SitRep (7/19/2015)

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explode

{6/24 - 7/17/2015}

I hope you are understanding the purpose of the “Things That Make Head Explode” series of articles. If you are not sure, let me explain. After “9/11” the phrase “we didn’t connect the dots” came into TTMMHE-9-01fashion. And it is true, every federal law enforcement agency in the country failed to connect the dots and a terrorist attack occurred. The utter and complete failure of federal law enforcement agency personnel led to the murders of over 3,000 US citizens. And none of those responsible in the LEO agencies were ever held accountable for their Connecting The Dots - conspiracy and criminal activityfailure to do their job. Their job? Connect the dots.

My goal with this series is to keep connecting the dots on what I consider the biggest threat to the United States. Yes, even the very Constitution that formed and is supposed to guide our Constitutional Republic. And yes, let me make myself absolutely 100% clear…I feel the Constitution has long since been dead and our current government ignores it and acts in an “authoritarian government” fashion. To quote Mark Levin, Constitutional Lawyer, “We live in a post-Constitution country.”

That being said, I feel I need to keep presenting those activities and events that reinforce where we are as a country. To keep letting people know of the horrific things transpiring in our country that is moving us from an “authoritarian government” dangerously closer to a “totalitarian government.” We are almost there.

The events below are meant to help show folks just how close we are.

Item #1 –

RememberFBI3 back in 2011 and 2012 when the Obama Administration directed the IRS to go after the conservative and Constitutional groups in order to silence them in the 2012 presidential election? We just had a confirmation of just such activity in the government. And this is a verifiable “conspiracy” of those in government, namely the Whitehouse, his Attorney General, the IRS and worst of all, the FBI. And don’t act surprised, I have explained over and over again how contemptible and evil the FBI is in what they do and why they do it.

Now we know that the Obama Administration also directed the FBI and Department of Justice to work with the IRS to criminally prosecute conservative and Constitutional group leaders. Obama cronies wanted to effectively silence any critics of Obama to ensure his reelection.

What I am referring to now is the “smoking gun” that the Whitehouse did in fact work with the IRS, the Department of Justice (under the leadership of Eric Holder) and the FBI to identify conservative and TTMMHE-9-12Constitutionalist organizations. But it doesn’t stop there. The four federal government organizations actively conspired and pursued criminal investigations with the intent to bring criminal charges against those organizations.

And what was their crime? They oppose the anti-Constitutional forces now occupying the Whitehouse, Eric Holder the Attorney General, and the Progressives in the Congress. You say, “Not so! Our government can’t go after people criminal simply for opposing political views.” Oh yes they can, and yes they did. It is now a proven fact.

The saddest part, the FBI would like you to think that they are some ultimate moral authority, an LEO organization that is a pillar of good in our country. Not so. The FBI founder and their history from their very origins have proven them to be the most despicable of organizations that our government has ever formed.

Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they specifically didn’t form a national police force.

The Bureau of Investigation (BOI) was formed in 1908 by the radical Progressive Teddy Roosevelt. In 1935, unhappy with the BOI’s limited power, the FBI was created from the BOI. The new FBI answered only to the Attorney General. However, the new FBI director was none other than the rapid anti-Constitutionalist and fascist J. Eager Hoover. Hoover. Hoover is infamous for using FBI agents to secretly spy on Congressmen and TTMMHE-9-13even Presidents. The information gathered through those illegal investigations was then used to blackmail his way into getting whatever he wanted. And Hoover wanted power, lots and lots of power, which he got. The FBI was formed by, and J. Eager Hoover was appointed by, the extremely socialist President Franklin Roosevelt.

Just a little FYI…President Teddy Roosevelt was a cousin to FDR. FDR’s wife was also a niece of Teddy’s. I think that helps tie that whole thing together quite nicely knowing it was two staunch Progressive Presidents that formed and nourished the national police force. The out-of-control national police force (FBI) that we have now is the result of direct action taken by two of the most rapid Progressives this country has ever seen.

Does it now make more sense why the Marxist/Progressive Obama would use the FBI to go after his political enemies? And we’ve just scratched the surface of what’s going on at the direction of this Administration.

Prior to that we also know that Obama, publicly and on TV in his Obama threatens supreme court justices during the state of the union messagestate of the union address, directly threatened the Supreme Court Justices to not oppose him. Since then, they haven’t.

Remember that fact? Keep both of those things in your mind till the end of this entire article.

 <source>  < source >

Item #2 –

In late 2014 the Interstate Steam Commission (New Mexico) was looking into putting a $1,000,000,000 Interstate Steam Commission (New Mexico)diversion project in place on the Gila River. It was acting the capacity of the Federal Government using federal dollars. A member of the public, Norm Gaume, filed a complaint suing the

Norm Gaume

Norm Gaume

commission for a violation of the NM Open Meetings Act. A Judge issued a restraining order stopping the federally funded project. The order was taken to a Federal judge who lifted the restraining order. The project went forward. But then an interesting twist occurred, the commission was directed to sue the member of the public that sought the restraining order. I have never found another case of this happening where a federal government project sues an individual member of the general public, directly attacking him for objecting to a federally funded project.

The NMWF President said, an “agency that sues a member of the public who merely wants transparency Obama the dictatorsends a chilling message. This is the very definition of overreach and it’s simply wrong.”

It seems that the federal government is dead serious about silencing anyone who opposes them.

< source >

Item #3 –

In October 2014, Michael Sophin chose not to answer questions of Border Patrol agent’s questions while Michael Sophin border patrolstopped at an illegal BP citizenship checkpoint. At the time he informed the BP agent he wouldn’t answer the questions under his Constitutional right and drove slowly and carefully away to continue his journey. The BP agents were having none of that from some US citizen.

As you can imagine the BP agents were not going to allow a regular member of the public act lawfully and show disrespect to their gun and badge. They pursued him and drug him out of his car at gunpoint. To make matters worse they illegally searched his car. While doing so they found some “stuff.”

Regardless of what you feel about what Sophin did, or who he did it, is unimportant. Even the legality of the stop, the aggressive gun play and the illegal search of his vehicle…it is all rather unimportant at this point. There are a couple of things that are important and that is where I want to focus my attention.

So the minor point first…

During the search of his car the federal LEOs found a Baofeng handheld Ham radio, firearms and some Michael Sophin arrested by border patrolreading material. Sophin was placed under arrest and charged with “High speed flight from an immigration checkpoint,” a felony.

However, the firearms were found to be legally owned. And the video from the BP checkpoint and Sophin’s own video showed he was not guilty of any high-speed anything. So that charge had to be dropped, leaving nothing to hold Sophin on. The government had to find something to charge Sophin with or risk losing. The government then charged him with “Assault on a Federal Agent.” That is a serious felony.

Notice that the federal LEOs were not charge with falsifying their official report in regards to the “high-speed” lie they told. Correct, the federal LEOs were allowed to lie and then get away with it.

With the charge filed against him, the BATF confiscated Sophin’s legally owned firearms under Civil Asset Forfeiture without any trial or court action. The BATF simply took his guns from him with no “due process” as required under the Constitution. I have spoken of CAF before; it is simply a way for LEOs to steal private property from citizens without regard to the rule of law, any court proceedings, or abiding by the Constitution.

But his nightmare isn’t over just yet. And it is to that first major point I want to show a real travesty…but it gets worse, far worse.

So, as you can imagine, Sophin is found guilty and sentenced to federal prison. A juror later commented on why Sophin was found guilty, “He should have to answer questions just like the rest of us.”

Did you catch that?

Not that Sophin was actually guilty of assaulting anyone, but the people siting on the jury felt Sophin had not acted like them, the jury, the sheeple, and willingly submitted to the illegal questioning at an illegal citizen checkpoint. Because Sophin stood up for his Constitutional rights, his peers, his fellow citizens sent him to prison. Tragic and disgusting! But here is the absolute worst part…

When the federal LEOs filed their report where they lied about his “high-speed” crime, they also mentioned that Anti-government propagandaSophin had “anti-government propaganda” in his car. Yup! “Anti-government The New American Magazinepropaganda.” The “propaganda” they found a copy of the, The New American magazine from the John Birch Society. In addition to that they found a book title, “Freedom!” written by well-known journalist Adam Kokesh. The book is written about a establishing a civilization based Freedom by Adam Kokeshon peace, self-ownership, and non-violence.

So why am I concerned about this part of the story so much?

The FBI and DHS have already written multiple reports informing LEOs across the country who potential domestic terrorists are. The two agencies list the following as prime signs that a person is a potential domestic terrorist:

•    4th-14Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack;
•    Americans who are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”;
•    People who consider themselves “anti-global” (presumably those who are wary of the loss of American sovereignty);
•    Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”;
•    Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty”;
•    People who “believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty;”
•    Anti-abortion advocates (a.k.a. Pro-Life).
•    Bulk purchasers of food.
•    People who pay cash.
•    People who want internet privacy.
•    People who display “liberty” or “freedom” oriented bumper stickers.
•    People who display the American flag.

So evidently the FBI and DHS aren’t kidding around! And when LEOs find you with “anti-government propaganda” you are headed to prison one way or another. They are following through on their threat against the American public, against US citizens.

DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristsAnd that my friend it the very proof, 100% undeniable that we are moving from our current “authoritarian government” quickly towards a “totalitarian government” by the very definition of each.

< source >

Item #4 –

California police officers, local LEOs, recently gunned down an unarmed man, killed him for stealing a bike. gardena california police murder unarmed manActually he didn’t steal anything, let alone a bike, but the LEOs murdered him anyways. But that is no surprise, LEOs are murdering 100 – 300 US citizens every single month. At least 40% of whom are unarmed…no weapon of any kind.

Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino was trying to help his brother find his brother’s stolen bike when police came upon them. The cops started yelling and screaming at him. When the man didn’t instantly comply they opened fire killing him.

So the murder of the man is not my point, killer cops are quite common nowadays. What comes next is the real issue…the cover-up. The city refused to release the video of the murder. Yup, a murder by their own police officers while the police are on-duty being paid with taxpayer dollars and filled with taxpayer funded video equipment.

You might ask how can they do that?

Their answer, they are the government and they will do as they please. Even when ordered to do so by a judge. Yup, finally a judge ordered the city to release the video. They did so momentarily but only till they got another judge to reverse the court order.

So why would the city seek to have the court order reversed?

Simple, the video clearly showed the two fine police officers murder a man in cold blood. But the problem doesn’t stop there.

When this whole thing occurred last year it was investigated. So you think that works right? Nope! The cops were given extraordinary rights far beyond what any normal citizen would be given. Why? Because cops are a “protected class” of citizens that have additional rights that normal, regular citizens have no access to. The cops were allowed to watch the video as much as they wanted with their union representative and lawyers present…and then giver their statement to investigators.

The cops claimed the man “reached for a gun.” Of course the man had no gun and the video doesn’t really show him reaching for anything remotely resembling a gun of any kind. But the cops were exonerated and we have another dead, murdered, unarmed citizen.

So what is my point?

Government will always protect itself whenever it is possible. And they will always do everything to protect their enforcers, the cops. Why? Because with every level of government it is all about “money & power.”

The government doesn’t want to lose the power over citizens, including the power to kill them. And they don’t want to lose money through lawsuits when their cops kill unarmed people. So government does everything it can to protect itself…but NOT protect its citizens. Citizens are disposable, they are replaceable. Money and power is far more important to those in power; politicians, bureaucrats and cops.

< source >  

Item #5 –

In a press conference on 7//15, a member of the press, Major Garrett asked a question that apparently Obama Obama Scolds Major Garrett during press conference took as both critical and embarrassing. Obama then publicly humiliated Garrett in the press conference calling his question “nonsense. And you should know better.” But more than that, he was sending a strong and clear signal…Do NOT criticize me, do NOT question me, do NOT try and make me look bad….or the Obama Scolds Major Garrett during press conferencefull weight of the Presidency of the United States will come down on you and destroy you.

You think I am exaggerating?

Let’s go back a couple of years to 2013 when the Obama Administration ordered his good friend Eric Holder at the Department of Justice to direct the FBI to investigate Fox News Obama administration ordered FBI to investigate james rosen of fox newsreported James Rosen. The FBI did investigate him, breaking a long list of Constitutional protections against just such a thing. Fortunately, the investigation and illegal acts by the FBI were leaked and nothing happened to Rosen. But the FBI alleged that Rosen as a criminal co-conspirator in a sensitive security information leak. It was not an absurd allegation it was patently untrue.

But the message from the Obama Administration was once again very clear…mess with Obama, piss him off, and he will come after you with the full power of the US government.

And that is the message here…the US government is now an authoritarian government who will go after anyone who not only opposes it, but anyone who even attempts to criticize it. Or worse yet, just appears to make Obama look bad. And that is the very definition of an authoritarian government that is moving quickly towards a totalitarian government.

< source >    < source >    < source > <source >

Item #6 –

This ties directly into Item #4 and indirectly to the entire article…I got an email. Yeah, a simple email, but the short sentence at the end of the email is what is important and very telling on what is happening in today’s world against freedom loving conservatives and libertarians. And it has very, very deadly consequences.

So one of the instructors who has been in law enforcement for decades, is a highly respected trainer sent me an email. Why? Because I have trained extensively under him. I have logged literally hundreds of hours in courses with him as the course lead instructor.

The email was a video of an encounter between a female police officer and an armed criminal. The criminal pulls a gun and opens fire. He has almost a 2 second advantage over the cop. But the cop’s training prevails, she drops the thug trying to kill her. Good for her!

So what am I worried about?

His last sentence message, “Everybody is a threat until proven otherwise.”

Yup, you read that right. When a cop stops you, you can be assured he has been trained that YOU are a threat to that officer’s life regardless of who you are or why you were stopped. No, you are not a mom or a dad, you are not a senior citizen or a toddler, you are not a teenage soccer player, or a teen daughter driving home from school. You are nothing more than a “THREAT!”

So that doesn’t sound too awfully bad yet, does it?

When police are in weapon’s training they have a series of commands that they have to follow while on the firing line. Just prior to the cops opening fire the instructor will yell, “Threat!” at which time the officers are free to open fire on their targets.

Get it yet?

They are first trained that everyone is a “threat” and then during weapons training they are trained to fire at the command of “threat.” Now do you see the correlation? Subtle? Maybe, but I don’t think so. I think it is very purposeful.

But my guy wasn’t done…he closed out with, “Good guys go home!”

That message is clear, “Go ahead kill any ‘threat’ so you can go home at night because you are the ‘good guy’.”

(new targets used by pol ice around the country) “No More Hesitation” target series by  Law Enforcement Targets, Inc.

(new targets used by pol ice around the country)
“No More Hesitation” target series by Law Enforcement Targets, Inc.

Really? Since when is the killing of hundreds of unarmed people a year make you a “good guy”?

Now, you have a better insight to the mindset of the cops in this country. And is should scare the hell out of you. It should also make is clear why you, the unarmed US citizen, are being killed in huge number by cops every single year. Unarmed men, women, and children dead, dead because our cops see themselves as the only good guys and all of us are all threats.

So let’s go back to the targets pictured above for just a minute. Cops are being trained to shoot, shoot quickly, shoot often and they are not to care who the person is, their age, gender, child or senior citizen….just shoot and kill. Here is what the company who makes the target said…

“The subjects in NMH targets were chosen in order to give officers the experience of dealing with deadly force shooting scenarios with subjects that are not the norm during training.

I found while speaking with officers and trainers in the law enforcement community that there is a hesitation on the part of cops when deadly force is required on subjects with atypical age, frailty or condition (one officer explaining that he enlarged photos of his own kids to use as targets so that he would not be caught off guard … while on duty).”

What kind of a sick and depraved person specifically trains to shoot pregnant women, little kids, teenage girls, young mothers and grandmothers? Even trains to shoot his own kids! No wonder the minds of our police officers have become sick and twisted…they are being trained that way. And the staggering number of killings by police officers each year proves the training is working. Unfortunately, it also proves that the minds and souls of our police are more a force of kill, control and comply than “protect and serve.”

How sad we have become, how sad they have become…sad, very very sad. But we get what we deserve. We have allowed it, and now we have it. thousands killed every year by police all over the country…almost half are unarmed…and a large number of those are our children.

< source >

Summary –

What I hope I have done in this article is connect a few dots for you, or others, to see what is happening. We have an out-of-control government that has identified everyday, solid, patriotic, conservative and libertarian citizens as potential domestic terrorists.

That same government has brainwashed its LEOs, probably willingly, that anyone who reads materials that criticizes the government is guilty of possessing anti-government propaganda. And that appears to be a crime to LEOs now.

And we have a government that will take whatever step are necessary to silence its critics, including criminal prosecution and imprisonment.

Worse yet, we have the masses, the average US citizens that support what the government does and is all too willing to throw people to the wolves of oppression. Just like the case of Sophin, the sheeple on the jury were all too willing to send a man to prison for questioning the government and standing for his Constitutional rights.

Bottom line:

  1. We have a oppressive government identifying its political enemies as domestic terrorist.
  2. We have the LEOs in this country brainwashed to see pro-Constitution magazines and books as “anti-government propaganda.”
  3. We have LEOs that see all of us, US citizens, as a “threat.” And they have been trained to kill threats.
  4. And sadly, we have so many sheeple out there eating up the BS that government is manufacturing. Our neighbors, our co-workers, maybe even family that are perfectly accepting of a police state, the loss of the Constitution, freedoms, and rights.

I am pleading with you to be prepared. I am pleading with you to store food, water, medical supplies and all other items needed to protect your family for disasters, emergencies, and the eventual, inevitable “grid-down” that is coming.

Please prepare! And then warn those that will listen.
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9 thoughts on “SitRep (7/19/2015)

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  3. Have you read the work of LtCol. Dave Grossman? Specifically, “On Combat”, “On Killing”, “Warrior Mindset” or “Evolution of Weaponry”? Modern training methods have, since WW2, increased the number of infantry troops in combat who actually shoot at the enemy. The number has gone from 15-20% in WW2, to 55% in Korea, 95% in Vietnam, and virtually 100% in Iraq/Afghanistan. The same type of training which is used to overcome our innate unwillingness to kill in combat is being used in police/LEO training. Those type of targets are part of the overall training paradigm. For a short read which explains this I suggest the digital only “Evolution of Weaponry”.

    As for the rest of the beast we’ve created, we have only ourselves to blame. There is a great disconnect between the idea that average people are too stupid and greedy to run their own lives (hence the need for government), and yet when given power and a title these same people become plaster saints. For all the complaints, we still re-elect incumbents at a rate of 95%+. If they were fired at a rate of 95% with every election things might change.
    The urge towards greed and despotism is in everyone, and unfortunately, given power, there is no known training to overcome that.


    • Terrific words of wisdom!
      And unfortunately you reinforce what I have been preaching for years…the root of all evil is “money & power.” Or rather, the “lust” for it. If you have one you can acquire the other. The government, powered by politicians, wants all of both.
      I like your 95% firing ratio! W could refer to is as “live fire”
      It is tragic how so many think that they must control lives of everyone else.
      Thank you for sharing that this morning.


  4. The government and LE may be out of control now but after the SHTF and our world is topsy turvy, we all become equal and maybe we preppers will be more equal than the government and LE. As Mr.Trimble said. “prepare.”


    • Carefully worded truth. Well done Bob. I get the idea that you have a firm grasp on what is happening…and what will happen. You’re welcome back any time. AH


    • Hey, come on…be nice. I am not a professional blogger. Although I have written two books. I barely have time to pound out the articles and you want me to make them read like a professional worte tehm? Sariouesly? 😉 Nah, good point Davy. I wish I had more time to do the proof reading and editing but job and wife need a little time as well. But, I am glad you like the information. Did you take some time a look around on the site? Find anything else you liked? Would love to hear what you think.


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