SitRep (9/9/2015) – Special Edition : FBI

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                  Special Edition 
                    { The FBI }

The FBI is at it again…

FBI paramilatary secret policeThese kinds of revelations, the two I will share with you in this article, should scare the crap out of you. The blatant contempt by the FBI for the Constitution and a Constitutional Republic form of government is shown once again in a statement by its Director, but this may be nothing new to you.

The Fourth Amendment contained in the Bill of Rights states we are 4th Amendment Bill of Rights Consitutionto be “secure” in our private and personal matters. And, if the government wants access they are required to obtain a warrant outlining specifically what they want and where it is. It also gives no requirement that we, as citizens, must cooperate in the government’s access to our personal matters.

The US government, lead by the FBI, already uses a secret court (FISA) system vs. the Constitutional authorized judiciary to obtain illegal access to our electronic communications and data. But, that still isn’t good enough for the FBI, they want access without the use of any warrant, without any court system and they don’t want you to be able to lock up any of your information.

Simply stated, the FBI wants to be the ultimate secret police force spying on Americans beyond what even the Gestapo or KGB ever dreamed of.

In October 2014 at a speech, FBI Director Comey said that computer software and hardware companies should FBI Directorbuild products surveillance capabilities into their products. That those capabilities should give the FBI the ability to spy on the users of all software and hardware, and that people would be completely unaware of the surveillance ability. Of course, the FBI would be given unrestricted access to that surveillance capability whenever it so desired. Make no mistake, he specifically outlined that it would apply to all computers, all cell phones as well as any and all other electronic devices.

One of the features that US citizens have enjoyed has been the ability to encrypt communications for privacy purposes. The FBI clearly hates that whole concept. Director Comey complained that FBI Spying on US citiznesencryption technology has hindered their ability to spy on the America public. He said he wanted citizens to accept government intelligence agencies and police departments to be able to spy on all aspects of their personal communications on any electronic device.

Then in his speech he threatened, albeit subtly, companies like Apple and Google for advancing encryption technology without giving US spy agencies unfettered access. He said, “…the place they are leading us is one we shouldn’t go without careful FBI Director Treatensconsideration…respect the authority of law enforcement.”

However, the head of the FBI wasn’t done yet. This year, FBI Director Comey, while testifying in front of the Congressional Judiciary Committee, stated that the FBI needs to be the sole decider of when information can be encrypted or not. That US citizens should have no right to encrypt any personal information without FBI approval.

Once again the FBI plays the ‘security’ card stating that the need for public safety outweighed the right to privacy, FBI and Obama Destroying the Constitutioneven those rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Comey admitted that they already gather all communications (i.e. phone conversation, emails, text messages, computer searches, etc.) through current surveillance programs. He was simply asking for citizens to be denied the right to encrypt their personal communications and information from FBI spying activities.

So who exactly is surprised that the FBI wants to deny people Constitutional rights?

FBI-Lab♦  This is the same FBI that knowingly had their FBI laboratory personnel perjure the testimony thousands of times to illegally convict people in federal court.

♦  This is the same FBI whose leadership illegally used their agents to conduct surveillance on members of Congress and Presidents, and then used that information to blackmail them.

♦  This is the same FBI that illegally worked with the IRS to target Conservative and Constitutional groups at the FBI Internment Camps WWIIdirection of the Obama Whitehouse to suppress their voice.

♦  This is the same FBI who worked tirelessly during WWII to intern Americans in concentration camps based on race alone.

♦  This is the same FBI whose leadership headed the interning of Americans in WWI.

♦  This is the same FBI who has identified Christians, preppers, anti-abortion advocates, limited government advocate as potential domestic terrorists.

♦  This is the same FBI who tracks gun sales nation-wide.

♦  This is the same FBI that has had veterans locked up in mental hospitals without Constitutional due process.

remember Ruby Ridge massacre♦  This is the same FBI that falsified records that led to the Ruby Ridge Massacre.

♦  This is the same FBI that tried to set-up the Hutaree militia group; and a judge laughed the FBI out of court.

♦  This is the same FBI who was intimately involved with the Fast & Furious gun-running scheme by the ATF. And the same FBI who the ATF says was primarily responsible for getting the gun into the hands of the cartel criminal that killed a Boarder Patrol agent.

♦  This is the same FBI that just a few decades ago regularly issued “shoot on sight” order on criminal suspects they were investigating.

♦  This is the same FBI who shot a man to death in 2013. A man who was in custody and being questioned. Originally the FBI story was an “unarmed man” attacked FBI agents while he was being questioned. Then the FBI story changed stating the man was armed with a knife and attacked FBI agents. This was a man that was already in FBI custody at the time he somehow came across a knife. And the room was full of FBI agents and other law enforcement officers when the “attack” took place. And the man was shot six times in his torso…then once in the head.

ATF FBI Waco Massacre of religeous group♦  This is the same FBI that lead an attack in 1993 on a religious group in Texas where 76 men, women and children were burned alive.

And the list goes on and on…

So, please tell me again why we should even begin to trust the FBI with the ability to read all of our personal documents and communication any time they simply want to?

And tell me again why we, as US citizens, would want to waive our Constitutional rights?

And tell me again why we would want to trust an organization with such a checkered, if not criminal, past?

But then again, the real question might be…Why is the FBI really fighting so hard to have access to all our Constitutionally protected personal communications, even those we hold personal?

Those of us that understand the long and infamous history of the FBI, and who know the background of the FBI’s founders know why they want all that unrestricted, unconstitutional access.

The FBI is not satisfied with already surpassing the KGB and the Gestapo, they want to set a whole new standard for the term “police state.”

Now, here is my question for you…Do you even care who the FBI is? How about what they have done in the past against US citizens? Do you care about them wanting 100% free and unrestricted access to all of your personal data, communications and documents? Do you care that we have become a police state?

And of course, I understand if you don’t want to answer those questions online. I sure wouldn’t.

Oh, wait…I just posted this article warning you again of what is happening in our country. I hope you read it and heard it. And certainly if you don’t believe me, please research everything I have said and decide for yourself what is truth.

The truth will set you free.

Show me again where the Constitution allows for or authorizes a national police force?




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3 thoughts on “SitRep (9/9/2015) – Special Edition : FBI

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  2. I believe that the government is getting ready for a collapse and the people in power want to stay in power no matter how bad of a job they are doing. The Patriot act and all that has followed are like a wet dream to tyrants. Its a matter of time until people wake up to the corruption and evil that is going on,Many sheeple are asleep.


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