SitRep (10/30/2015) – October 2015 GOP Presidential Debate

CNBC October Presidential debateI wrote about the first GOP debate, interesting to say the least. I skipped commenting on the second GOP debate simply because I saw no need to. The democrat debate was a farce to say the least, no need to comment on them. It was a scripted “love-fest” coordinated through the ultra-left main stream media (MSM). There was no value or substance in the democrat debate…none at all.

But last night was an interesting event, the GOP debate.

What got my interest in it? Oh, boy…that is a loaded question with a multi-part answer. Let me try:

CNBC is a left-wing MSM outlet. It is without any question a very Progressive supporting operation with leftist folks CNBC GOP Debate leftist liberal hackson their shows. There are two exceptions with their network with whom I am thrilled, Rick Santelli and Joe Kernen.

So, right off the bat you see radical leftist CNBC moderators take the position of elitist Progressives. It is obvious that they hold the GOP candidates in utter disdain and they wanted to pit the candidates against each other while making all the candidates to look like idiots. Uh, hold on Sparky…not so fast.

CNBC was an utter disaster last night. They made fools out of themselves and proved that they will lie and cannot be trusted in any way, shape or form. They lost a whole lot of credibility as a network. Typical MSM.

Fortunately, some of the candidates are both smart enough and strong enough to be able to put the CNBC moderators in their place and point out their lying.

Well done! And it was obvious that the audience saw the MSM political hacks for what they were.

Now, let me share my ideas about the candidates:

  1. rand paul presidential debateRand Paul – Some great points and good ideas. He can’t promote his ideas in a way people will accept him. He is a horrible “presenter” and can’t motivate people. He comes across as a great support guy, a tiger to be used as a tool, but he doesn’t come across as a leader. His candidacy is over, no chance to win the GOP primary and no chance to win the national election.
  2. john kasich presidential debate lunaticJohn Kasich – A raving lunatic. He is a liberal-Progressive, big-government person. He is part of the ruling class and an ego maniac. He is as much of an Obama as Obama is. This guy would be more appropriate on the democrat ticket running as a socialist or communist. His candidacy is over, no chance to win the GOP primary and no chance to win the national election.
  3. Mike Huckabee – This guy is a Progressive, big-government guy. He has no clue about the Constitution mike huckabee presidential debateand the proper role of the federal government. I will give him credit when he made the comment about “beating the Clintons and lived to tell about it.” I looked at my wife and smiled. Everyone knows what that means. But this guy is no friend to conservatives, Constitutionalists, Tea Party member, or Libertarian. And what makes him particularly disgusting, he wraps himself in the cloth of Christianity, while carrying the cross, while he is nothing more than a sleaze-bag politician. Why he isn’t a democrat is beyond me. His candidacy is over, no chance to win the GOP primary and no chance to win the national election.
  4. Marco Rubio – Great night for him! He is well-spoken, articulate, smart, and bitch-slapped Bush into last marco rubio presidential debateweek. I love the way this guy can present a point, sharp wit, obviously intelligent, and can take a punch while responding with a knockout punch of his own…but not in a mean way. All that said, I don’t think he is a Constitutionalist, I think he is a weak Conservative, and I hate his immigration plan. I think he has become, maybe not entirely, nothing more than another politician. But I am keeping my mind open about him. Something about him tells me he might be able to win the GOP primary, but not the general election.
  5. ted cruz presidential debate cruise missle cruz missle Ted Cruz – A great night for him! This guys repeatedly scored points in my book. The best points occurred when he beat down the MSM clowns. He was open, honest, tough, and to the point. I love this guy! I do have a problem getting past the annoying nasal voice of his. Dang! Could someone give him some voice lessons? Get that voice to sound more like John Wayne! I thnk Ted Cruz scares people with his pro-Constitution, limited government, personal responsibility talk. I love him, but I think he has no chance in the GOP primary and no chance in the general election.
  6. jeb bush presidential debateJeb Bush – His campaign is over. Thankfully! Bush is just another Bush Dynasty ruling elitists. He has no leadership capabilities at that level. He is a great sleep aid! He is tired, un-motivating, old-school, old-idea, big-government Progressive. I am glad he has failed, I just hope he can see the obvious and stop his candidacy charade. His candidacy is over, no chance to win the GOP primary and no chance to win the national election.
  7. Carly Fiorina presidential debateCarly Fiorina – I like what she has to say but she had a weak night. She looked/acted desperate to say something. She struggled to stay relevant. She was scripted and didn’t appear to be able to roll with what was happening. She was too serious, too focused and that made her miss some true opportunities to score points…hence, she was irrelevant. Her candidacy is over.
  8. chris christie presidential debateChris Christie – This guy is funny, sharp wit, tough and took it to the moderators several times. He pounced on them, tore out their juggler vein, and ate their guts before the moderators knew what hit them. That being said, Christie is a GOP establishment, Progressive political ruling-class guy. He is blindly “law & order” while clearly disregarding Constitutional rights and limitations on big-government. Christie, like John Kasich, should be running on the democrat ticket.
  9. ben carson presidential debateBen Carson – This guy is amazing! I love him to pieces! He is amazingly intelligent and can score factual points grinding his opponent into the ground…and you think he is the nicest guy in the world doing it. I really like this guy and I like his positions. He is not afraid to change a position when he sees he is wrong. And he can defend any Conservative principle with ease. And he destroys the murder-mill abortion crowd like no other. I am not totally sold on him having the personality to be President. But I feel he could be…maybe…
  10. donald trump presidential debateDonald Trump – Great night! He scored point after point against the leftist moderators. And when Kasich was going off the rails, “The Donald” utterly destroyed Kasich with ease. And sadly, Kasich didn’t even know he had just been knocked out. What I like about Trump last night was a more presidential demeanor. He still had fire in his belly, was still a straight talker, etc. But, his bearing, his presentation of himself was much more dignified. I liked that. And, one thing I really enjoyed was after he had punched Kasich once again, knocking him out again, as Kasich tried to respond, Trump looks over at Ben Carson and winker at Carson. There is obviously a “bromance” between Trump and Carson. And that is perfectly fine with me. Now, is Trump the right guy? As of now…no! There is something about Trump that I inherently don’t trust. My instinct, that little voice, is telling me that there is something wrong here. He kinda strikes me as Mussolini right before WW2. I just can’t help but think that Trump has the capacity to become a dictator with far too much ease. But, I will keep myself open to having my mind changed.

Now, I have to take a small diversion road for just a minute. Here is a quote from Senator Lindsey Graham, “How Lindsey Graham presidential candidateam I losing to these people?” He was referring to Trump and Carson. What do you think he is getting at? What is his real question?

Here is his problem…he has no clue what is going on with a large portion of the American people. He is thinking like the big-government, pro-war, Progressive that he is. He doesn’t see that a large, if not majority, of the GOPers feel absolutely betrayed by, and disgusted with, the GOP leadership, Lindsey Graham neocon progressive hateof which he is one. He doesn’t understand why he is held in utter contempt by those of us that see ourselves as Libertarian, Conservative, Constitutionalist, or moral. Because Lindsey Graham is none of those things.

Further, he will never understand, he will never “get it”, and he will never want to. He is stuck in the cycle of killing our country one piece of legislation at a time. He cares not a single bit about the American people…other than what we can do for, or give to, him. He doesn’t understand, and never will, that we are sick of that…and of him.

Moving on…

One thing for sure…any of the GOP candidates are sharper that any of the democrat candidates. But, as I said before, in my opinion Kasich, Huckabee and Christie are more suited to the democrat ticket and party. I don’t want any of them anywhere near the White House…not even as a visitor. They have no chance as the GOP candidate.

Paul, Fiorina, and Bush are done. They are no longer even close to being viable candidates for president this go-round. I think you will see Fiorina position herself as a potential VP. I would support that. A great way to offset Hillary or position the GOP as a women’s party. Paul will shortly fade away into trying to influence the “positions” of the party candidates but no more than that. Bush’s candidacy will die a slow agonizing and painful death. His family’s ego will not let him get out quickly enough. They won’t be able to accept the fact that they are no longer relevant.

Rubio, Cruz, Carson, and Trump are obviously still in it. I think Cruz will be the first of this group to drop out. He simply doesn’t have wide enough support. There are too few people willing to stand up and take the tough stances with him. Of the three remaining…I think it will be Rubio who screws up.

Alrighty, that being said…Who wins the general election between the GOP and the Dems? I have no clue. My wife is certain it will be Hillary. She is preparing our laced-Koolaid even as we speak.

I don’t think that there will be any other Dem that has a chance to win the Dem’s primary and nomination. But, Obama surprised her. There may be another Obama in their circus tent that could come forward like a know-nothing, has done-nothing, radical Marxist like Obama and take it all again.

All Politicians Are The Same power and moneyBut, let me be really clear…IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL!! Neither Republican or Democrat, they are all the same.

Yup, it doesn’t make any difference who wins either primary. And, it doesn’t make any difference who wins the general elections. No difference at all!


A number of basic reasons:

  1. It is the government bureaucracy that controls the daily functions of the federal government. Politicians can’t really change that in any measurable way. Business will continue on as it does now…anti-American.
  2. Both parties are now Progressive. There is no meaningful Constitutional rights loving party in this country. Both parties are only interested in “power” and there is nothing that will change that.
  3. Our country has become so immoral that there is no chance of a moral person gaining the Presidency and being able to affect change in this country that will change our course. Washington abhors morals and ethics. Washington wants noting to do with righteousness. Washington wants no part of Constitutional rights, liberties, freedoms, or restrictions on governmental power. Washington wants nothing to do with God.
  4. Washington and all that dwell in the world of politics want only two things…money and power. With one they can get the other. They want all of both. And they know they must take it from “We the People.” They are perfectly fine with that.

What does that do with preparing for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down?

Everything! Keep your expectations realistic. Know that it matters not what all of these presidential candidates Unrealistic Expectations Dangersay…remember what they will do, what they all do.

And how do you know what they will do?

What have politicians done for the last 120 years of American history…that is what the new ones will do. They are virtually all the same anymore.

Their actions speak louder than their words. They have done everything possible to take freedoms, liberties, rights, and money from “We the People” and line their own pockets and buy themselves even more power.

So, what do you do about it?

Prepare for it. Know that the day will come when an emergency, disaster, or a grid-down event will occur. Have what you need to take care of your family, your friends, your congregation, your group, your neighborhood, and/or your community. That is all that can be asked of you. That is what is expected of you.

You can do this.

You have to.

plan prepare practice


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2 thoughts on “SitRep (10/30/2015) – October 2015 GOP Presidential Debate

  1. Trump is all mouth with no substance. His views on eminent domain are enough to cancel him from my list. Paul is OK, but can’t win. Cruz is passable. Fiorina would be worth a try, but is unlikely to go anywhere. The rest are worthless or impossible to elect… and I’d vote for any of them, even Bernie, before I’d hand power to the worthless traitor in the pants suit.

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