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Thursday MusingsI sure have a lot to say, of which I wonder just how much people want to hear. But I have committed to following what I feel I must do, even if that is spouting off my opinion. But there are some things I just feel are important. This is one of those days.

There are still some folks out there that are wondering why we seem to be struggling so much as a country, as a people, in virtually every aspect. We have the most division in this country that I have ever seen in my lifetime. I believe it is the most division since the Civil War; it may even be worse than that.

So what is dividing us?

Some would immediately say “race” while others would rush to state “politics.” I can’t disagree with either of those actually. Some would say “income inequality” and “justice system inequality.” They would be right as well. So what is the real answer to what is dividing us in my opinion?

Good vs. Evil

Yes, I said it, you read it and I’m right. Or at least that is my opinion.

Let me explain…

About a year ago I started hearing about the pedophiles in Afghanistan and how they have a culture of sexually Afghan National Police - bacha bazi​abusing young boys. I am talking Afghan men raping boys 8 – 12 years old biys. It is systemic in their culture and been closely associated with Islam since its inception. The practice is called “bacha bazi​” which literally means “boy play.”

When you think of men raping boys you would think that we, Americans, would do everything we could do to stop it. Tragically, it is just the opposite. The Obama administration has set a policy into place that we condone it, and go so far to recognize it as part of their culture and religion. Worse than that though, we have punished our military Afghan boy playpersonnel anytime they have tried to stop it. One young soldier, Cpl Buckley, was murdered after informing his superior officers that Afghan police officers were raping young boys nightly in their barracks. He was told to ignore the raping of young boys because it was part of the Afghan culture. He ignored those orders. He was killed.

Last week it was revealed that it is actually Obama administration policy. Yes, official US Government policy is to accept the raping of little boys. And not only that, if you as a military person try and bring attention to it, you are forcibly retired, court-martialed, or murdered.

How’s that for Obama and his minions? How’s that feel for your government to be doing as your national leadership?

Now, let’s just do a little free thinking for a minute…

A couple years ago when the whole gay marriage thing was being debated prior to the Supreme Court ruling there was an argument against gay marriage. Opponents were saying that if gay marriage was made legal by the Supreme Court, the next thing the liberals and Progressives would be advocating would be pedophilia.

It is now just months after the Supreme Court ruling legalized gay marriage and we find out that official US government policy is to accept pedophilia. Well, actually it is much worse than pedophilia, it is the raping of minors, same-sex minors. So, do you dare ask the question if there is a connection?

Then throw one more question out there for you…

Obama Administration just announced the appointment of a homosexual man to be the new head of the Army. Is Eric Fanning gay man homosexual named secretary of teh armythat a coincidence or is there a connection with Obama policy of accepting the raping of little boys by grown men while the military stands by and does noting to protect those victimized children?

Sure makes you wonder, or not, about the White House being all lit up with the rainbow colors after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, yes?

Interesting questions to ask…even more so to ask them out-loud.

This is the same Obama cabal that approves of infanticide. The Planned Parenthood selling Baby Body Parts for profitsame Obama cabal that approves of selling aborted baby parts for profit. The same Obama cabal that approves of spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year to kill minority babies by the hundreds of thousands. So, tell me again exactly who is surprised by what is going on?

In Obama’s defense, I can hardly believe I am speaking those words, these atrocities didn’t start with Obama. These horrific acts originated long before him by other Progressives. Obama is just the latest cheerleader and advocate for acts of evil.

Now, let me take a little turn off this path for a minute…

We have a terrible economic conditions in the country right now, world-wide actually. < click here to read more > And we have a terribly divisive political situation. Then there is the deplorable race/ethnic division that has gotten far worse in the last 7 years. Then there is the nasty economic division in the country between the “haves” and “have nots” that is getting frighteningly worse in the last 7 years. Then there is the broadening gap between the people and the militarized police.

Now, what happens when it all boils over? You know what I am talking about. We saw a taste of it several times this Grid Down Chaos violence threats and risks during emergencies and disasters riotssummer; Ferguson and Baltimore are two examples. What happens when it boils over again…and keeps getting worse?

Historically, the country relies on the presence of the National Guard and/or military to sort it out and calm things down. Although, we do have clear examples of how the National Guard has been abusive to its own citizens, even to the slaughter of unarmed college kids. < click here to read about the Kent State massacre >

But what happens when the country boils over and the unrest rises to the point where even militarized police can’t handle it? The Army and National Guard intervene?

< click here to read a National Guard article >


You mean the military that has been culling out the top brass who have traditional moral values? You mean the military that forbids its Chaplains from preaching about God? You mean the same military that has the highest rate of suicides ever in the history of the military?

You mean the military that has a formal policy of accepting the raping of young boys? You mean the military that kicks out personnel who don’t accept the raping of little boys? You mean the military whose members are killed when they won’t shut-up about little boys being raped?

You mean the same military leadership that abandoned US personnel while under attack in Benghazi? You mean the military whose Commander-In-Chief advocates infanticide? You mean the same military whose Commander-In-Chief allows the slaughter, even the crucifixion, of tens of thousands of Christians in the Middle East?

It is coming…

A confluence is described as flowing together or combining. Do you ever wonder what will happen with the Confluenceconfluence of events that would bring about civil disturbance in the United States?

Do you ever think about the extreme economic troubles we have combined with the stock market red flags that are popping up all around us?

Do you put that thought together with all the extreme division in the United States that has been actively promoted, especially that which has been promoted by our national leaders?

When the confluence two or more of those things occurs…what would be the outcome?

For those in power, what do you think they would want as an outcome?

Think about it for a minute…

  1. You have the most extreme of leftists in power right now. Even the GOP leadership are Progressives.
  2. You have the most divided people this nation has seen in 150 years, maybe ever.
  3. You have the least moral, most evil of philosophies advocated by national leadership.
  4. You have the most militarized and numerous police forces in the history of the country.
  5. You have a military that is eating its own.
  6. You have the largest stock market bubble in history.
  7. You have the largest debt bubble in history.
  8. You have the largest percentage of population doing illegal drugs in the history of the country.
  9. You have the largest percentage of population doing prescription drugs in the history of the country.
  10. You have Christians being persecuted and prosecuted by our own government.

Gallop just reported (9/19/2015) that 75 of Americans see widespread government corruption. That is 240,000,000 people that see our government as corrupt.

Then on 9/21/2015 Gallop released other poll results that shows half of Americans feel that the federal government poses “an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” There is a reason why over 160,000,000 people in this the country feels the government is an immediate threat.No surprise in that figure at all…it is an immediate threat.

What exactly do think the outcome of that confluence is going to be?

What do you think our options are at this point in our country’s history?

When the confluence takes place…will you be prepared? What will you and your family do? Will your family be able to survive? If so, how?

I have an answer for you…read about it in my next post on this subject.


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