loses respect for the rights of others. He looks to the use of force to provide for his needs. He looks to force which takes from others what they have created, and the more he is pampered the more he demands. He comes to believe what the government tells him: That there are no property rights which may not be invaded to provide for his wants. He no longer regards it as necessary to conserve and limit his desires or to save and provide for the future. In our complex economy this is the worst possible attitude, for when it breaks down the suffering will be most intense.

      When a government encourages and advocates the belief that force may be used by groups, acting together through government to despoil others of their property, the reliance upon force becomes accepted. As the reliance upon force becomes accepted and as the numbers increase who depend upon government largesse, the greater becomes the problem of restraining this group when government can no longer supply their demands. The government must resort to force to keep them in place when their demands reach that point (which they soon will), where it is impossible to give them what they ask. Civil war will occur just as it did in Rome.

      There are always large numbers in any society who are industrious and thrifty and who respect the rights of others to own and control property. These people know within themselves that it is morally wrong for the government to take from them the fruits of their own labors and saving practices and give to those who won’t work and won’t save. As the immoral practice of government grows, disrespect for law also grows. They no longer can be counted on to uphold and obey a law they know is immoral and is at variance with their conscience. The foundation of any stable government is respect and voluntary obedience by the masses of the people. When this is destroyed, free government is no longer possible and dictatorship becomes the only answer. Such a form of government must resort to a policy of foreign war to keep the people united in any respect. They must conduct a war against some real or imagined foreign government and cry danger in order to get any support.

      In such a government only the corrupt will accept positions of responsibility, or those who are so blind that they are unable to see the perversion of government. Such a group will not scruple to stay in power. The love of power becomes the dominant aim in their lives. No means is too devious or too reprehensible. They will use force, lies, bribery, murder, and imprisonment to hold their opponents in check.

      The loss of political and economic freedom is an inevitable consequence of socialism. Self-government becomes impossible because centralized planning displaces all local planning. As immorality grows apace, the people are unable to act in concert in sufficient numbers to put respectable and moral men in office. Each group is striving to protect its own selfish and government protected interests. Any man who stands up and says this is all wrong is vilified, maligned, and literally torn to pieces by the mobs who want government to continue to protect their labor monopoly, business monopoly, subsidy, welfare check, etc.

      The moral element, seeing that it is impossible to restore government to its proper function, begins to plot its violent overthrow. This is the only recourse they have. Appeal to the ballot box is futile. Death is preferable to slavery to them. If there are no moral reference points, then government becomes nothing more than an instrument of force which treats man as if he were just another beast of burden. Not only does the government presume to own and control all land and natural resources, but it arrogates unto itself the power to treat each citizen’s labor as its own, to dispose of as it pleases, and even to direct what labor shall be performed.

      ~ H. Anderson, 1962

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