Interesting Events in US History – Part #8

the patriot act is Unconstitutional

2001 911 2001 world trade center attackMuslims attack the World Trade Center killing nearly 4,000 people. The preparations for the Muslim attack were directed by Osama Bin Laden. Democrat President Bill Clinton refused taking Bin Laden into custody in 1998.
2001 Patriot Act - citzens are suspectsUnder Republican President G.W. Bush, a Progressive, the Patriot Act is passed by Congress. The Act effectively eliminates privacy and establishes a totalitarian surveillance state.
2001 The rabid anti-2nd Amendment group National Council to Control Handguns (changed their name in 1980 to Handgun Control, Inc.) renames itself the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.   The Brady campaign begins strong lobbying and influence peddling to restrict and eliminate gun ownership in the US.
2001 Republican President G.W. Bush, Progressive and Neo-Con, orders the invasion and overthrow of the government of Afghanistan.
2002 DHS massive police stateBy order of Republican President G.W. Bush, Progressive and Neo-Con, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was established creating a massive national police force.
2002 Muslim snipers kill 17 US citizens in multiple attacks on the US east coast.
2003 Republican President G.W. Bush, Progressive and Neo-Con, orders the invasion and overthrow of the government of Iraq.
2003 federal government giving billions of dollars to local police departmentsDHS begins funding military grade armored vehicles, machine guns, and grenade launchers for local police departments.
2003 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Muslim suicide bombers kill 34, including 8 Americans, at housing compounds for Westerners. Al-Qaeda suspected.
2004 In Raleigh, NC a Muslim runs down six Americans with a car, 1 dead, 5 injured.
2005 DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristsFBI’s designation of right-wing groups as “the most serious domestic threat”. It defines “right-wing” as anyone who “believes that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent.” It states that right-wing terrorists include those who revere liberty and are suspicious of a centralized government. This radical federal police state move now criminalizes the exact sentiments that the original Founding Fathers had about England in the late 1700’s.
2005 There are widespread reports of New Orleans police officers abandoning their posts and ignoring their duties as the widespread looting and violent aftermath of hurricane Katrina continues.
2005 Katrina Gun Confiscation by police and national guardMayor of New Orleans ordered the National Guard and police to confiscate of all guns in the New Orleans area. The justification of the confiscation order, although illegal, was based on the hurricane Katrina aftermath. There are hundreds of reports of brutality against citizens (including the elderly) at the hands of police while guns were being forcefully taken. The gun were eventually dumped into the ocean and never returned to the American citizens.
2005 During the martial law that was imposed in New Orleans in the aftermath of Danziger Bridge ShootingHurricane Katrina an inter-agency group of police officers opened fire on unarmed civilians killing two and wounding four.   The shootings became known as the Danziger Bridge Shooting. All of those shot were unarmed and trying to flee the police officers. Most of the victims were shot in the back, including a disabled man. One person trying to flee was run down by officers in a vehicle shot with a shotgun multiple times, then officers stomped on his back continuously before he died from his injuries. In 2012 the police officers were found guilty of murder and the ensuing cover-up they concocted. In 2013 a federal judge “vacated” the convictions setting them free.
2005 A congressional report recommends a DHS special law enforcement advisory board be established consisting of members from the following far left, anti-American, radical Progressive groups:

  • Southern Poverty Law Center,
  • the Simon Wiesenthal Center,
  • the Anti-Defamation League,
  • the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People,
  • the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs,
  • the National Abortion Federation.

The Congressional report states that these groups should supply DHS with as much information on “right-wing” groups as possible and help set government, legislative, and law enforcement policy in criminalizing all right-wing associated activities and causes.

2006 In Denver, CO, saying that it was ‘Allah’s choice’, a Muslim shoots four of his co-workers and a police officer.
2006 In Seattle, WA a Muslim uses a young girl as hostage to enter a local Jewish center, where he shoots six women, one of whom dies.
2008 Obama-10In a July 2nd speech Obama stated, “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as the military].”
2008 Obama-11November 4th Barrack Hussein Obama is elected President. Obama was born to Communist parents, raised by Communist grandparents.
2008 November 5th, day after Obama is elected President, US stock market loses 5% of their value in devastating trading losses.
2008 By November 7th, three days after Obama was elected President, the US stock market has lost 10% of its value in devastating trading losses.
2008 President Bush, Progressive and Neo-Con, names Tim Geithner as Secretary of Treasury. Geithner was audited by the IRS (an agency within the Treasury Department) and found guilty of tax evasion from 2001 – 2004. Further, he was found guilty of illegally deducting expenses related to his son. Geithner also employed an illegal alien. Geithner was also found guilty of not keeping the terms and conditions of his contract while employed by the International Monetary Fund which resulted in tens of thousands of dollars going to Geithner that should have gone to the IRS.
2008 Obama names Rahm Emanual as his Chief of Staff. Emanual was named as a Rahm EmanualDirector of FreddieMac in 2000. In 2001 he gave himself a 750% raise. During the time Emanuel spent on the board, FreddieMac was plagued with scandals involving illegal campaign contributions and accounting irregularities. The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) later accused the board of having “failed in its duty to follow up on matters brought to its attention.” Emanuel resigned from the board in 2001 having failed in his job. Emanual is a former Clinton staffer. Emanuel is considered by all that know him to be a rabid gun hater.
2008 Obama names Eric Holder named as his future Attorney General. As Deputy Eric HolderAttorney General, Holder promoted the pardon of Marc Rich to President Clinton. Rich was a major Democratic fundraiser and controversy still swirls around the actual deal details for Rich’s pardon. Rich was a fugitive living in Europe avoiding capture for tax evasion and illegal business dealings that provided money to the radical Muslim leadership of Iran during the hostage crisis. During the last days of the Clinton administration Holder also strongly recommended to Clinton that he release 16 members of a terrorist organization (FLAN). Those FLAN members were convicted of building and using bombs to destroy property and kill innocent civilians. The terrorist organization FLAN was located in the Caribbean. Both of Holder’s parents were born in the Caribbean (Barbados). Holder is a former Clinton adviser while in the Justice Department. Holder was also President Clinton’s point man on passing the ban on semi-automatic rifles.
2008 Obama announces Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education. In October 2008 Duncan was given “Man of the Year” Award by the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICAHV). ICAHV is a rabid, left-wing, extremist anti-gun organization that wants to have all guns banned from ownership by private citizens. While accepting the award Duncan stated, referring to the ICAHV’s efforts against gun ownership, “We will fight them in Springfield, in the courts, in the community, and even in the home”.

Remember the radical leftist Rev. Pfleger? Well, when Duncan was speaking to the reverend’s group, referring to gun shop owners Duncan said, “We’re going to find you and snuff you out…we’re going to snuff you out”. A few minutes later the lunatic Pfleger said, ” We’re going to snuff out our legislators that are voting against our [anti-]gun laws. We’re coming for you…” Even though both Duncan and Pfleger both made blatant terrorist threats against citizens and government officials, charges are never filed and they are never arrested.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Events in US History – Part #8

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  2. I am not a conspiracy theorist. However, it seems odd that to this day NO terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks.

    Just saying..muslim, christian, hindu whatever- religion is religion and faith is faith. What matters is the individual, some are crazy as heck, some just want to rule the world- like the 400+ in DC for instance…


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