Combo Book Deal – Special Offer !

Special Book Offer - My JournalMy Journal book series special offerI am offering my first two books, softcover edition; My Journal – Surviving the Collapse and My Journal – Going Home for sale for $30.00

Along with the books I will sign each book and include a “dedication” if requested. Shipping will be free; USPS Priority Mail. And, I will include a $5.00 off coupon for the softcover version of the upcoming preparedness manuals. Along with the $5.00 coupon I will also include a free PDF version of the purchased preparedness manual.

For $30.00 –

  • Two signed softcover versions of My Journal $30
  • Free eBook version of each My Journal books
  • Free Priority shipping.
  • Dedications for each book upon request.
  • $5.00 off coupon for upcoming preparedness manuals.
  • Free PDF version of each purchased preparedness manual.

My Journal book series special offerBuy Now Button with Credit Cards

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