WARNING #3 : Baofeng UV-5RA AAA Battery Case


Baofeng UV-5R AAA battery case PB-75DCH won't fit doesn't workI bought this battery case to give me more options on battery power for my small cache of Baofeng UV-5RA radios.

They don’t fit !

But I have run into this kind of problem with UV-5RA aftermarket accessories before so I didn’t think it was a big deal. I would just have to “whittle” away a little plastic here and there and they would fit. Nope, not this time.

This battery case simply won’t fit. There are two slots/holes that are PB-75DCH Baofeng UV-5R AAA battery case PB-75DCHsupposed to line-up on two little tabs on the underside (bottom) of the radio. The operative word is “supposed to” and they don’t. They are even close. I looked at it from every angle I could and they are too far of to try and modify. So the bottom line…don’t buy the AAA battery case that is marked “PB-75DCH”  on the back, outside of the battery case.

However, just a little “FYI” info for you…I was looking around the Internet where these battery cases are sold and found that all the cases look exactly the same. But, I can’t say for sure if any of the cases that are not marked “PB-74DCH” work or not.

All that being said…I did a review not that long ago on a AA battery tray sold by PowerMall that works great. It handles alkaline or rechargeable batteries with the greatest of ease. OK, once the little “whittle” is completed but that is an easy fix. And the AA batteries last a whole lot longer than the AAA batteries. So there is no need to buy the AAA battery tray unless you want redundancy or have standardized on AAA batteries. Redundancy and options are a good thing!

But until I get one of the other units in to review I would suggest not buying the AAA battery case.

Don’t buy this product !

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