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AH Trimble My Journal - going Home nowAvailableMy new book My Journal – Going Home is now available!

This is the second in a series of books I have written. The topic is obviously a “grid-down” fictional setting. If is full of prepper information and ideas as well as lots of action, thrills, and a few tears.

This series covers everyday people suffering though the collapse of America.  The books’ main character is Tim.  Tim is a man who has personally struggled, lost his way in life, and has risen again. Now Tim faces a new challenge that will cause him to question his conscience, his morals, and his religion. He must survive America’s worst nightmare – a despotic takeover of the country by a ruthless, egomaniac President.

Tim, along with his new bride and their group of prepper friends and families, saw the collapse coming and they prepared for it. They saw the sociopath President for who he was and the danger he posed to the Republic and they prepared for it. This prepper group did everything they could and they survived the collapse. Now it looks like they will have to fight to My Journal - Going Homesurvive as civil war approaches.

There is little left of the United States, but the Constitution is worth fighting for, it is all that is left. Till that day when the bullets fly, they must survive. There are others, especially children, that desperately need rescuing. Their group is small but they will not give in or give up, they will do whatever they can for those in need. There are bright spots in the world of doom that has been forced upon them, Tim and Lara are blessed with a new family member, a pre-teen daughter. But one among the group is betraying them, planning their downfall.

The question is, “Can they make it home?”

To purchase My Journal – Going Home in paperback : <click here>   or here https://www.createspace.com/5545747

To purchase My Journal – Going Home as an eBook : <click here>   or here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/548739


BOOK: My Journal : Surviving the Collapse by AH Trimble


For more information on Book #1 : My Journal – Surviving the Collapse <click here>

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