SitRep (10/02/205) – Roseburg Massacre

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                Special Edition - 10/02/2015
                  { The Roseburg Massacre }

I really, really didn’t want to write this article; I despise myself for doing so. But, I have to, I don’t have any other choice. The utter junk, trash, and garbage that is being put out through the media and politicians is, in my opinion, unconscionable. You are probably not going to learn anything new, you aren’t going to read something that you won’t have read somewhere else. But, what I will do is shed light on the real underlying issues with this event and its aftermath. I will tie everything together at the end. You might find the entire article a decent read. So here goes…

The Roseburg Massacre is a horrific event, demonstrable evil. A punk is able to walk onto a college campus armed Roseburg Massacre to the teeth and kill nine people and wound another seven. I can’t even begin to imagine what it was like to be in the class, the building, or even on campus while this guy was freely killing people without any real obstacle. It didn’t have to be that way. But, what happened after the event was over is what just amazes me. No, sorry. What happened afterwards makes me want to puke!

1 – Barry gets on TV as fast as his golf game would let him. And what Obama on Rseburg shootingdoes he do? He acts like some petulant little six-year old throwing a temper tantrum. Well, not exactly true. Not even a six-year old could have been more self-centered than that egomaniac was. I read a headline that said he mentioned himself 28 times in his address to the nation. But who exactly is surprised by that? Barry is all about Barry. He is the ultimate narcissist suffering a major case of megalomania.

A true leader would have expressed sympathy to the families of the dead and injured. He would have pledged to keep them in his prayers and offered his personal assistance. Maybe made a true charitable gesture by starting a scholarship fund with his own money and asked citizens to contribute to something that would make a true difference to the suffering families.

Nope! Too much to ask of someone who has only a single purpose in his life…himself. But when he does branch out…he goes straight into politics. Technically, anti-constitutional politics.

Let’s remember Obama’s close friend and political thug, Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go Rahm Emanuel thug close friend of Obamato waste.” And true to his henchman friend, Barry will use this opportunity for political gain vs. true leadership. But, what do you expect from Barry? Remember, Barry’s goal of Marxism is second only to his own self-aggrandizement.

2 – The media goes off the rails within minutes! But, they should have gotten control of themselves by this morning. Nope, they hadn’t. Actually it is as if they had all night to boil and this morning it was a gusher of left-wing extremism. But I noticed a subtly, and smart, change in the radical leftists’ approach to subverting the Constitution…”mental health.” I saw many of the Progressive radicals turn from their normal anti-gun diatribes. Many of them spoke about how we are neglecting those with mental health problem like the Roseburg shooter.

WHAT!! You gotta be kidding me! Was the guy a nut job? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know, I am no expert in deciding those kinds of things. But in today’s world, how many ways can you get labeled as nuts? I know that the mental health “professionals” have determined that PTSD is a mental health condition. Does that mean all of our returning veterans are all nuts? So now what? People who are nuts aren’t allowed to possess guns? Oh, wait, that is already the law. So now what?

3 – The #1 thing that was driving this guy was what? Surprise! His disdain for religion, specifically Christians. Why  AntiChristian001does that sound familiar? Oh, that’s right…the non-stop demonization (no pun intended) of the Christian religion. And who leads the charge against God, against religion, and AntiChristian middle eastspecifically against Christians? Muslim extremists in the Middle East.

But, in this country who leads the charge against Christians? Let’s list them; the US federal government, the Progressives, Planned Parenthood, President Barry, politicians, etc. The list goes on and on, but isn’t interesting who are the comrade-in-arms are? Notice who is pushing the Christian Chaplains out of the military? Notice who fights Christian religious groups with the full weight of the government behind them?

So, here you get a guy who is shooting Christians in the head for the only reason that they are Christians. And the Obama is Anti-Christian, liberals are anti-christian, progressives are anti-christianmedia is virtually silent about it. Barry is silent about it. Even our own religious leaders are silent about it. Can you imagine with me for a single moment if some guy had burst into a mosque, asked who was Muslim, then shot the self-identified Muslims in the head? Think about for a minute. Barry would have ordered airstrikes against the Tea Party!

4 – Back to a subject related to #1 & #2 – gun control. But before I get too far into that, let us review for a minute a couple thoughts, Progressives and Liberals (the anti-Constitutionalists) what the following:

  • Universal background checks.
  • Stiff laws against crazy people owning guns.
  • Gun-free zones.
  • Strick gun laws.

Of course we know that these are the things they want before they go for outlawing all guns and confiscating them. We know this because their leadership has stated as much. So, what actually existed in Roseburg at the time of the shooting:

  • Oregon requires universal background checks.
  • State and federal law already bans crazy people from possessing guns.
  • The college campus was a gun free zone.
  • Oregon State Police maintains records of firearm sales, they also have restrictive carry permit laws, and all of Oregon’s largest cities ban open-carry. So Oregon has some pretty tough anti-gun laws.

Notice a relation between what the radical left wants and how it applies to the Roseburg Massacre? According to their own logic what Liberals and Progressives want would have done nothing to prevent Roseburg. Actually, the Progressives and Liberals enabled more people to be killed in Roseburg. Why?

5 – Gun Free Zones are death traps! Umpqua Community College was a “gun free zone.” That means that by Gun-Free ZoneOregon law, no person on that campus was allowed the means to defend themselves or others. Yup, the “gun free zone” ensured that their college campus was a free-fire death trap! Those Progressive and Liberals who advocated for that law should be held accountable as an accessory to murder.

If there had been a single conceal carry permit holder in that classroom do you think that killer would have been able to snuff out all of those precious lives? Yeah, I doubt it. Now think if Oregon law was actually far more Constitutionally compatible and its citizens were freely able to carry a weapon, even on campus. Do you that little weasel punk might have thought twice about what he planned? “Hummmmm, there might be people there with guns who could defend themselves and shoot me. Nah! I better go find an easier target.”

6 – A society and mentality of victimhood. There were vets there on campus with concealed pistols, they were in the next building over. As they began to respond to the shooting college staff person ordered them not to. Once again, we see a system, colleges and universities, controlled by Progressives and Liberals pouring out their culture of “victim.”

There is a reason for the saying, “When seconds count, police are only minutes away.”

Those vets could have intervened. How many lives could have been saved? How many fewer injuries could there have been? But nope! Progressives and Liberals want a passive society, a victim culture, dependent on a police state for protection. And we see exactly how that is working out.

7 – We are already seeing it. We saw Barry, the chief anti-Constitutionalist, lead the charge. We are going to hear endless calls for commonsense gun control, helping those with mental conditions, and more. But I will tell you what you already know…it is all about control with these rapid left-wing extremists. And they will have the help of the outlawing guns give teh elites absolute powerProgressives regardless of the “D” or “R” behind their name and political office. There is only one goal for these folks…the end of guns in America. If they say anything else, they are lying.

8 – The toughest gun control laws exist in places like Chicago, New York City, Los Angles, Houston, Oakland, Detroit, Boston, etc. What are some of the most violent deaths each year, especially by guns, Chicago, New York City, Los Angles, Houston, Oakland, Detroit, and Boston. What else do those cities have in common? Progressive, Liberal leadership. Take Chicago this past month, 20 people shot dead and almost four dozen more inured! And they have some the strictest gun laws in the country. What more proof do you need that strict gun control laws simply don’t work. But then again, the Liberals and Progressives know that. For them it is not about keeping people safe, not about keeping people alive…it is about “control” plain and simple.

Summary – We as a country must decide we believe in freedom, liberty, and rights…or we don’t. Notice that a mix of the two didn’t work, it got a bunch of students dead and injured. Why? Because politicians are trying to blend what they want with what they can get.

If there was no “gun free zone” laws in Oregon then I can guarantee you there would have been several folks with guns on them that would have put an end to the punk. But when Liberals and Progressives try to force their agenda on people you get things like “gun free zones” that assure that a place like Umpqua Community College will be a death trap.

Do not get sucked up into “commonsense gun control” because it is only a step closer to the ultimate goal of the larry elder commonsense gun controlfanatical anti-Constitutional left. What we will end up with is the FBI maintaining a list of all gun owners, the FBI controlling who can and can’t buy a gun, and the FBI determining who is and who isn’t crazy. We are virtually there.


Let me close with this historical reminder and cartoon for a little lighter note…

gun ctrol supporters and opponents


citizens and criminals after passing strict gun control laws

And let there be no doubt where I stand on this…I stand with the Founding Fathers, not with some radical left-wing extremists trying to disarm America.

Gearoge Mason Founding Father on gun controlthomas jefferson second ammendment 2ndThe only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Be that guy!

the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun



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3 thoughts on “SitRep (10/02/205) – Roseburg Massacre

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  2. Unfortunately, the use of logic and statistics on agenda driven ideologues will never work.
    I have pointed out to many people John Lott’s research which found “With just one single exception, the attack on congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson in 2011, every public shooting since at least 1950 in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry guns.”

    There is also “the advice from PoliceOne, whose 450,000 members make it the largest private organization of active and retired law-enforcement officers in the U.S.”…
    “[Police One] surveyed its members last March and asked, ‘What would help most in preventing large scale shootings in public?’
    Their No. 1 answer: ‘More permissive concealed carry policies for civilians.’
    (It was followed by ‘More aggressive institutionalization for mentally ill persons.’).”

    My reply to them all is MOLON LABE

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