“Fix” for last Thursday musings…

MusingsLast Thursday (9/24) I wrote an article called “Musings from the far side…” And more than a couple folks were disturbed by it. I’m glad!  < click here to read the article >

Let me explain…the article was meant to disturb folks. It was also meant to get people thinking, to let people what is going on and who is doing it. But those intentions, while worthy, were not the desired outcome. What I wanted people to come away with was increased Situational Awareness to better work on their preparedness, emergency and otherwise.

If you haven’t read the first article, it is best you do before you read this “fix” that I am suggesting. This article will make more sense if you do…

< click here to read the first article >

I truly believe that most people in the United States are absolutely clueless as to what is happening in our country and in the world generally. And worse yet, most have no idea of the underlying reasons why events are occurring.

This morning I was talking to one of my subordinates, a man in his mid-30’s, good leader, intelligent, family man, father of three, and a nice guy. After I heard that Speaker of the House John Boehner had resigned I wanted to let him know that I thought that increased our chances for a government shutdown and he should prepare for it. Well, he had no idea who John Boehner is. And more sadly, he had no idea what the Speaker of the Clueless Masses in the United StatesHouse is or does.

And there is the point…the clueless general masses. And I don’t want you to be one of those.

Why not?

Because Situational Awareness (SA) is vitally important to being properly prepared for emergencies, disasters, and especially for a grid-down event.

Back in college my first sociology course was amazing, but I really only remember one thing from that whole class. Unrelaistic Expectations DangerOn the first day the professor said, “All conflict in the world today, from individuals to counties, is based on unrealistic expectations of others.”

He was right then, and is right now. But what does that have to do with musings, preparedness and SA?

Think for just a minute, an emergency, disaster or grid-down event takes place, you will have a certain level of expectations of everyone around you. You will have preconceived expectations of fire department personnel, police, National Guard, government leaders, neighbors, family, etc. Ask yourself, “Are those expectations realistic?”

That is an extremely important question you must ask yourself. Why? Because you life, or the lives of your family members, may depend on the “real” answer. Not some fanciful expectation on your part. Not some romanticized vision of what you think might happen. But what will the real outcome be?

Still you ask, why that is important?

Ask the residents of New Orleans what their expectations were of law enforcement in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Did residents expect to have their guns forcibly taken from them and dumped in the Gulf of Mexico by law enforcement under orders from the government? Did Kent State massacereresidents expect to see LEOs looting right along side the criminals? Did those residents who were massacred by LEOs on the Danziger Bridge expect police to go so horribly and violently rouge?

Or, 35 years earlier did the Kent State students, unarmed students, expect the National Guard unit to fix bayonets and charge them…then open fire massacring kids?

Or, 10 years earlier than that did peaceful demonstrators simply asking to end nationalized racial discrimination expect that Civil Rightsfirefighters would attack them with high pressure hoses? Did those same peaceful demonstrators, many of them high school students, expect that LEOs would order trained vicious attack dogs to commit horrible acts of violence against them while LEOs beat them with nightsticks?



What are, or would be, your expectations in similar situations?

  • Do you expect local government agencies to come to your rescue?
  • Do you expect someone to feed you and your family or to provide safe drinking water?
  • Do you expect the utility companies to get the power, gas, and water services back up and running the next day?
  • Do you expect your bank or credit union to ensure that ATMs will always be working and have cash available to you to withdraw?
  • Do you expect that law enforcement agencies would come to your aid to defend your property and your family?

Remember in Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans mayor left the city in a helicopter just before the hurricane hit leaving the city’s residents to fend for themselves. The very same leader that left hundreds of school buses parked, and later flooded, while his constituents were left stranded, some of whom died.

Do you think the expectations of New Orleans residents were realistic prior to Katrina? What do you think their expectations are now?

OK, that groundwork has been laid, now let me move on…

Here is my #1 point…”evil” runs our country right now. Look at every aspect of, every level of, government. Do you see them acting on behalf of people or against people? Do you see government acting to protect their own I'm From The Government and I'm here to helpinstitutional power? Or do you see any government agency attempting to reinforce (or return) rights, liberties, and freedoms to people? Do you see government taking money from most people or protecting people’s money and property?

I would hope your eyes are open enough to enable you to answer those questions with honesty, and also realistically. Government, on every level, operates for one purpose…to gain and reinforce its own power.

And why does government do that?

Remember, power can only reside with an individual or at some level government. The same “power” can’t reside in both places.

Example #1: Money. The government has the power to take your money. You have no power take money from the government. Even worse, you have no power to keep your own money if the government wants it. The government can even take your money and property without going through the court system via the Civil Asset Forfeiture statutes.

Example #2: Building a house. The government has 100% total control over you building a house. You have to get dozens, if not more, approvals from the government to build your house. What power do you have in this respect? None! The government has all of that power, you have none.

Example #3: Martial Law. In the wake of a terrorist bombing in Boston what did law enforcement do? It was the total suspension of the Constitution and forced imposition of Martial Law. Residents had no choice but to stay, or leave, in your homes after being ordered Boston Martial Law police state unconstitutionalto do so. Illegally ordered I might add. If you refused the order you could be shot.

When the SWAT teams beat on your door demanding to search your Boston Martial Law in 2013 was illegal home, you either agreed and they searched your home or you objected and they forced you out of your home at gunpoint and searched your home. So where was the power then? Even the “power” that is guaranteed by the Constitution’s Bill of Rights?

And the examples could go on and on until you want to just slit your wrists.

So, again, why do I point this out?

Can a government that will do these things to its citizens during the regular course of business can be expected to act effectively, efficiently, and benevolently during times of crisis? Is that a realistic expectation?

When a government has a proven track record of suspending rights, imposing martial law outside of Constitutional limitations, and imposing the brute force of police be expected to defend you, your family, your property or anything else other than their own power? Is that a realistic expectation?

Or, a better question, let’s say I all wrong, are you willing to bet your family’s lives on it?

Will I ever get around to answering the question, or providing any kind of solution to the “musings” from last Thursday? Of course, and here they are…

  1. Understand who the government is and what they will and won’t do to, and for, you during a response to an emergency, disaster, or grid-down.
  2. Become as independent of any level of government agency’s relief efforts as possible. And gain that independence on an everyday level as well as an disaster relief level. Do not depend on the government charity and you are less likely to have to bend to their power.
  3. Teach your family skills to survive, including self-defense.
  4. Have alternative means of communications.
  5. Be able to organize your family, your neighborhood, your congregation, or even just a group of friends into providing your own disaster relief actions.
  6. Be able to provide your own food and water.
  7. Be able to reach out to others and assist them in surviving an emergency, disaster, or grid-down.

Understand the in the wake of an emergency, disaster or especially a grid-down event, the more you interact with Disasterany level of government effort the more likely you are to give up your “power” to them…or have it forcibly taken away.

The days of having some wonderful benevolent government ready, willing and able to provide for you is long gone. The day of “money & power” is here, that is their interest, that is their goal, and that will be their outcome.

Is this some kind of “downer” to you? Does this make you depressed?

If it does, I just don’t understand.

It should thrill you, it should give you hope, it should free you from despair and despondency. Being able to accomplish 1 – 7, in part or in whole, should make you absolutely grateful that you can take care of yourself, your family and even some folks around you. If nothing else, if it is only to provide them with direction and leadership. Maybe especially so.

Look at it this way…

Who freaking cares that our federal government is a cesspool of evil? I mean honestly, what can you as an US federal Government Is Evilindividual do about it? So who cares, their evil will continue on until that great day where it falls.

But you don’t have to get caught up in it. You don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to be dependent on it.

You can be independent of its grasp. You can rely on yourself, your family, your congregation, and those around you. How liberating is that!!!!

And there it is. Knowing what is going on gives you the opportunity to have realistic expectations of others. It grounds you in reality. It Necessary Evil by Thomas Paineallows you to think without preconceived notions and incorrect information. It is truly liberating!!!

And…get your act together. As a person, work on those things in your life that are holding you back. Holding you back spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, or in any other way.

Take action!

Do those things in your life that take back, or reinforce, the power within you! Be the example. Be the one who has extra beans and rice to feed folks. Be the guy that has the solar power box that can recharge people’s radio batteries. Be the guy who has the emergency radio to get important announcements. Be the person that has the Ham radio to communicate with others like you, and to help those that are less prepared.

Be the person who rids their life of behaviors that hurt souls. Be the person who becomes better, more charitable, more friendly, and more helpful to others. Become the person who is an asset to the lives around you.

Take A standYou can do this, it is rather easy. Be able to recognize evil, understand it, and then don’t do those things. Take action to rid your life of self-destructive behaviors.

Then get to the point in your life where you take more action. Yes…TAKE MORE ACTION !

Take the action to be “that guy!” No, not the one who is the pain in the a$$. Be the guy who steps up, who can contribute beyond what anyone else expects. Be that guy who…fill in the blank to meet your personal expectation of yourself.

Don’t give a damn what people think about you. Doing the right thing is always acceptable, it is always right. Please, don’t care what anyone thinks about you…take a stand for the right.

Take A stand for rightDon’t worry about what man thinks of you!
In the end, all you have to do is care what God thinks of you.

Be Strong - stand with courage


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  2. Yeah, what is now called a “government shutdown” means 85% of it keeps right on chugging along. Non-essential employees? Fire them all… and then get rid of some more.

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