SitRep (10/14/2015) – Economy & Russia

Heads Up warning


Heads Up warning


There are so few people connecting the dots, and we’ve been caught off-guard before. I don’t want that to happen again. I want you fully aware, according to my opinion, to act as you are prompted to. So here goes…

Important Issue  The economy sucks and getting much worse by the day!

And here is why:

  1. Consumer spending is WAY down this month. Retail sales is up only .1%, that is WAY below expectations.
  2. Last month’s consumer spending was adjusted down, to show a .0% gain/loss, vs. .2% gain that was stated last month. That is a significant adjustment down, showing a very weak economy.
  3. The Producer Price Index is way down, .5 this month. Again, showing a weak economy.
  4. Job growth is down 28% from last quarter.
  5. Mortgage applications are way down (-28%) due to new government regulations. This will have a grave effect on the economy since housing related businesses account for a large percentage of the US economy.
  6. 75% of Census regions had negative CPI the first 8 months of this year, pointing clearly towards deflation.
  7. Goldman Sachs says we are in a third wave of a global financial crisis due to failing emerging markets and collapsing commodities markets.
  8. China saw almost no increase in wholesale prices, while Japan and India saw declines in wholesale prices that were worse than expected. This points to world-wide decline in consumer spending.
  9. Economists are now lowering their GDP projections to well under 2% increase in the US. That is way below earlier estimates and further points to the possibility of recession and deflation.
  10. Walmart released today that their sales will be flat in FY2016. And they reduced their earnings statement substantially. This is a key issue, the consumer masses buy from Walmart. When Walmart’s earnings go down, it’s because their sales are way down. This means people aren’t buying consumer goods, and that seriously hurts the US economy.
  11. Citigroup’s Chief Economist Willem Buiter states clearly that there will be a global recession next year.
  12. CBOE Skew Index shows that investors fear a “black swan” catastrophic event in the financial markets right now more than ever before.
  13. Jim Cramer (investment adviser and CNBC host): “We’re in a danger zone. Sideline your cash.”

This all points to deflation and/or collapse of the US economy and the world’s economies. This is a significant turn of events that builds upon my last “Heads-up!” and the Economic Warnings I have been issuing since June of this year.

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Important Issue Russia and the United States creep closer to war.
  1. In Syria, Russian aircraft have been increasingly challenging US aircraft operating in the same air space. I mentioned earlier that Russia has been intercepting and following US drones in Syria. The interception of actual military attack aircraft ratchets-up the tension considerably and increases the chance of a direct conflict.
  2. In Syria, Russian aircraft are bombing rebels groups. Those rebel groups being bombed are being supported by, and are allies of, the US. This brings Russia and the US closer to direct military confrontation over opposing groups in Syria. There are numerous news sources saying the Russians are “deliberately” targeting the US backed forces.
  3. The Russians are provoking US leadership, specifically Obama, stating that US leaders “simply have mush for brains.” Putin goes on to complain about the US actions in Syria.
  4. More than 1,500 Iranian military troops have joined Russia in Syrian military operations.
  5. Cuban Special Forces troops have joined Russia in Syrian military operations.

Russia and the US are growing dangerously close to a direct and deadly military confrontation in Syria…intentional or not.

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Important Issue  Summary –

The additional event since my 10/4/15 “Heads-Up!” makes me far more concerned about what is taking place right now in the US and around the world. In response, here is what I am doing:

  1. I am completely out stock based mutual funds of any sort.
  2. I am no longer doing “dollar-cost-averaging” into stock based mutual funds.
  3. I am moving cash out of the bank and putting that cash into the safe.
  4. I am cashing in a modest amount of gold to acquire a few more perpping items.
  5. I am watching events very, very closely.
I am not talking about some years-away events, decisions, or measures. I am talking about what will (or can) happen tomorrow. What about today? And next week? Next month?

What will happen? is a valid and critical question to ask.
But it is not the most important, it is not the most critical.

“What are you planning to do about it today, next week, next month?”

There is the highest priority question that you need to ask yourself and your family.

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