What’s going on? What am I doing? Why am I doing it?

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              { written Tuesday 10/20/2015 }


AHTrimble.com is a prepper website.

Well, more accurately…it is a website dedicated to providing people with emergency preparedness information. And that emergency preparedness information is applicable to emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events.

I hope that is pretty straightforward.

However, you will notice that I produce a lot of seemingly non-preparedness articles. Let me share with you that; first, I consider those articles to be directly related to emergency preparedness. Second, I think there is considerable value to those articles when viewed in a larger context.

I have various on-going “series” of articles that show up on the site from time to time:

  1. Things that make my head explode
  2. Interesting events in US history
  3. Economic Warning!
  4. Heads up!

At first glance you might wonder why I divert to those various seemingly non-prepper topics. But, I see it as one in the same; or, at least part of the same. Yes, I am serious.

Connecting The Dots - conspiracy and criminal activityI mentioned it before and I’ve heard it mentioned lots of times in reference to being blindsided by current events, “no one was connecting the dots.”

A main component of being prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down is Situational Awareness (SA). And, SA is absolutely key when successfully responding to those events. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to “connect the dots.”

Yes, I am connecting those dots according to my opinion. However, with each article I use solid references, and try Thinking Man preppers are thinkersto draw logical and commonsense conclusions. However, occasionally I just layout information and let you draw your own conclusions. Mainly, I want you aware and thinking. I am not worried what you are thinking, I just want you thinking. The fact that you visit this prepper website and that you are into emergency preparedness tells me that you are already well ahead of, and smarter than, the average person.

I see the United States and realistically, the rest of the world, is a dire condition. And I don’t qualify or restrict “dire” at all. I think we are in bad shape in every possible category; financial, war, political, economic, and religious. I think all of those categories and much more are at a boiling point. But, there are subtleties at work as well, and those may be the most dangerous…and the least able to be recognized. Those are the ones that I want to make sure no one misses.

Let me show you a real and current example of what I am talking about…China imports and exports down

1 – In the last week China released economic data that shows that both their imports and exports are down, and down significantly. That tells me that the average Chinese worker is working less, making less money, and hence is spending less, and will spend less in the foreseeable future. But it also tells me that since we are China’s number one importer we are buying less from them.Walmart earnings profits down and dropping forecast

2 – We heard last week that Walmart earnings are down this year and profits are expected to be down even more next year. The average Walmart customer is lower & middle-income folks. If those customers are spending less it is because they have less money (disposable income) to spend.

3 – We also heard that last week McDonald’s is struggling financially. Revenues are up but profits are down, and year-over-year sales are down as well. And amazingly, 30% of franchisee owned McDonald’s stores McDonalds in financial troubleare insolvent. Their own franchisees are saying McDonald’s is in deep trouble, struggling to find a way forward. Who is the average customer at McDonald’s? Yes, lower and middle-income customers.

4 – Earlier this week the numbers came out for housing. Housing starts were up, but housing permits were down significantly. That tells you that builders are starting to build Housing Permitsnew homes but there are significantly fewer permits for new home starts being issued. Now, factor in that the housing starts that were up marginally are only at one-half of what they were pre-2009 collapse. What does that tell you? People are buying fewer homes. And then you factor in that two weeks ago the numbers were released that mortgage applications were way, way down. And now you have a horrible housing market outlook for the foreseeable future. When you consider that the housing market and related industries/businesses represent about 45% – 55% of the US economy, what does that tell you?Income Gap widens - rich get richer poor get poorer

5 – Every other day we hear another report that states “the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.” Do items 1 – 4 above substantiate that claim or not? And, is that claim exclusive to the US or is it applicable world-wide as well?

Now, what does all of that mean to you in the “big picture” way?

One or two last items…

6 – Gas prices are going down substantially. Good for America, right? So, why is consumer spending “flat” according to last week’s numbers? I mean if people are spending less, far less, at the pump, why aren’t they spending more money for other retail items thus pushing up the CPI?

7 – If the job situation is as good as the government says it is, why is the income gap between the rich and poor widening? Why is the middle class disappearing? Why are so many people retiring without sufficient retirement income? And why is the labor force participation rate declining so much (worst in 1/2 a century)?

American economy getting worseNow, you take all of the above “dots” and begin to connect them. What does it tell you?

It tells you that the economy really sucks, and it is getting worse. And no foreseeable change anytime soon, if at all.

And why is that important to emergency preparedness? Because at any given moment the american Economic Crisiseconomy could take a real nose-dive and crash rather quickly once it starts heading down hill. And if you aren’t prepared for it, you are going to suffer significantly, as you can well-imagine.

Friday – 10/23/2015 I am well aware of the nearly 400 point gain in the Dow stock market indicator. I don’t believe the stock market is any longer a true representation of the actual economy. The trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve has created and pumped into the market in the last 7 years has completely skewed any potential relationship. So my comments in this article are irrespective of any stock market gain or loss indices.

So, let’s go back again and revisit why I put so many opinion pieces out there on the various government agencies, specifically, though not exclusively, on law enforcement. That answer too is rather simple.

It has been my experience that people’s reaction to disasters are an exaggeration of who they are as a person. The stress during a disaster goes up substantially and brings out more of who they really are, not their day-to-day façade. And the same is true, maybe more so, for entire organizations.

So now you have the federal government alphabet agencies (FBI, ATF, DHS, DIA, etc.) that have already ATF attack Davidiansdemonized those of you that are preppers. And, when the time comes and things are bad in this country, they will not only demonize you, they will take action. That is who they are, that is how they are training, that is what their documents and policy state.

I am trying to make sure I am presenting the correct material, connecting the dots, and helping to make sure that people understand what might/may happen as things continue to disintegrate. And have no question about it, I believe that we are disintegrating as a country and society…and it will only get worse, far worse.

How does all of this relate to what I am really getting at?

It is great if you have a year’s supply of food. But, if you don’t understand that the local, state, or federal agencies can/may come in and take it all from you one way or another…then what good is that food storage?

If you have plenty of water filtration and purification capability but aren’t watching for a collapse in the right areas. Then it all comes tumbling down without you realizing what is happening…what good is all of that water storage?

I hope that makes sense to you. I hope I am explaining myself well enough.

The really nice thing…if you think my views in this area are off-the-wall crazy man stuff…then you can skip those articles and never read a single word of them.

Now here is what I really don’t want to do…

I don’t want to discourage you or be a “downer” when it comes to my writing. Yes, I am being serious. While I may have a very discouraging view of what is happening around us, I am really thrilled by individuals and families all around us. I am thrilled in what I see in you!

FamilyI am thrilled that you and they are becoming closer families, better fathers and mothers, taking actions to safeguard the lives of those you love, and are following what you think is right. And that gives me huge hope!!

Don’t think for a minute I am the life of the party, or a motivational speaker. I am neither of those things by far. Yeah, like you hadn’t already figured that out…right!

I am just a lone voice on a small website that spends 20 – 40 hours per week trying to get you high quality, reliable information on emergency preparedness topics. Topics that will go a long ways towards being useful when emergencies, disasters strike, and especially during a grid-down event.

I hope in some small way I am succeeding. You are the reason I write. Your family is the reason I write. I write to help, I work to serve, and I hope that no one’s ghost will say we failed them.

let no man's ghost say we failed him



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