Pre-Make your 12vDC Anderson Powerpole connection cables & adapters.

Ham In The Box - Anderson PowerpoleI am absolutely in love with Anderson Powerpoles! Yup, it’s true…and my wife knows it. And honestly, she’s OK with it.

How’s that for a lead-in line to an article? Got your attention and now I hope I can give you something of value for your 12vDC power Anderson Power Polesneeds. That’s assuming you are using Anderson Powerpoles. If you aren’t…well, you should be.

While working with various pieces of Ham and solar power equipment over the last few months I have had to stop and make cables, connectors, and adapters. It took time when I really just wanted to keep building and get my project done. Yes, I got a bit frustrated.

I got to the point where I had a little down time. Actually, wife told me to take a little down time and watch TV with her and “talk” during commercials. Yeah…uh huh…right. So within 15 minutes I had my electronic toolbox and supplies out looking at what I could do to save time in the future as I worked on more electronic projects. Bingo! The following was born…


6' 12ga extension cable

6′ 12ga extension cable


12" in-line glass fuse cable

12″ in-line glass fuse (positive side only) cable & 4′ in-line glass fuse cable (positive and negative side) cable


OEM male & female connectors

OEM male & female connectors


Cables-08And when I was all done making these cables and adapters I did a simple organization grouping them together based on use.

Cables-07And into my electronic support box they went.

Note: Notice that I use Zip ties on the cables close to the Anderson Powerpole connectors? That was to take the stress off of the Powerpoles which makes them more secure.

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3 thoughts on “Pre-Make your 12vDC Anderson Powerpole connection cables & adapters.

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  2. I am with you.Just make sure you use as heavy a gauge wire as possible. Some of those extension cord wires look kinda thin.I kind of collect such things,Vacuum cleaners that die(i find them outside of dumpsters once in awhile as i drive by.)Have some thick power cords to deal with the heavy amp. motors they have.


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