SitRep (08/07/2015) – August 2015 GOP Presidential Debate

Let’s get the first issue out of the way immediately…PD-20

The winner is…………………………………………..Carly Fiorina !

 Hands down…period!

If you are interested in my onion and observations about each candidate then please read on.

Bush –

Didn’t start out too bad, appeared polished, as you would expect from a long-time politician. He then got more PD-04PD-03PD-11nervous. He also got caught advocating for the left-wing Common Core educational program. He didn’t sound particularly intelligent and sometimes was out of breath, probably due to nerves. He was very light on specifics in his answers. He did express support for, and advocated for, the Progressive Income Tax system that we currently have. He touted a strong pro-life stance and outlined what he had done as Florida Governor to advance that cause. Throughout the night he continually bragged about his record and did virtually nothing to outline his vision or plan for the future. His closing statement was 100% political speak. Overall Bush came across as big-government, Progressive, uneasy with who he is and where he was. I think he failed in the debate and I will not vote for him for any office under any circumstances. Bush is a big-government, Progressive.

Carson –

Early on he didn’t sound prepared or competent giving his answers to relatively easy questions. He voiced strong PD-12support for torture by US government personnel. His responses were PD-04PD-01slow and measured. He strongly advocated for God. His energy level was very low with virtually no passion for the first 75% of the debate. Although he was accurate and sounded intelligent, he was not inspiring. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer the simple question he was asked about the Syrian chemical attack. When asked a “race-based” question he gave a great answer outlining an “anti-purveyor” of race haters. His closing statement was humorous, outlined clear principles, and a fantastic “half-brain” comment about people in Washington D.C. I really like Carson, he is the kind of guy you would love to have as a friend and go golfing with. I think he failed in the debate but I would vote for him for president.

Christie –

He started out as intense and no-non-sense guy. He advocated a very strong, pro-NSA domestic spying program; PD-21he actually said he wanted more domestic spying to be done. He PD-04PD-03also criticized Paul’s backing of the Bill of Rights and Constitution. He was insulting and demeaning. He did clearly outline a strong pro-military stance and plan to enlarge the military. He also advocated to fund Israel with foreign aid, even if we had to borrow the money to do it. As time went on he became a “hot head.” He was spot on about social security. He answered on-point and clearly focused. His closing statement was all about him bragging about himself. I think he failed miserably in the debate and I will not vote for him for any office under any circumstances. Christie is a big-government, pro-war, anti-Constitutional, Progressive.

Cruz –

At the beginning Cruz came across as too polished, although right on all his points. He struck me as “slick” and his PD-13energy level was low. As time went on his energy level went up, and PD-01PD-02he became forceful and clear in his answers. But he still maintained a too polished look for my tastes. Cruz is seriously intelligent and a true believer in conservatism. He knew exactly what happened with the Chinese and Russian computer hacking of the USA government computer systems. He also knew exactly who the Iranian General was that went to Russia, why, and how it violated UN sanctions. He was very strong in revealing his views on God. His closing statement was clear, a vision and presented it as a plan. I think he marginally passed in the debate but I would vote for him for president in a heartbeat.

Huckabee –

Huckabee started out strong and forceful. He advocated for conservatism and a flat tax. He also advocated for PD-14big-government Progressive entitlement programs and huge PD-04PD-03government programs and spending. He was big on concepts and very light on specifics. He showed passion. He was full of political “one-liners” and “tag-lines” but light on real ideas or plans. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer the question about transgenders in the military. His closing statement attacked Hillary Clinton but didn’t outline any plan for the future. I think he just barely failed in the debate and I would not vote for him as president under any circumstances. Huckabee is a big-government, big-spending, pro-government entitlement, Progressive. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Kasich –

He started out by justifying “big government” while appearing very nervous. He constantly bragged about his PD-15accomplishments rather than directly answering questions. He had a PD-04PD-03great answer on the “gay marriage” question and he was spot on. His answer was full of faith and love. When asked about God, he never in that answer, or at any other time, mentioned the word “God” once. His closing statement was all about him bragging about himself. Kasich failed in the debate and I would never vote for him under any circumstances. Kasich is a big-government, big-spending, pro-government entitlement, Progressive.

Paul –

He had a lot of difficulty clearly answering questions and appeared to be verbally “dancing around” while he tried to answer. PD-16He was clear, forceful and loud when defending the Bill of Rights PD-04PD-01against Christie’s advocating for larger NSA programs and more, unrestrained, domestic spying on US citizens without warrants. He was right on-pointin most of his answers but clearly appeared intimidated by Christie. He sounded like a politician and was resistant to questions that appeared uncomfortable. He made a great point about not borrowing to give foreign aid to other countries. His closing statement sounded like a “brag festival” and then barely touched on a vision. Paul was isolated during the entire debate; he knew it and so did all the other candidates. Clearly failed in the debate but I would vote for him as president but only grudgingly. He appears to be a Conservative and he is obviously a Constitutionalist. But he is also keeping a foot in two camps, not wanting to commit to being a Libertarian as his father clearly was. There seems to be something just a bit “off” with him.

Rubio –

Started out sounding very good. He was clear, spoke well, and gave focused answers. He went from high-energy to PD-17forceful to passionate. He was clear, sounded sharp and very PD-01PD-02intelligent. His plans and ideas were clear and easy to understand. He corrected Megan Kelly on his abortion stance that she got very wrong. He did it will class and tact while clearly pointing out she was wrong. He was clearly strong pro-Constitution and expressed clear pro-life (anti-abortion) views. His God answer was right on the money. His closing statement was great. It involved his family story, dream, and vision. It was strong and powerful. Clearly passed in the debate and I would vote for him as president. Then I would worry about that vote for years. He is not a Libertarian at all. He does sound Conservative but has some Progressive leanings just under the surface.

Trump –

Trump started off right away with the moderators coming after him. They asked “everyone” a question knowing full PD-18well it was targeted to expose or embarrass him. To his credit, Trump showed PD-04PD-03courage in declaring he wouldn’t blindly support just any Republican candidate. It showed he will back up what he believes in. And me personally, I am NOT going to support a Republican candidate unless they are Conservative, Constitutionalist, pro-life, etc. So I appreciate Trump’s stance. He was bombastic from the beginning and while more restrained than normal, he remained bombastic. He explained the bankruptcy question very well in light of being hounded by Wallace trying to trap/trick him. He did a good job of explaining the “evolve” from Democrat to Republican and from pro-abortion to pro-life. He was weak on details when it came to answering questions. He was strong and confident in all his answers. He “called it as he sees it” throughout the evening. He didn’t answer the Iranian General question at all. It was apparent that he had no idea what the question was about or who the Iranian General was. His closing statement was honest, plain and passionate. Clearly failed the debate overall and I would never vote for him for any office at all, ever. He is a dangerous man. He is a ravening wolf in sheepdog clothing.

Walker –

He never got rattled by any question or by anyone during the debate. He was calm, cool, confident and in PD-19command. His answers were clear, competent and straight forward. PD-01PD-02He showed plenty of energy and intensity but in a controlled  and dignified manner. His answers were always accurate, factual and on point. He attacked Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation; he did it out of turn and with obvious passion. He was confident without being arrogant. He always sounded very clear, quickly outlining detailed plans and ideas. He acknowledged the LEO problem in the country, and did so in terms of cops needing better training. While not the only problem, he had the moral courage to stand-up to the problem and stand-up to the radical/extremist police unions. He did make it clear that he favored prosecuting the bad cops. His joke about Russia and China knowing more about Hillary Clinton’s email server than the State or Justice Departments was funny and 100% accurate. He shared solid foreign policy information showing he had a good grasp of what was happening internationally. His God answer was the strongest. He expressed a deep relationship with Jesus Christ as his Savior, redemption and shared his testimony. His closing statement started out bragging about himself but then turned to a vision for America. Clearly passed the debate and I would love to vote for this guy as president! He is a strong social and fiscal conservative, has some Libertarian outlooks as well. His strength dwarfed the others.

Winners in Order:
  1. Walker
  2. Cruz
  3. Rubio
  • Bush
  • Carson
  • Christie
  • Huckabee
  • Kasich
  • Paul
  • Trump

I will not vote Republican in 2016 under any circumstances if any of the following get the nomination:

  • Bush
  • Christie
  • Huckabee
  • Kasich
  • Trump
  • Graham
  • Pataki

PD-10But remember…I think Carly Fiorina was the star of the night of bothPD-02 debates. She was awesome and inspiring. She has fire, passion, and is very forceful while exhibiting intelligence, confidence and courage.

PD-01I think the country has a good chance of getting a great President if they vote for the right person for the right reasons.


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