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My Jounral - Surviving the CollapseMy new book My Journal –  Surviving the Collapse is now available!

Tim, along with his new bride and a group of friends, see the country is crumbling under an insane despotic President. This close-knit “prepper” group of friends and family are determined to survive. They have prepared the best they could. Civil war now approaches, the economy is in ruins, the banking system all but nonexistent and food grows scarce. The question is, “Can they My Journal - Surviving the Collapsesurvive?”  This first book covers how they find a way to survive America’s collapse as danger assaults them at every turn, all the while trying to keep their humanity. Tim and his group are normal people thrust into calamitous times; now they must survive or perish. They are “preppers” but have they prepared enough?

Most around them have failed to prepare, failed to recognize the dangers and are now Grid-Down anarchy lawlessness riotsuffering and dying. How many people can Tim’s group help and at what cost? Tim struggles with his own demons as he continues to try and build a marriage with his new wife while their world is collapsing all around them.

The America as we know it slips towards civil war, the economy is collapsing under the weight of government control and regulation. The stock market is in free fall and the banking system is all but non-existent. Corrupt political forces work to subjugate the American people. This book sounds as if it could be written from today’s newspaper, because it was.

Buy the paperback My Journal – Surviving the Collapse here : https://www.createspace.com/5216757  or <click here>

Buy the eBook My Journal – Surviving the Collapse here : https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/504988 or <click here>
My Journal - Going Home



For more information on Book #1 : My Journal – Going Home <click here>

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