TIP : Deadly chemical intake…

Poison chemicals

There are only three ways a deadly chemical can enter your body:

  1. Touch
  2. Ingest
  3. Breath

Prevent poisoning by deadly chemicals is accomplished by preventing those three things.  Here are the first tidbits of wisdom:

  1. Stay up-wind
  2. Stay up-hill
  3. Stay up-stream

More active measures that can be taken:

1 – Have sturdy rubber cloves and wear vinyl under them to avoid touching chemicals.

RubberGloves GlovesNitrile2 


2 – Have a good quality military-grade face mask respirator.

Gas mask

3 – Have heavy duty rubber boots.


Best thing to do is simply don’t be where the chemical is.  Get out, get out soon and don’t take chances with dead chemicals!

When I was still a structure firefighter we used the “Rule of Thumb” for hazard materials incidents.  While holding our thumb out in front of us and looking at the Hazmat scene if we couldn’t cover the entire hazardous materials incident with our thumb we were too close.

firefighter Rule of Thumb

Hazardous Materials Scene Rule of Thumb

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